Transcript for Weibye, Jens Christian Andersen, Reminiscences, 21-26, in Reminiscences and journals [ca. 1862]-1893, reel 1, box 1, fd. 4

On the 13th of July we were organized at Florence, Forty five waggons under C. A. Madsen as captain, and H[ans]. C. Hansen as sergeant of the guard.

On the 14th of July we started from Florence. I had half a waggon with brother Jens C. Christensen Poel and each of us had two oxen. We were 9 persons to the waggon (viz. I with wife and daughter, and Else Jeppesen, Jens C. C. Poel with wife and son; and Jens C. Kornum [Cornum] and wife).

On the 15th of July we were devided into tens, and I was made captain of the first 8th waggons and continued to act as clerk and treasurer for the company.

The company numbered 264 persons, having 45 waggons, of which 5 were drawn by 12 horses, and the 40 waggons by 174 oxen. Besides this we had 2 riding – horses, 99 cows, 37 heifers, and 7 calves.

On the 25th of August died sister Thomine Thomsen (about 20 years old.) from Nidstrup Wensyssel Conference, the only death that accured between Florence and Salt Lake City, in our company. We were very lucky on this long journey of 1000 miles, as the company did not loose over 10 head of cattle. We had fine weather all the time except a couple of days soon after starting, and a couple of days at Fort Bridger.

Travelling from Florence to Salt Lake City, from July 14th to Sept. 23th
14 July 3½ mile Little papea [Papillion] Creek
16 July 19½ mile Elkhorn River
17 July 31½ mile Plat[te] Bluff
18 July 46 mile To Island in the Platt river
20 July 80 mile Loup Fork (and ferry)
22 July 81 mile over Loup Fork ferry
27 July 158 mile Wood river
30 July 211 mile Elm creek
31 July 221 mile Buffalo creek
1 August 241 mile Willow Lake
2 August 251 mile Wide dry creek
3 August 276 mile Skunk creek
4 August 298 mile Wide deep creek
5 August 316 mile Sandy bluffs west foot
6 August 330 mile Bluffs Spring
7 August 342 mile Rattlesnake Creek
8 August 360 mile sandy Bluffs east foot
9 August 379 mile Sandhill creek
10 August 403 mile Cobblehills west foot
11 August 422 mile Low Sandy Bluffs west foot
12 August 442 mile Chimney Rock [small drawing of Chimney Rock]
13 August 462 mile Schotts [Scotts] Bluffs
16 August 512 mile Fort Laramy [Laramie] [ drawing of some buildings]
19 August 544 mile Alder Clumps
27 August 629 mile Upper Platt Bridge
29 August 639 mile Mineral Spring and Lake
30 August 659 mile small creek
31 August 679 mile Devil’s Gate [drawing of Devil’s Gate (a square with a jagged “V”]
1 Sept 696 mile Sage creek
2 Sept 710 mile the two ridges
3 Sept 735 mile Ford of Sweetwater No. 5.
5 Sept 761 mile Willow creek
6 Sept 778 mile Pacific creek
7 Sept 803 mile Little Sandy
8 and 9. Sept 826 mile big Sandy
10 Sept 836 mile Green River
11 Sept 851 mile Blacks ford [Fork]
14 Sept 886 mile Fort Bridger [drawing of three buildings]
16 Sept 904 mile Summit 7,315 foot high
17 Sept 917 mile Bear river
18 Sept 940 mile Echo Canyon
19 Sept 955 mile Weber river
21 Sept 981 mile Silver creek
22 Sept 994 mile Parleys Canyon
23 Sept 1004 mile Salt Lake City

we past on the north side of Platt river all the time; we see some Indians in Omaha (the first Indians I ever saw) and now and then some between Florence and Salt Lake City, but the[y] were all friendly.

On Tuesday the 23th of September 1862 at two in the afternoon we arrived in Salt Lake City.

I had the pleasure to have some of my relatives with me, namely my sister Maren, and her husband, Jens Jensen Loth and 4 children, Jens, Ane, Anders, and Ane Marie, which all were baptized; and my sister Sidsel Cathrine and 4 children, Johanne Marie, Anders, Paul, and Christian. she and the Three firstnamed children are also baptized. Also my half sister Karens daughter Else Cathrine and her husband Niels Pedersen (Lonstrup) and her son Niels Peter; Also her sister Maren Kirstine who came here last season and is married to Niels Chr. Jensen from Tversted pr: Hjorring Danmark.

And my wifes sister Ane Magrethe Pedersen has also come along this season in C.A. Madsens company, and is also baptized.