Transcript for Willden, Feargus O'Connor, Autobiographical sketch, 2, in [Compiled information regarding Feargus O'Connor Willden and the Willden family, n.d.]

. . . And started on the 2 June 1852, with 9 head of horned stock, one 6 year old cow, one yoke, 3 year olds (bull and steer) and 6 head of 2 year olds and seven head of sheep. We were in Captain Howellover Company of one hundred also Thomas C. Howell and Captain Denemish [Henry Devonish].

That night was one of the biggest thunder showers and lightning that I ever experienced. The driving of the sheep, helping to yoke and unyoke the oxen gather fire wood or buffalo chips and carry water was imposed to me to tend to. I walked all the way-say but about 30 Probably 50 miles. Drove sheep all the way and that too barefooted over hot sand, under hot scorching rays of the sun and over prickley pairs [pears] ect. I will here mention that my sister Ann had the misfortune to fall out of the wagon and the wagon wheel ran over her. She was only just turned 7 year and by the all seeing the merciful hand of God; she was preserved from internal injury and was walking about in a few hours. I suffered considerable from the effect of having prickley pairs thorns in my feet for having had to walk barefooted without a sign of shoe to my feet all that long dreary way.

We arrived at Great Salt Lake City on the 13 day of September 1852.