Transcript for Wilcox, Matilda Neilson, Autobiographical sketch

Father [Anders Nielsen] was able to earn a yoke of oxen, a wagon and a cow, also provisions necessary for our journey. We left Omaha in May 1861 arriving in Utah about Oct 1861[.] While crossing the plains a herd of Buffalo, also one of Antelope, at different times stampeded and our men had to divide the train to let the stampede go thru.

The Indians were very docile this yr. and gave us no trouble. Another time, after traveling all day, and could find no water and could go no farther without it[,] after the company had made camp, the men dug deep holes in the clay soil hoping to get water but were disappointed, then they went away to a private place and prayed; in the morning all the holes were full of water we were all able to drink all we wanted, fill our barrels and canteens, this being another testimony to me that prayers are heard and answered.