Transcript for Washington Lafayette Jolley, Biographical information relating to Mormon pioneer overland travel database, 2003-2017

FRIDAY Feb. 3, 1854.
This morning I started in company with Mr. Harden and drove a couple of yoke of oxen up to Mr. Booths and put them in his pasture, stopping at Bro. Fritzs and took dinner. Then came on down to Sister Knights where I remained over night. Bro. Winder bled three times to-night.

SATURDAY Feb. 4, 1854.
This morning I remained here until about 2 o'clock P.M. I started up the country to Bro. Renchers and on arriving about sundown found them all in good health and spirits and rite up for going to the Valley this spring. Previously he was out of the notion as he could not get his own consent to go. Stayed all night.

SATURDAY Feb. 11, 1854.
This morning I in company with Bro. Strickland went over to Mr. Booths, where we remained all day preparing our ox yokes and attending to other business. Came down to Sis. Knights where we remained over night. Brother Winder Green and Bro. Strickland both Sick. I administered to them both, they got better.

SUNDAY Feb. 12, 1854.
This morning Mr. Henry Knight and his wife, Mrs. Catherine Knight desired to be Baptized. I attended to the ordinance about 11 o'clock A.M. Then came back to Sis. Knights where we all remained all day and this evening I confirmed them both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Here I remained all night.

TUESDAY Feb. 14, 1854.
This morning I again took my departure for Liberty on business. This day it rained for the first time in about 6 weeks, the cause of which they laid to the Saints. Said They, "All Mormon Preachers has locked up the clouds so it cannot rain". I got home this evening about 9 o'clock then retired for the night.

WEDNESDAY Feb. 15, 1854.
Still raining. Went over to Br. Booths preparing some yokes. Mr. Winder better. Spent rest of week preparing for the trip.

MONDAY Feb. 20, 1854.
This morning I started in company with Sis. Knight, Sis. Emily, and Sis. Sarah. On arriving found our wagons had arrived ready for the road. We come back in the night. Found Bro. Winder still on the mend.

TUESDAY Feb. 21, 1854.
This morning started down with our oxen after the wagons. Got down there and started back, came about 1 mile from town and camped over night.

THURSDAY Feb. 23, 1854.
This morning started to load and pack our wagons. Continued preparations the rest of the week. Stayed at Sister Knights.

SUNDAY Feb. 26, 1854
This morning we made a start about 11 A.M. Came up to Bro. Winders old place, here we camped over night.

MONDAY Feb. 27, 1854.
We traveled about 8 miles.

TUESDAY Feb. 28, 1854.
Traveled as far as the river.

WEDNESDAY Mar. 1, 1854.
We crossed the river and camped over night.

THURSDAY Mar. 2, 1854.
To-day we traveled about 5 miles to West Liberty, camped over night. Rained very hard.

THURSDAY Mar. 3, 1854.
Came on about 9 miles. Camped at a little grove in Prairie.

SATURDAY Mar. 4, 1854.
Some of cattle gone. Remained here all day and found oxen.

MONDAY Mar. 6, 1854.
This morning we gathered up, came on about 8 miles. Camped over night in Prairie and seen this day very bad roads.

TUESDAY Mar. 7, 1854.
This morning came on about 7 miles, camped over night. This evening I had a chill also a little meeting in which I gave the Saints some instructions on the order of traveling.

WEDNESDAY Mar. 8, 1854.
Traveled about 9 miles, crossing San Jacinto River.

THURSDAY Mar. 9, 1854.
We traveled on about 8 miles. Camped over night.

FRIDAY Mar. 10, 1854.
Traveled about 10 miles, crossing Cypress Creek, Harris Co..

SATURDAY Mar. 11, 1854.
We came on about 10 miles, camped at Sister Cropers old place.

SUNDAY Mar. 12, 1854.
We came on about 11 miles, camped over night.

MONDAY Mar. 13, 1854.
We came on about 9 miles, camped.

TUESDAY Mar. 14, 1854.
We came on about 10 miles. Camped on South edge of Grimes Prairie.

WEDNESDAY Mar. 15, 1854.
Came on about 7 miles to Bro. Moodys Fort. All well and in good spirits.

THURSDAY Mar. 16, 1854.
Camp remained here. Bro. Rencher and I went up to Anderson on business. I had another chill this evening. Here we remained until:

MONDAY Mar. 20, 1854.
We all made a start together. Came on about 4 miles. Camped. Last night we had a meeting to organize our camp. Bro. Ostler took lead of the meeting. Made some few remarks then partook of the Sacrament. Bro. Ostler then moved I should be their President and Captain, Bro. Coats second it. Put to vote, carried unanimously. I then chose Bro. John Moody and Bro. John Ostler as my councilors and assistants. Also Bro. Strickland as Clerk of Camp. I then made some few remarks then came to a conclusion, and retired for the night.

TUESDAY Mar. 21, 1854.
Came on about 3 miles, camped where I left the Saints last Spring.

WEDNESDAY Mar. 22, 1854.
I went back to seek some oxen. Camp remained here all day and night. This evening I had a very bad chill and a very high fever.

THURSDAY Mar. 23, 1854.
Came on about 11 miles, camped close to Sulphur Springs, Grimes Co. Rained.

FRIDAY Mar. 24, 1854.
Still raining. We remained here all day and overnight.

SATURDAY Mar. 25, 1854.
This day we remained here, being water bound.

SUNDAY Mar. 26, 1854.
Remained here all day. This evening there came a mob of 15 men all armed and equipped for battle, to take one of Sis. Hudleys children, but got divided among themselves and went off without him.

MONDAY Mar. 27, 1854.
Came on about 9 miles, camped over night.

TUESDAY Mar. 28, 1854.
Came on about 10 miles. Camped close to "Beckers".

WEDNESDAY Mar. 29, 1854.
This morning there came another mob and got the child, being about 10 years old. We came on about 8 miles to Bro. Henry's father-in-law, Old Man Cureys. They stopped here, we traveled on about 9 miles.

THURSDAY Mar. 30, 1854.
Came on about 10 miles, camped on "Pigeon Roost Creek". Another storm.

FRIDAY Mar. 31, 1854.
Came on about 11 miles, camped on Brushy Creek.

SATURDAY April 1, 1854.
We lay by here all day and washed and rested.

SUNDAY April 2, 1854.
Traveled only about 2 1/2 mils. Camped at edge of Prairie. Splendid camping. Clear and cold. Sandy road.

MONDAY April 3, 1854.
This morning we gathered up bright and early, came on about 8 miles, took dinner then came on about 7 miles further, camped. Passing out of Leon Co. into Limestone County, Texas. Here this evening me and Sister Emily Knight joined together in the Matrimonial Covenant of Marriage. Bro. John Ostler Officiated in the Ordinance. Camped over night. It cold and windy. Splendid place to camp.

TUESDAY April 4, 1854.
Traveled on over sandy heavy road about 15 miles. Camped edge Springfield Prairie.

WEDNESDAY April 5, 1854.
On Prairie all day, came to Ty-ma-chama Hills. 15 miles travel. Camped.

THURSDAY April 6, 1854.
We came on about 10 miles. Camped over night.

FRIDAY April 7, 1854.
Came on about 6 miles, crossed Richland Creek. Bad road. 2 miles farther.

SATURDAY April 8, 1854.
This morning we gathered up came on about 8 miles. Came to a little place name of "Corsicana, Navarro Co." Then came on about 4 miles camped over night in a little Prairie. This evening Bro. Coats overtook us. Bro. Moody also received a letter from home that informed him of the death of his mother. Camp all well and in a prosperous condition.

SUNDAY April 9, 1854.
Came on about 2 miles, crossing Chambers Creek. A piece of bad road.

MONDAY April 10, 1854.
This day the camp lay by. I and Bro. Rencher went back to Corsicana on business. Came back this evening.

TUESDAY April 11, 1854.
This day we lay here all day.

WEDNESDAY April 12 to
SATURDAY April 15, 1854.
Traveled about 47 miles. Camped East of Dallas Town. Bro. Coats left us to mills for flour.

TUESDAY April 18, 1854.
We remained here all day and until Mon. April 24.

MONDAY April 24, 1854.
We gathered up traveled about 13 miles. During the week we lay by at the mill we all went forth and renewed our Covenant by Baptism. Me and Bro. Ostler officiated.

TUESDAY April 25, 1854.
We gathered up came on about 16 miles, camped at one Widow Harris.

WEDNESDAY April 26, 1854.
Came on about 18 miles, camped at Persimmon Grove, a mile from Mormon Grove.

THURSDAY April 27, 1854.
Came about 16 miles, camped about 7 miles east of Preston Red River.

FRIDAY April 28, 1854.
Crossed river, forded our oxen. Camped 1 mile. Herded cattle all night.

SATURDAY April 29, to
THURSDAY May 4, 1854.
Traveled about 76 miles, some bad roads and rain. Camped North Boggs.

FRIDAY May 5, to
FRIDAY May 12, 1854.
Traveled about 47 miles, passing Perrysville and Gaines Creek. Some bad weather. Met one of Sister Knights wagons. Came up the large Canadian Hill, camped close to South Fork Canadian River.

SATURDAY May 13, 1854.
This day we crost the river, came on thru the North Fork down 5 miles, camped. Here we lay until Tuesday the 16th. This day we crost the Fork fording it. Came 5 miles camped.

SATURDAY May 20, 1854.
Traveled about 35 miles. Crossed Elk Creek and on to Fort Gibson. Had to lay by all day, river being too high to cross. On Monday was able to swim our stock across. Camped on bank.

TUESDAY May 23 to
SATURDAY May 27, 1854.
Came out on Prairie 5 miles. Rained all day. I went back to Fort Gibson on business. Traveled on about 35 miles.

SUNDAY May 28 to
TUESDAY May 30, 1854.
We came on crossing some bad places, about 18 miles. Came on to the Saints old camping place, from Texas, where they had wintered. Rained. Saints from camp came to see us, and stopped over night with us.

FRIDAY June 2, 1854.
This morning we start crossing our wagons in two canoes. Attended with much trouble of loading and unloading. Took two days to get all across.

SUNDAY June 4, 1854.
This morning the Priesthood all met in Council to transact business, and organize the company. All former organizations were done away with. We then proceeded and organized as follows: I was appointed to be the Captain President to lead them up to ZION. Bro. [John] Ostler my first Councilor, Bro. Moody my second and Captains of the 1st and 2nd ten. Also [John] Richards as Clerk of camp, Bro. Coasts [Coats] as sergeant of guard, Bro. Ostler and Bro. Layrd as teachers of camp. We then concluded to gather together again in 4½ months. Concluded our meeting being deprived of the privilege of attending to our business on account of rain.

MONDAY June 5, 1854.
This day we lay here all day and to-night we called a meeting and presented the organization before the camp, which was received unanimously. We then retired for the night.

TUESDAY June 6 to
THURSDAY June 15, 1854.
Traveled about 133 miles. On Sunday held meeting Baptizing several that never had been before. I officiated and confirmed them. Some of our oxen gone next morning. Had to lay by all day and find them. Then traveled on 16 miles. No timber.

SUNDAY June 18, 1854.
Came 14 miles, camped. Still no timber.

MONDAY June 19, 1854.
On Monday we came to the Old Sante Fe and Independance Roads. Came 5 miles, no wood.

TUESDAY June 20, 1854.
On Tuesday we came about 19 miles to the Little Arkansas River. Camped.

WEDNESDAY June 21, 1854.
The next day we came on about 20 miles and camped on Little Cove Creek. Here we were detained till Sunday the 25th by high waters.

MONDAY June 26, 1854.
Came to the Arkansas River crossing. Traveled on 9 miles.

TUESDAY June 27, 1854.
On Tuesday we came about 16 miles, camped on Little Creek. We passed many Indians. (Osages)

WEDNESDAY June 28, 1854.
Wednesday came on about 6 miles to Lowery Fork Ferry. 8 miles farther and camped, no wood.

THURSDAY June 29 to
WEDNESDAY July 12, 1854.
We traveled about 50 miles to Fort Atkinson. The soldiers all came out to hear preaching. We then lay by all day. We traveled on passing the Old Sante Fe Trail. We came on then about 114 miles to Bents Trading House. This day we had a stampede in the train that attended with a great deal of danger.

SUNDAY July 16, 1854.
This day we lay by all day and I labored hard making rules and regulations to govern the herd. This evening at candlelight we called a meeting. I arose and stating the business of the meeting spoke about 1/2 hour on exhorting the Saints to observe the order of camp.

MONDAY July 17, 1854.
This day we came on about 14 miles, and camped in sight of the Rocky Mountains, Altho over one hundred miles off. We also passed Bents Old Fort to-day about 10 o'clock A.M.

TUESDAY July 18, 1854.
This day we came on about 10 miles. Camped on the river again. To night there was birth given to a child by one Mrs. Ford, who fell in with us at Bents Trading House.

WEDNESDAY July 19, 1854
On Wed. we all lay by washing and taking care of the sick.

THURSDAY July 20 to
MONDAY July 24, 1854.
We traveled on about 50 miles. Passing some traders, doing a little trading. One day came to a Spanish Settlement and blacksmith shop. Camped on the Fountana Cabrougah. This night had a little dance which was conducted beautifully. Also camped on Gemmys Springs and Black Squirrel.

THURSDAY July 27 to
TUESDAY August 1, 1854
This morning we came to the conclusion to stop here and repair the wagons. We all set in and worked in so doing. We spent 5 days repairing and blacksmithing, getting everything in fine shape to travel on.

WEDNESDAY August 2 to
TUESDAY August 15, 1854.
We started out about 3 P.M. came on about 8 miles. Next day about 20 miles camped on Cherry Creek. Still on Cherry Creek about 18 miles. This day we had a hail storm. The hail drifted up about 1 to 2 feet deep. 12 miles farther came to South Platte Fort. Camped on beautiful mountain stream. Next night on the snow in the mountains. About 61 miles came to Little Sandy Creek. Had to do some exploring the road ahead. Came on about 18 miles, camped on Big Sandy. This day we entered the mountains.

WEDNESDAY August 16, 1854.
This day we traveled on about 8 miles and came to the Pinery where it was very thick. We then came on 5 miles and camped in the timber.

THURSDAY August 17, 1854.
We came on thru the timber about 7 miles then came to the Prairie again. Came on 6 miles and camped.

FRIDAY August 18, 1854.
We came on about 15 miles and camped on North Platte.

SATURDAY August 19, 1854.
Traveled about 16 miles camped on Indian Creek, a beautiful stream.

SUNDAY August 20, 1854.
Came on about 17 miles and camped on Sage Creek.

MONDAY August 21, 1854.
18 miles, camped on Cottonwood Creek.

TUESDAY August 22, 1854.
l8 miles, camped on Alkali Creek.

WEDNESDAY August 23, 1854.
18 miles crossing the South Pass or Pacific Divide, camped on Buffalo Creek.
THURSDAY August 24, 1854.
Traveled 22 miles, then came to water, it being scarce. Camped.

FRIDAY August 25, 1854.
Came on about 18 miles, camped on Deep Creek Slough. There was one of Bro. Moody's wagons upset just at dark.

SATURDAY August 26, 1854.
Came on about 8 miles, camped on Nebraska Slough. Alkali Creek pretty strong.

SUNDAY August 27, 1854.
This day we came on about 10 miles and came to Big Sage Creek, where we camped and had meeting this evening. Also Bro. Richards and Sister Humbly was joined together in the Matrimonial Covenant. I officiated in the Ordinance.

MONDAY August 28, 1854.
We came on about 18 miles, camped at the Mountain Spring. Water a little brackish.

TUESDAY August 29, 1854.
Came 16 miles, camped on Deep Hollow. Water brackish.

WEDNESDAY August 30, 1854.
Came on 18 miles, camped on little creek.

THURSDAY August 31, 1854.
Came on 12 miles, camped on Bull Creek, good water and grass for the first time in all week.

FRIDAY Sept. 1, 1854.
Came on 11 miles, camped on Spring Creek, good camping.

SATURDAY Sept. 2, 1854.
Came on 15 miles, passing over some hilly road and camping on top of the mountains. Cold and stormy.

SUNDAY Sept. 3, 1854.
Came 15 miles to Green River, camped.

MONDAY Sept. 4, 1854.
We gathered up and crossed the river, about 8 mile and camped.

TUESDAY Sept. 5, 1854.
We lay by here all day and rested our stock on excellent grass.

WEDNESDAY Sept. 6, 1854.
This day we still lay by here. To-night we had a meeting and some little contention in camp about the duty of the people toward the support of the Priesthood, which ended in sorrow. With some to think they had to impart of their goods unto the poor. We then retired for the night.

THURSDAY Sept. 7, 1854.
This day we still lay by here. We had meeting again to-night. Which was conducted by the Spirit. Also on the night of the 6th we drawed Bro. William Duggins up and cut him off from the Church for rebellion against the order of the Kingdom. He then after meeting desired to be Baptized again which ordinance was attended to.

FRIDAY Sept. 8, 1854.
We started and came 15 miles, camped on Blacks Fork.

SATURDAY Sept. 9, 1854.
Came 15 miles.

SUNDAY Sept. 10, 1854.
Came on 16 miles then camped on Horse Fork with some wagons loaded with flour from the Valley, to meet the Saints.

MONDAY Sept. 11, 1854.
This morning we met Bro. Thomas and a lot of Elders on Missions to different parts of the world from the Valley. We all called a halt, had a discourse from Elder Taylor, one of the Twelve. We then came on about 11 miles.

TUESDAY Sept. 12, 1854.
This day we came on about 16 miles, camped on Blacks Fork again. 6 miles east of Bridger. This morning Bro. Moody and Bro. Sprouse started for the Valley a horse back.

WEDNESDAY Sept. 13, 1854.
Came on about 16 miles.

THURSDAY Sept. 14, 1854.
About 19 miles.

FRIDAY Sept. 15, 1854.
Came about 13 miles.

SATURDAY Sept. 16, 1854.
To-day came on about 10 miles, camped in Echo Canyon.

SUNDAY Sept. 17, 1854.
This day we lay by all day, 7 horses gone.

MONDAY Sept. 18, 1854.
Came on 19 miles camped on Weber.

TUESDAY Sept. 19, 1854.
Came on 16 miles, camped on Davis Creek.

WEDNESDAY Sept. 20, 1854.
Came on about 15 miles, camped on Browns Creek, between the mountains.

THURSDAY Sept. 21, 1854.
This day we arrived at Great Salt Lake City, about 4 o'clock P.M. Came on thru the City and camped in the West part of town. We then lifted up our eyes and beheld ourselves in ZION after a long tedious journey of about 2 thousand miles. Here we remained over night.