Transcript for Weight, Elizabeth Bocock, A short history of Elizabeth Bocock Weight, Ms 2305, box 2, fd. 63, p. 1

We sailed in George Washington, a sailing vessel, on the 28th of the same month, landing at Boston in 23 days, then rode on the train to Iowa City. I started from Iowa City, after a month of camping there, on the 1st day of June. I walked all the way from Iowa City camping grounds to Salt Lake City, because of our heavily loaded wagons.

There was a company of about fifty wagons, B. [Jesse B.] Martin, as captain and an additional captain over every ten wagons, all of them being returned Missionaries. “I have walked many a day from twenty to twenty five miles in crossing the plains over mountains, sand, ridges and wading creeks. While walking across the Loup Fork of the Platte River, leading a cow, I came near being drowned as it has a quicksand bottom.” “I will always remember when brother A.M. Musser came up to the train and announced to us that the Apostle Parley P. Pratt had been Assassinated. It made a profound impression on my mind at the wickedness of this generation. This was the year that Johnson’s [Johnston’s] Army came to Utah. I well remember some travelers overtaking our company and telling us to “hurry up or Johnson’s Army will get you, for they are just behind a little way.” We hurried and they did not overtake us. We arrived in Salt Lake City September 12, 1857.