Transcript for "We Insert the Following," Deseret News, 22 August 1855, 191

We insert the following letter from Elder H. C. Haight to his family, being the latest news received from the company of missionaries under his charge, who left in May last:—WESTON, Mo., on board of the Ben Bolt,
June 26, 1855.

I am well, as also are the boys with me; John L. Smith and David Curtis having gone to Nauvoo.

After leaving Kearney we met a number of trains, mostly freight trains, two of U. S. troops; one train for Livingston & Co., Dan Patterson, wagon master, I think will be the first goods in this season.

First Mormon train, Captain Kinley [Hindley], all well, eight miles west of Big Blue; second, Captain [Jacob F.] Secrist (since died) all well; camped all night with them; had a good meeting.

Next morning met S. [Seth] M. Blair with the Texan camp. Here a different scene presented itself; the cholera had got into their camp; they were only 18 miles out from Mormon Grove. Four had fallen, and several more sick; they were hitching up their teams when we drove up. Br. Blair wanted some of us to go back and stay all night with them. We went back several of us, and had a meeting; talked to them some, and administered to the sick; two more died before we left. We heard from them this morning by a man that had been to take Br. [Edward] Stevenson out to take charge of the train. He reported 26 deaths, no more cholera, but some cholera morbus.

Next day, drove to Mormon Grove, 6 miles from the Missouri river. Here we found many of the saints in camp, fitting up to cross the plains; they were in good state of health. Br. [Milo] Andrus and the brethren returning from missions met us with open arms; we had a happy meeting.

We arrived here about noon. In the evening, the saints were called together to hear the news from the Valley, this being Thursday. On Saturday, br. Andrus got up a dinner for us, and invited the elders who were returning home. We had a good time; I have never enjoyed myself away from home so well as I have the few days that I was at Mormon Grove.

Saturday evening, went to br. [Richard] Ballantyne's camp, about half a mile off, he wishing me to come and talk to them a little. His camp was organized, and nearly ready to start on their journey; had a good meeting.

Sunday, went to meeting. Monday, sold our property to br. McGaw, the bishop at the Grove; got $310 for all we had.

Some of the saints will have to stay here until another year; they are making a large farm here, and expect it will be an outfitting place in the future.

I heard that the mail passed by for Independence from Salt Lake this morning. We have not heard a word from home since we left.