Transcript for Whitear, Eli to Albert Jones, Handcart Veterans Association, 24 Sep. 1907. Handcart Veterans Association, Scrapbook, 1906-1914, fd 3

Morgan City Morgan Co Utah Sept 24 1907
Albert Jones Provo

Dear Sir.

Joseph Sermon Wife [Elizabeth Whitear] and 3 sons and one daughter came in the Hand Cart Co I think in Edward Martins Co[.] The Father died in that camp that suffered so much[.] I was living in Farmington[.] Bro Lot Smith brought them to my home which I had to take care of them in those hard times[.] Mrs Sermon toes froze, John Sermon foot froze of[f,] Robert Sermon both feet froze of[f.] Henry Sermon not frozen[.] Polly Sermon toes froze, Myself and D B Lamareau did the nursing and poulticed the feet[.] Mrs Sermon died in San Francesco[.] John married married Bp Atwoods daughter Netty[.] he died at Cottonwood[.] Polly died in Logan, Henry Sermon live[s] at Squirrel, Fremont Co Idaho[.] Robert Sermon live[s] at Prospect Bingham Co Idaho[.] They have a half sister that did not come in the hand Cart Co[.] Carrie Robertson live 567 North first west Street Salt Lake City, Mrs Sermon was my sister, I have always thought the Church should have taken care of them, as I had but one room and Wife and one child with those sick suffering people the result all left the Church but John Sermon who has been seal[e]d to his wife and married the wright way, she living in Salt Lake[.] Well I am the onely one living in my Fathers family and now in the Eighty first year have seen a change in that time[.] I suppose your are still in the church as I am not acquainted[.] I remain yours truly