Transcript for Watson, Helen, Letter excerpt

[ text missing ] their way through the mountains covered with ice and snow. I remember my Mother going over with food and clothing to a lady who had given birth to a little baby in that cold and barren mountain retreat, far removed from every comfort of the necessary need; except their abiding in an over-ruling providence that made things equal to every danger or hardship. I must here mention that my foster Father and Mother were bringing with them to Utah, William Folsom, Father to the late Emila Folsom who became the wife of President Brigham Young, making an enduring friendship between the Folsoms, Youngs, and the Browns that lasted through live [life], growing stronger with years as they passed.

With these few incidents impressed on my young mind, we continued on our journey to the great Salt Lake valley and on reaching the city, we left the Folsoms there and continued on as far as Farmington, [Utah] where my Father concluded to stop and at once commenced to build a home.