Transcript for Wightman, William Charles, Autobiography, 1907-1912

Uncle Charly put up a large rock cut stone house and lived in it till 1862 then him and C F Dixon and family came on to Utah Grand Ma Wightman lived with Aunt Jane Dixon till she died. . . . I always wanted to go to Utah but think it was on account of the little girl that I got started sooner than [ illegible ] her account. . . . May [My] Grand Father and Grand Mother [Elizabeth Humphery] Dixon, Jane Pepper, Lucretia [Pepper], and Charley [Pepper,] a missionary by the name of B.[Benjamin Thomas] Mitchel came on with us[.] we left Kirtland 25th of April 1854. We took wagons from Kirtland[,] bought oxen at Rock Island as the Rock Island RR was only completed there at that time[.] there was 10 in company[.] 4 out of that number died with corla [cholera] [ illegible ] by Iowa City Desmoin [Des Moines] to Council bluffs crossed the river [ illegible ] of June 1854 at Florence 6 miles above Omaha. . . . I could tell the trip any thing as well as Grand Ma Wightman [ illegible ] Got in Salt Lake City 4 th of August.