Transcript for Welchman, Arthur P., Reminiscences and diary, [ca.1854-1917], fd. 1, 93-94

Sun. May 2nd 1858. During the week I crossed over the river from Florence to Crescent, where I stayed[.] assisted A[ngus].M.C[annon]. end [and] J.F.S. till today; when being already we bid good-bye to the good folks we knew at Crescent, and started on our journey, going to Florence.

Mon. 3rd. Stayed till 4 O’clock, completing our arrangements; when J[ohn].F.S[nedaker]. and myself, having taken leave of our friends here, started once more. A.M.C. stopping behind with the intention of coming on tomorrow. A short distance on the road, we overtook G.G. and J. Wilson, and traveled on with them. Camped on the Little Papeao [Pappea]. We had not been long on the camp ground, before our animals stampeeded, without any apparent cause; the two mules going back on the road some distance, causing us some little trouble.

Tues. 4th. Traveled accross the Big Papeao [Pappea], and coming up to the Elk Horn camped on the West side of it, to await the arrival of A.M.C. and S.G. who had also stopped behind.

Mon. May, 10th Left Genoa

Wed. 12th. The company being now complete made a regular start, having all crossed the Loup Fork

Names of Mis[sionaries]—and others returning home in the company.

Handcart Missionaries from Europe

Andrus, James
Berry, Jno. W.
Bramall, William
Dallan, William
Ensign, Martin L.
Evans, Richard G.
Herriman, H.
Littlewood, Martin
Logan, Robert
Margets, Philip
McBride, Ruben M.
Miller, Robert E.
Pierce [Peirce], E.H.
Pinder, Jno. G.
Reece, Enoch
Roulet, Fredric
Stanforth, George
Stewart, William J.
Taylor, Amos
Taylor, Jabez
Tomkinson, Ephriam
Thomas, William P.
Wilkin, David
Young, Seymore B.
Young, Brigham H.
Galley, James

United States and Canada Hand Cart Missionaries

Brinton, David
Browning, Thomas
Bull, William F.
Carter, William F.
Gardner, Robert
Goddard, S. H.
Goddard, George
Hall, Thomas
Hill, Isac W.
Hill, Richard
Huntsman, Gabriel
Mackintosh, Daniel
Maylett, William F.
McCrary, Jno.
Riter, Samuel
Shumiway [Shumway], Charles
Smith, William H.
Terry, Joel
Twitchel, William B.

English Missionaries

Beck, Ja
Brown, William
Browning, Ja. G.
Bullock, Thomas
Clark, Ezra T.
Craig, James
Daniels, Daniel
Doremus, Henry I.
Davis, Daniel
Gates, George
Higbee, Isa[a]c
Hobson, Jesse
Hubbard, Charles W.
King, Thomas, R.
Lavender, James
Muir, William S.
Pace, William
Page, Daniel
Pierce, Thomas
Robinson, Peter
Romley [Romney], Miles
Roskelley, Samuel
Russel, Thomas W.
Scofield, Joseph
Shumway, Andrew P.
Smith, Jno. S.
Smith, Samuel H.B.
Smith, William I.
Snow, Bernard
Stevens, James W.
Tippits, John H.
Ure, James

American Missionaries

Cannon, Angus M.
Combs, Isiah M.
Rideout, David O. (and son)
Snedaker, John F.
Welchman, Arthur P.
Wood, Lyman S.

Others from Various parts

Bodell, Joseph
Bunting, James
Burgess, Mark
England, William
Fox, Charles
Jones, John E.
Kerswell, William
Louden, Robbert
Phillips, Thomas
Wilkins, Eli
Ursenback, Octave
Fisher, Thomas I.
Hough [Huff], James
Metcalf, Levi. G.
Brackenburg, Jno. W
Miles, Ira
Alcot, James
Abgoog [Hapgood], William
Pope, Robbert with wife and 2 children


Missionaries, 85
Others, 21
Woman, 1
Children, 3
Total, 110

Thurs. May 27th 1858. When a little above Chinney [Chimney] Rock, Brothers J. Murdock and Van Ettan came up to us from the lower road; who with Worthing, Knowles, West, and H. Egan, were escorting Colonel Kane to Washington. We turned off the road nearly a mile, to receive instructions from President Brigham Young, which came in a letter, the contents of which was read to our camp. The contents made every heart rejoice. (Extract from George Goddard’s Journal)

June-------On the head-waters of the Sweet-Water, met Grosebecks’ camp going to Platt[e] Bridge for a train of goods. By these Brethren we had a proclamation from President Buchannan to the Inhabitants of Utah read to us. It was so full of lies, and showed so much meanness, that it elicited three groans from the company.

Mon. 21st Arrived in Great Salt Lake City the second time.