Transcript for William Andrews, Sr. 1829-1915

I, William Andrew, seventh son of Edmond Andrew and Ann Smith, was born March 20, 1829, at Greenacres Fold in the Parish of Oldham, County of Lancashire, England. (Greenacres is a hamlet or small village in the country, which has no church). . . .

There were three freight trains belonging to Thomas S. Williams & Company, of which William Henry Hooper was an associate, crossed the plains during the summer of 1855 traveling to Utah from Atchison, Kansas Territory. Involved were 87 wagons, 1,000 oxen, 185 tons of freight, and a few emigrants. While crossing the plains, I was run over by a wagon loaded with 4600 pounds of freight. It passed over both legs, but did not break them, but I was not able to walk or drive for 8 days. The snow was so deep we had to leave our teams at Fort Pondager and arrived in Salt Lake City, November 15, 1855.