Transcript for Webb, Edward Milo, Jr. "Autobiography", in Edward Milo Webb, His Ancestors and Descendants, Irene Adell Webb Merrell (Utah: Privately Printed, [1948]), 4

A son of Edward Milo Webb and Caroline Amelia Owens, Edward Milo Webb Jr. called "Eddie" was born March 8, 1847 in Linden Atchison Co. Missouri. When he was five years of age his parents started across the plains outfitted with six oxen, two wagons, two cows and twenty-three sheep. Eddie walked and drove these animals all the way across the plains to Utah. This year, 1852, was one of the cholera years. Soon after the journey began his father contracted this disease and soon died. He was buried near the Platte River.

During the trip when the company of Saints, one time, were being ferried across a river, Eddie, as a curious five year old, became so engrossed in watching the spectacle that he wandered too far and his family crossed the river without him. When they discovered his absence and word came back about the lost child, he was quite concerned and sorry for the poor little boy and much surprised to discover it was himself.

The mother now left with four small children proceeded across the plains to Salt Lake City.