Transcript for William B. Wright collection, 1852-1951

[Note to Reader: Mr. Wright apparently started copying his diary record of his journey, but did not complete the record for the entire journey. We have used his original account as much as possible. In rewriting his account he often changed the wording and in some cases added information not in the original account. When additional information was considered new or unique it was included in this transcription in italics.]

Thursday June 14th
Called up on guard at 12 Bed at 3 A M up again at 6 Breakfast 6.30 got up my oxen & with the help of Alonzo Blair got them yoked up & hitch on the wagon & started, driving cattle I found quite different to useing the pen but I managed with considerable patience to go along all right to day.

Friday June 15th
Layed by all day helping to mend waggon tongues that had been broke yesterday by wild cattle & inexperienced drivers

Saturday June 16th
Layed by all day helping to mend waggon tongues that had been broke yesterday by wild cattle & inexperienced drivers

Sunday June 17th
Up at 4. Breakfast 7.5[.] wrote a letter to Father & sent it to Atchison by bro A Blair who went for some buck shot & other little things. Held a meeting at 10. & partook of the Sacrement. Dinner at 1. took my gun & went down the stream we are camped on to practice, I was accompanied by two young sister[s] Eliza and Alice Joist [Jost], they are cooking for a mess for their passage to Salt Lake City. Supper at 6.30[.] Fixed a place under my wagon to sleep as I think it will be more comfortable. bed at 9.30.

Monday June 18th /55
Up at 1 AM & had to get in my wagon it was blowing so hard. Up at 4. Mrs [Eleanor Jane] McLean is cooking for our mess for her passage to Utah & we men have to get wood & water for her. Breakfast at 6.30. Got up the cattle & hitched up & moved 5 miles to another camp. I drove 3 yoke of oxen & got a long very well. Supper at 5.30 went on Guard at 6 & stayed untill 9[.] rained & blowed all night, Bed at 9.30.

Tuesday June 19th
Up at 4. Bro Blair & I went & got wood & water. Breakfast 6.30 busy all morning, we have hardly got fixed to suit all parties. Dinner 11. Alonzo Blair & I got 4 yoke of oxen & 1 wagon & went back to our last camp ground & got the wagon & goods we left y there yesterday. the yoke of oxen also left we could not find so we returned to camp, found a bro James dead having died with the cholera during our absence. at 9 Sist[er] [Mary Jane] Langford also died. I went out and helped dig their graves also one for a child [Mary East] that died during the evening. Bed at 2.

Wednesday June 20th/55
Up at 4. I find several sick this morning with the Cholera if in fact a great deal of excitement exists as all the trains bound over the plains have more or less cholera among them. Breakfast at 5[.] yoked up a yoke of oxen & went & took Bro [ Jeremiah] Langford to his grave & helped fill it up. Train started & went 5 miles met 17 Elders from Utah on their way to Europe on Missions[.] they stoped awhile with us & tried to comfort all of us. this evening a young sister by the name of Eliza Jost died. Bed at 10

Wednesday June 27th
again resume my Journal[.] I have had the Colera so bad for a week past that I have not done a thing much less had power to write. I have not been able to move out of my wagon & in fact have been so low as to be given up by my friends who went and dug me a grave but thank God I was not ready to be laid in the ground yet. The cholera has been very bad in our camp. we have buried at least 25 or 1/6 of our company since we left atchison but I stood clear of it as much as possible anyhow although I had to help dig graves & wait on the sick & be with them day & night at last I was taken but Bro [Sylvester] Earl (I shall always remember him & pray for him as long as I live) he came & Blessed me & I began to get well. There is nothing like faith in the Lord[.] he will guide & protect you through all if you trust in him[.] I became worn down & fell a victim to it but have so far recovered as to be able to ride a little on horse back each day. I am in a very good mess, Bro [James] Barlow our sergent[,] Bro Stevens[on] our President & Bro A. Blair Wagon Master & a young man going out to Utah for his health by the name of Hugh Wilson & myself. 5 of us with two Sisters Mrs [Eleanor] McLean & Eliza ___ a[s] cooks for us. Bro Blair & myself have a wagon for our own use & have it fixed tolerable comfortable now. so I am in very good company

Thursday June 28th
up at 4 find myself very much improved. I have been following Bro Barlow’s counsel in all things ever since I first took sick. Bro Barlow told me to go & wake up the camp which I done & found the cool morning breese very refreshing. Breakfast at 6 after which the camp was called together & we prayed & had a few words of counsel from Bro stevens & was then dismissed. We our now about 125 miles from Atchison. Bro Barlow told me not to work any yet but keep quite & out of the sun. at about 11 6’ [11:30] we gethered up the cattle & we got ready & started to go 12 miles[.] weather warm. a very good breese blowing all the time. a bite for Dinner at 12[.] at 8 got to our camping ground in good order & health. had to get out of my wagon & unyoke my team as my driver was not used to it & knew nothing about cattle. Was called together at 8½ by Bro Stevens & had prayer & told us that we were all agoing to get well & that we were getting in good healthy country & we need fear nothing about health if we trusted in God. we was dismissed & got some supper at 9 6 [9:30] after which I smoked a few minutes then went to Bed at 10 in my wagon. Bro Barlow says that I must not sleep out yet.

Friday June 29th
Up at 4½[.] Went & prayed[.] fixed my wagon up a little[.] the weather windy & a little rain with it & it had like it would storm a little[.] Bro Stevens called us all together at 6½ had prayer & counsel. went eat Breakfast at 7. Got cattle up & started at 8 O’clock. weather changed & look very fine. at 11 O’clock stoped our teams[.] I ate a lunch. it has been raining on our way & the road is very slippery[.] got in camp about 8½[.] it has not rained a great deal here[.] supper at 9 O’clock called together at 9.15 had Prayer[.] Bed at 10½

We came 20 miles today

Saturday June 30th
Up at 5 Breakfast at 6 weather fine & clear. Camp No 2 with Bro Secrests [Jacob F. Secrist] as President is in sight. Cattle up & started at 8[.] passed Camp No 2 was introduced to Bro Cha[rle]s. Smith of the camp a returning Missionary[.] Dinner at 12[.] I am still riding in my team, getting out once in a while to help drive my team[.] Camped at 6. Came 15 miles. 3 of our wagons Broke down & the 10 that they were in camped where they were & we came on[.] we had some pretty Bad roads today[.] Supper at 8. Since we camped we have lost a man who was laying in a wagon sick[.] when they took the mules out of the carriage they looked & behold he was gone[.] we searched far & near but had to give it up[.] Bro Blair told us that we would fast tomorrow[.] Bed at 12 slept with bro Barlow on the ground with 1 Pair of Blankets to sleep on & 1 Pair to cover us

Sunday July 1st
Layed by all day.

Monday July 2nd
Up at 5[.] stood Breakfast at 6[.] got up cattle & got ready & started[.] Williams & Hooper were encamped on the other side of the creek[.] they got ready & started first but did not go but about 7 miles & camped & we passed them[.] Dinner at 12[.] we have a beautiful country to pass over today level & like the Sea with no timber in sight at all[.] I layed in my wagon at 3 O’clock & slept untill we came to our camping ground[.] we came 22 miles today[.] the wind blows a perfect Hurricane & looks as if it would storm[.] called to prayer at 8½ went to Bed at 11[.] it has cleared up & the night looks beautiful.

Tuesday July 3rd
Up at 4[.] went with Bro Parker & got our keg filled with water[.] Prayer in camp at 6 Breakfast at 6½[.] received orders to get wood & make some new yokes & also to shoe some of the cattle[.] Bro A Blair & I went & took our horses & drove a few oxen up to camp & helped throw one ox down & then I took my gun & went down to the creek to protect the women while they washed[.] Dinner at 12[,] had venison soup. Helped make a tin coffin for Bro [Jacob] Secrest [Secrist] who died of colera in the company behind us[.] they came up with our camp at 1[.] Williams & Hooper train passed us at 1½[.] we got up our cattle & yoked then & started at 2½[.] passed Williams & Hooper train about 3 miles from our old camp[.] we went about 5 miles[.] supper at 7½[.] Guard at 10 to 1[.] Bed at 2. slept with Bro Barlow on the ground

Wednesday July 4th
Up at 4. Breakfast at 6. got cattle up & started at 8 O’clock[.] Bro S. Blair said we would have to go 23 miles for Wood & Water while going along. a brother that was driving next behind me by the name of Wm Trost we were talking & at last found out that he was acquainted with all grandfathers folks & also my father & Mother[.] got in camp about 7 O’clock[.] came 23 miles today[.] Supper at 8½[.] had a hare for supper What Bro A Blair killed on the way[.] Bed at 10. slept with Bro Barlow on the ground.

Thursday July 5th
Up at 4. Breakfast at 6. Cattle up & yoked & started at 9 O’clock. I am the 1st driver today[.] Dinner at 12 on the grass. Camp to camp at 6[.] Supper at 7½[.] Prayers in camp at 8. Bed at 10 slept on the ground with Bro Barlow[.] came 16 miles today[.] had one wagon upset & two toungs [tongues] brok[e]

Friday July 6th.
Up at 3. went made a fire in the stove[.]went with Bro Trost & got some water[.] back and fixed my yokes[.] Breakfast at 5½[.] Cattle up & yoked & started at 8[.] I got 1 more yoke to my team[.] I now drive 4 yoke. at 11½ met a Government train camped[.] there was 5 Indians there that had just came there & they were a scouting party sent out by the Shians [Cheyennes] who were going to fight the shawnies [Shawnee’s.] at 12 eat dinner sent a lot of Bread & gave to the Indians[.] at 3 O’clock we saw a herd of Buffalo & a few of our men started off after them[.] they run across the road about ½ miles ahead of us & the men after them. they killed one about ¼ mile from us on our left. camped at 5[.] just before getting in camp Bro [George Christian] Riser upset his wagon. Supper at 7[.] Went with 3 men & got the rest of the Buffalo that was killed[.] Guard at 9 untill 12 Bed at 1. came 16 miles to day

Saturday July 7th
Up at 3 got cattle up & yoked & started without any Breakfast at 5 O’clock[.] went 6 miles & stoped & eat Breakfast[.] Saw lots of Buffalo[,] A Blair went & Killed one[.] about 5 O’clock got to the Platte River & camped[.] went unyoked my Cattle[.] had to do without water since Breakfast until we got to camp[.] went with Bro Barlow down to the River & washed all over[.] Supper at 7[.] staked my horse in the carrell fix my Bed & went to Sleep at 10[.] I came 22 miles today

Sunday July 8th
Up at 5 Breakfast at 6[.] got cattle up & started at 8 O’clock[.] found that Williams & Hooper had camped about 1 mile to our left & they got started before us[.] camped at 12 O’clock on the Platte[.] cam about 8 miles. unyoked my cattle & went & washed all over in the Platte[.] went on guard at 1 stayed untill 3. Bed at 3.15

Monday July 9th
Up at 4. Cattle up & started at 9[.] went Dinner at 12[.] all along the Platte it is very level road & we can see for several miles[.] passed fort Carney [Kearney] & at 5 P.M. passed the 1 company of saints & camped about 1 mile the other side of them[.] Supper at 8. Bed at 9. Came 24 miles

Tuesday July 10th
Up at 5 Breakfast 5.30 got cattle up & yoked and started at 8 O’clock[.] Williams & Hooper Merchant train in our front[.] Dinner at 12 camped at 4.25. 4 of our men started after some Buffalo & killed 2[.] I Rode my horse & drove my team all day. Supper at 7 Guard at 10 untill 1. Bed at 1½

came 14 miles

Wednesday July 11th
Up at 4 Breakfast at 5 fixed my yokes[.] Learned that we would not start today but stay & fix things up[.] 1 train Passed us at 9 O’clock[.] Dinner at 12 went out & got a shot at a Buffalo[.] back to camp in Rain[.] Supper at 7 Prayer at 8 Bed at 9

Thursday July 12th
Up & stood on guard from 12 to 3[.] Bed at 320[.] Up at 5. Breakfast at 7[.] cattle up yoked & started at 8[.] We are passing over a very beautiful Country the Platte Bottom with the platte on our right about 1½ mile & high Rolling Hills on our left about ½ mile. Dinner at 12½[.] seen a herd of Buffalo about 1 mile on our right[.] 3 of our men went & shot 2 & I went & helped to cut one up[.] camped about ½ mile from the blue[.] supper at 9 prayers at 9½ Bed at 10[.] came 16 miles

Friday July 13th.
Up at 3 smoked my pipe awhile then washed & eat Breakfast at 6[.] Cattle up yoked & started[.] we are on the Platte Bottom yet. Dinner at 1. I have a man to drive my team & I have been riding my horse all morning. at 2 O’clock we discovered some Buffalo & I went with bros Greer, Johnson. & [William] Shaw[.] walked our horses about 2 miles then we were within ½ miles of them & they started to run & I run my horse faster than ever I rode in my life but did not get a chan[ce] to shoot at them[.] Camped on the Platte[.] supper at 8 Bed at 9 with a very bad headache. came 18 miles today

Saturday July 14th
Up at 5 my headache all gone[.] the sun is very hot[.] Breakfast at 6. Cattle up & started at 8½[.] at 11 O’clock as I was riding my horse with Bro Stevens[,] our president[,] we came across an Antleope [antelope] & he shot at it & then he gave me his revolver & I run my horse after him but could not catch it[.] at 1eat Dinner[.] went on ahead of the train with Bros Stevens, Blair & [James] York & came to a splendid spring of real cool fresh water[.] found Williams & Hooper’s train just on the other side of the spring but we camped on this side at 7 O’clock[.] supper at 8½ Bed at 10½[.] came 18 miles

Sunday July 15th
Up at 5 Breakfast at 6½[.] Cattle up & started at 9. I do not drive a team but ride a horse & help the Wagon master (A Blair) to get all the teams started & over bad places[.] leave the Platte & have to go 25 miles before we come to it again without wood & water[.] had to fill every thing we had to carry water in[.] Dinner at 12.30. then went ahead with bros Stevenson & [Leonard] Bancroft[.] seen Williams & Hoopers train in front of us about 2 miles & Bro Stevenson & I rode & caught up with them & Bro Jackman [,] the wagon master of that train[,] joined us & all 3 of us went ahead & picked out a camping ground & waited untill the trains came up & we camped on a little runing stream about 2 miles from the river[.] one that we did not expect to meet with[.] Supper 8 Bed at 10.

Came 14 miles

Monday July 16th
Up at 3. carried some water for cooking & fixed things in wagon[.] Cattle up & yoked[,] Breakfast at 5½[.] started at 6½[.] passed the 1st Mormon train to our left about ¾ mile[.] we are 1st 10 today[.] I have had to put my horse in the her today & therefore can not ride a horse today but ride in my wagon[.] the camp are all in good health & spirits[.] Dinner at 12[.] We saw more Buffalo today than ever[,] upwards of 10 thousand[.] the ground on our right & left seem perfectly Black with them & we had to send horsemen in front of us to drive them away[.] There is 3 different trains in one disconnected string[,] ours in front[,] Williams & Hoopers 2nd & the 1st Mormon train in the rear. about 100 wagons with an average of 4 yoke of cattle to a p wagon, quite a string. Camped at 4 O’clock on the Platte again[.] Williams & Hooper are camped a little back of us while the Mormon train went on 4 miles further[.] went on guard at 4.15 & staid untill 6[.] Supper at 8[.] we had Bed at a little dance untill about 10 O’clock then quit. Bed at 10½

came 13 miles to day[.] the Boys Killed 2 Buffalo calves & we had Pot Pie for Supper

Tuesday July 17th
Up at 4½ Breakfast at 5½[.] Cattle up & started at 7 O’clock[.] While I was yoking up my Cattle f one of them kicked me on the knee & made a little mark but not much damage done to it[.] Williams & Hooper started out behind us[.] Dinner at 12[.] Bro Jackman of Williams & Hoopers train eat with us. the sun is very Hot but we have a very cool breese blowing hard[.] we are going over hills all morning. Camped on the Platte at 6[.] have to burn Buffalo chips. Supper at 7 prayer at 9 Bed at 10[.] the air is quite cool[.] came 13 miles today

Wednesday July 18th
Up at 3½. brought some water for Breakfast. fixed my yokes a little. Went on guard at 6 stayed untill 9 & helped bring them in correll. Breakfast at 7 Started at The men all went & got oxen up[,] shoed some of them & fixed some of the wagons up[.] Dinner at 12[.] Bro Stevenson said that we would stay all day here[.] 2 train Mormons passed us at 4 O’clock[.] Supper at 6½. at 7½ we had Testimony meeting. It commenced to rain at 8½ & went [when] I went to bed it rain very hard. Bed at 11.

Thursday July 19th
Called up at 3 O’clock by the Sergant (Bro Barlow) & ordered to get our guns & collect in the correll. marched around a little & went through a little military Tactics was dismissed[.] Breakfast at 5½[.] Cattle up, yoked & started at 8½[.] looks like it would rain[.] Dinner at 1[.] met a Co[mpany] of Soldiers & traders at 1½ . at 4 met a lot of French traders with 28 wagons & a lot of cattle bound for the Missouri[.] The weather today have been quite cool, Windy & Cloudy. Camped at 8 O’clock[.] Supper at 9[.] Bed at 10.

Came 20 miles.

Friday July 20th
Up at 1 & went on guard stayed until 4½[.] Breakfast at 6½[.] Cattle yoked & started at 7½ very good road a sprinkle of rain[.] at 10 met a few traders on mules the 2 mormon trains just in front of us. Dinner at 11½ & Blair got me a horse & we went on in head of the train & found the place we had to cross to south Platte at & also Williams & Hoopers Train just on the Hill on the opposite side & the 2nd Mormon train just going over[.] when our train came up we had to Double our teams & three or 4 Drivers to each team[.] I waded across the river twice, it was about up to my knees in some places & not a foot deep in others[.] we were three hours in crossing the river which we did without any damage what ever to our wagons[.] fill our kegs & cows & went on 10 miles & camped at 8½[.] at 6 passed Th Both the other camps[.] Supper at 9 Bed at 11

Came 18 miles & cross the Platte

Saturday July 21st
Up at 2 yoked our cattle & started at 4½[.] about 2 miles We came to the Hills[.] some of the Hardest Hills to go up & down ever I saw[.] one in particular we had to lock both wheels & ruff lock them[.] also came to the Holler [Ash Hollow] it is really a pictursque place[,] high hills & rocky[.] very rough road[,] hilly[.] got out of canyon & camped at 9 O’clock. There were bushels of cherries in the Canyon[,] all through it[.] it was lined on both sides[,] we gathered a great many of them. we camped on the North Platte about 20 yds from the River

Sunday July 22nd
up at 5 O’clock & went on guard[,] staid untill 8[.] meeting at 7 O’clock out at 12[.] Dinner at 12½[.] Cattle up & yoked & started at 1½[.] Williams & Hooper on ahead of us. We got a letter from Bro Seth yesterday. it was read to us in meeting this morning. it said that the indians were at war against the whites & for us to be careful. we are traveling between the North Platte & the bluffs at 4½[.] Passed William & Hooper train encamped. leave to camp at 7 supper at 8 Bed at 10

Monday July 23rd
up at 5 Breakfast at 6 Cattle up & yoked & started at 6.45[.] at 7½ met some indian trybs [tribes] & our company bought some Buffalo Robes and some mockisens [moccasins] of them til the Danis Danish camp right in our rear. Dinner at 12 Camped at 4 supper at 7.05. it rains a little but I think it will soon clear off. It was very warm today sun very hot[.] Bed at 10 O’clock

Came 10 miles

Tuesday July 24th
up & went on Guard at 12 & stayed untill 3 O’clock[.] it was a beautiful sight to see the day Break this moring. Breakfast at 6 Cattle up, yoked & started at 8 the Danish Co in our front[.] Dinner at 12[.] we have hard pulling for our oxen[,] heavy sand & Hills[.] at 4 met a party of Indians & gave them some sugar & crackers[.] They followed us untill we camped[.] we had to watch them sharp. Supper at 8 camped at 7 with the Danish camp in our rear about ½ mile & William & Hooper ¾ Bed at 10[.] Came 16 miles

Wednesday July 25
up at 3½ Breakfast at 6 Cattle up, yoked & started at 8[.] Danish Co in our lead William & Hooper next & us in the rear[.] A lot of Souix [Sioux] came to our camp this moring. at 10½ passed a Government train from Fort Laramie going to Independence[.] Dinner at 12.15. at 1 could see court-house rock in the Distance being 15 miles from us. at 2 we could see the Parrie [Prairie] on the other side of the river on fire a distance of 6 miles & also Chimney rock on ahead of us a distance of 30 miles[.] Camped at 6 Williams & H[ooper] in our rear about 150 yds & the Danish Camp about ½ mile ahead[.] Supper at 7 Prayer at 7½ Bed at 10

Came 20 miles

Thursday July 26
up at 3 went on Guard until 6 Breakfast at 6 Cattle up & started at 7[.] at 8.15 met Goverment Train of 74 wagons at 11.25 opposite Chimney Rock[.] Several men started to go it some afoot & some on horses but turned back before going there[.] I believe 3 or 4 on horses did get there[.] it is 3 miles from us but seems not more than 300 yds[.] Dinner at 12.15 passed chimney rock. Came to camp at 4.15 Supper at 6 Bed at 11[.] Came 15 miles today[.] The weather warm & dusty roads

Friday July 27th
up at 3.15 Breakfast at 7 started at 7½[.] at 10 came to a trading Post & some of our men traded A good deal with the men who are all Frenchmen

Dinner at 12½ we have just left the N. Platte River & are traveling through the hills[.] here is some beautiful hills on both sides of the road[,] high & cragy[.] Camped at 5[.] water 1½ from a spring but near wood[.] all hands had to turn out with horses that could & drove our cattle to water[.] Supper at 8 Prayer at 9 Bed at 10

Came 15 miles

Saturday July 28th
up at 4 Breakfast at 6 Cattle up & started at 8.30[.] Dinner at 12½[.] some very hard hills to go up & down Dinner at & Camped on horse creek at 5½[.] W. & H train camp about 300 yds behind us[.] Danish company several miles in front of us in the Platte[.] Sup Guard at 5½ untill 8½ Supper at 9 Bed at 10.

Came 15 miles

passing over Scotts Bluffs

Sunday July 29th
up at 4 Breakfast at 5½ Started at 6½[.] I walked on ahead of the train about 3 mile with Bro Blair & [James Allison] York & on going up on a high hill we saw the Danish Co encamped on the Platte about 1 mile from us. Jackman of W & H’s train shot a Rattle Snake & I got the Rattles, it was about 3 ft long[.] Camped at 11 on the Platte about ¾ mile ahead of the Danes[.] W. & H. 1 miles behinde us & the California Drovers 1 mile ahead of us. we shall remain here untill tomorrow noon[.] Dinner at 1[.] Commensed to write a letter home to Father and Mother

I tryed to shave Bros [Hugh] Wilson & stevenson & succeeded partially in doing so[.] Supper at 5½ Sacrament meeting at 6 after which 2 men from W & H’s train were baptised in the N. Platte[.] Bed at 11

Came 7 miles

Weather fine today a good deal of wind Blowing

Monday July 30th
up at 2½ & went on guard untill 6[.] Breakfast at 8 stayed at camp all morning to fix wagons & oxen[.] Dinner at 11½[.] Cattle up & started at 1½ W & H in front[.] at 6 O’ we came to Another trading post of about 12 or 15 men & several squa[w]s[.] I Borrowed 50cts & bought a pair of Mokisins[.] I have to ride a horse all afternoon as our wagon master is sick a little & I have to take his place[.] Camped at 7 about ¾ mile from the Platte[.] supper at 8 Bed at 9½

Came 10 miles

Tuesday August 1st
up at 4 took my horse down to River & watered him[.] Breakfast at 6[.] Cattle up & started at 7[.] changed my mess this morning[.] Dinner at 12[.] at 3 came to a Trading post[.] at 4 came to the ruins of old Fort John[.] seen several graves of Indians

The way they bury is this they place four high beams (with a fork at the upper end) upright & place poles a cross so as to make a sort of a platform & then wrap the body up & place their bows & arrows by their side & so leave them & let them decompose[.] at 5 camped on smiths fork[.] Supper at 7 Prayer at 7½[.] we had quite a Dance[,] it lasted untill 12½[.] went to my mess wagon & a few of us were singing untill after 12[.] Bed at 1

Came 17 miles

Wednesday August 1st
up at 2 guard untill 5[.] Breakfast at 6½[.] we could hear the roll of the Drum this morning at fort Laramie[.] Cattle up & started at 9[.] got at fort Laramie at 9½[.] received a letter From home & also sent one home[.] the fort is a place of considerable size & has a good store at which you can get most anything but you have to pay well for them[.] I bought 1 Pair of socks & had to pay 50 cts for them[.] Candy, Rasins are both 50 cts per lb. Camped at 5½ came over the hills & a hard road it was to sandy & hilly rough. Supper at 6½ Bed at 8

Came 9 miles

we have just 500 miles further to go

Thursday August 2nd
up at 4 Breakfast at 6. Staid [in] my wagon smoke a pipe awhile[.] Started at 8 came to a trading Post & bought some cattle & other things & did not leave there untill 5[.] camped at 6[.] came 6 miles[.] I got a Buffalo robe & paid 3.50[.] Supper at 7 Bed at 8 up & on guard at 11. came off at 2 Bed at 2½

Friday August 3rd
up at 5 Breakfast at 6 Cattle up & started at 8[.] Dinner at 12[.] camped at 4.40[.] we have been traveling over the black hills all Day & a rougher road I never saw[.] very steep hills & rocky & hard turns[.] I like to have broke my wagon[.] my oxen run down a hill & I could not stop them at all[.] Supper at 8 Bed at 11

Came 12 miles

Saturday August 4th
up at 5 Breakfast at 6½[.] Cattle up & started at 8[.] have some of the hard road[.] wrote my name on a cotton wood tree that had a great many names on, Dinner at 12 at 1 rain a little & then stoped[.] after going a bout 1 mile in the rain we came to where it had hailed & found hail on the ground about the size of a hen egg & they eat very well[.] camped at 4½ Elk Horn creek. Supper at 7 guard at 7½ untill 10½. Helped to fix a tar Kiln Bed at 12½

Came 17 miles

Sunday August 5
up at 5 Breakfast at 6 prayer at 7½[.] we stay all Day here[.] went helped shoe some oxen & mules. Dinner at 1. went down to the creek & layed down & rested awhile then went & unloaded my wagon & loaded it up again[.] supper at 7 guard at 11 untill 2 Bed at 2½

Monday August 6th
up at 5 Breakfast at 6 Cattle up & started at 9[.] going over the Black Hills passing by Laramie Peak[.] Dinner at 12 & watered our cattle on a little creek[.] Camped at 3½ on the North Platte[.] went to work and mended some of my shirts & Pants[.] Supper at 7 prayer at 8 Bed at 9½

Came 16 miles
weather warm

Tuesday August 7th
up at 4 Breakfast at 5½ Cattle up & started at 6.45[.] Dinner at 12[.] Camped at 4½ on the [La Bonte] Creek[.] supper at 7 Bed at 9

Came 17 miles

went to Bed with a very bad headache

Wednesday August 8th
up at 2½ Breakfast at 4½[.] Cattle up & started at 7:20[.] passed a trading Post & sold them some Coffee & sugar. Dinner at 12½[.] our road this morning has been rougher than ever & over what is called the red hills[.] Camped at 6 on the [sentence Unfinished] our road today w this afternoon was rough & very high hills[.] Supper at 8 Bed at 9

when it turned quite cool weather Hot untill about 4 O’

Came 20 miles

Thursday 9th
up at 12 & went on guard untill 5 A. M. Breakfast at 6[.] Cattle up & Started 7 passed over some very hard road this morning & the senery is really beautiful & Grand[.] Camped on the North Platte at 2 P M, went with Bro Phelps to fishe awhile & caught a few & brought them back to camp[.] Dinner & supper at 5½[.] Prayer at 7

Bed at 9½

Came 14 miles

weather very Pleasant

Friday August 10th
up at 3 went & got some wood for my mess. Greesed [Greased] my wagon & helped Bro [William] Trost to grees his[.] Breakfast at 5 Cattle up & started at 6½. Sun right warm but we have a very cool breese striring all the time nearly. at 9 came to & crossed Deer Creek a very small stream[.] at 3 as we were going down a very steep hill one of the last wagons broke & King Bolt & so we had to camp which we did at 3½ in the Platte[.] I went to help herd cattle & staid untill 7 when the regular guard came on hand[.] we have a little rain & looks very much like it would storm. W & H train passed by us & Supper at 7½[.] was singing untill 10 Bed at 10½

Came 14 miles

Saturday August 11th
up at 5 Breakfast at 5½[.] Cattle up & started at 8½[.] very good road this morning[.] dinner at 12. while we were eating one of our women went down in a holler close by & saw a grizzley Bear[.] Camped at 7 on the Platte[.] mail from S.L. at 4 fixed my bed in the wagon[.] supper at 8 Prayer at 8½ Bed at 10[.] Came 17 miles

Sunday August 12th
up at 4 Breakfast at 8[.] we remain here all day mor[n]ing[.] went down to the River & fished awhile[.] went back to camp eat dinner at 11½[.] Cattle up & started at 12.15[.] came to the crossing of the North Platte at 1[.] it was about 100 yds across & the water was up to the Wagon Beds but it did not get in the wagons. We are the 1st 10 today. We have had some very hard, Rough & Stoney road this afternoon. I have made quite an addition to my Cabinet today & shall continue to do [illegible] on. The senery this afternoon is beautiful, we have high very high hills & Rocky with the Platte running in the valley. Camped on the Platte at 6. Came 12 miles[.] Supper at 7[.] Guard at 9 until 1. Bed at ½

Came 12 miles

Weather warm in the day but very cold at night & in the mornings so that we have to rap wear all our Winter cloths

Monday August 13th
up at 6 Breakfast at 6½[.] Cattle up & started at 11½[.] Bid adieu to the Platte[.] Dinner at 2 Camped at 9 at Willow creek springs[.] had hard driving in the dark[.] had to correll our Cattle without food & water[.] had supper at 10 Bed at 11

Came 12 miles

Tuesday August 14th
up at 3 Cattle yoked & started at 4 stoped at 7½ went wattered our cattle & let them feed awhile[.] we eat Breakfast at 8½[.] Started again at 11½ at 4 we could see the Devils Gate in the distance[.] at 5 had to turn one of my leads stears [steers] loose as it had given out[.] camped at 6 on the sweet water [Sweetwater] River[.] I have felt very bad today[.] I have a cold & my Breast feels very sore. Supper at 7½ came 16 miles Bed at 12

we are 300 miles from the valley

at 9 we heard one of the guard out to the Cattle of fire his gun & an instant afterward two of the guard came running in & said there were Indians out among the cattle[.] then all was bustle about the camp[.] every man had his gun & some went out to the cattle & some staid to guard the camp but it was soon become quite [quiet] again

Wednesday August 15th
up at 3 Breakfast at 6[.] Cattle up & started at 7½[.] passed it a trading Post at 10 came to & passed Indepeneance [Independence] Rock then crossed the sweet water[.] Dinner at 12 Within sight of Devils gate[.] it look like it was about 1 mile distant but it is 5 miles from us[.] they told us at the trading post that we would not get any feed for our cattle for 10 miles[.] passed Devils gate & camped at 8 O’. Came 19 miles[.] Supper at 9 Bed at 9½

turned out another stear that died on the road

Thursday August 16th
up at 5 Breakfast at 6½[.] Cattle up yoked & started at 9[.] crossed sweet water 2 times & then stoped for Dinner[.] Our road lies through Mountains of rocks that look really beautiful & they tower above the very clouds. Our Cattle are failing very fast[,] we have lost several already & a good many more are going very fast[.] some two or three in my team are failing very fast[.] I look for them to fall every minnet[.] Camped at 4½ all well. went cut some sage Brush down for wood then took my gun & went down to the creek & shot at some fish but did not kill any. Supper at 6 Bed at 9

Came 12 miles

Friday 17th August
up at 1 went on Cattle guard stayed until 6 Breakfast at 6½[.] Cattle up & Started at 8. Camped at 12½ at the “Three Crossing’s” of the Sweet water. Dinner at 2[.] all afternoon busy helping to shoe oxen & fixing wagon loads[.] went down to the creek & washed all over[.] Supper at 6½[.] went & got Bro Riser to mend apair of Boots for me[.] Prayer at 8[.] was singing awhile with some of the young girls. Bed at 11

Came 20 miles

Saturday August 18
up at 5 Breakfast at 6[.] had a good many Cattle to shoe & did not start as early as was expected[.] Cattle up yoked & started at 10[.] Dinner at 1[.] Camped at No 5 sweet water at 6½[.] Came 12 miles[.] supper at 7½ Prayer at 8 then had a little dance. Bed at 11

We shall have fast day tomorrow.

Sunday August 19th
up at 6’ went out to releive the guard & stayed untill [sentence unfinished.] Killed a rabbit while out[.] Breakfast at 9 went down to the creek & read papers all morning[.] Dinner at 12[.] running around all Afternoon doing a little here & there[.] Supper at 8 Bed at 12

got 2 undershirts of Bro Cub Johnson[.] they cost 108½ cts 1st cost

Monday August 20th up at 5½ Breakfast at 6[.] Cattle up & yoked & started at 8[.] we have some very hard sand hills to go through[.] Dinner at 12½[.] Camped on a small creek at 7½[.] Supper at 8 guard at 8½ untill 1[.] Bed at 1½

Came 17 miles

Tuesday August 21st
up at 5½ Breakfast at 6[.] Cattle up & started at 7[.] very hilly road this morning the hills steep & hard to haul up & very steep to go down[.] Dinner at 12½[.] Camped at 7½ on the 5 crossing of the sweet water[.] Supper at 8½ Bed at 9

Came 18 miles

280 miles from Fort Laramie

Wednesday August 22
up at 5½ Breakfast at 7[,] had sage chicken Pie for Breakfast[.] Cattle up & started at 10½[.] Dinner at 2[.] Camped at 4½ Supper at 6½ Bed at 10

Came 10

Thursday August 23
up at 5½ Breakfast at 6[.] Cattle up yoked & started at 8[.] Dinner at 1[.] entered the South Pass at 1½[.] passed through & Camped at 6½[.] Came 15 miles[.] had a very bad headache this evening[.] got some of the Old Womans Teas l. Supper at 8 Bed at 9

From the South Pass the water flows to the Pacific & east to the Atlantic[.] There are very large springs here Called the Pacific springs. The height of the south Pass is 7000 ft above the Sea

Friday August 24th
up at 1 on guard until 6[.] cleaned my Gun well & oiled it[.] Breakfast at 7[.] we shall stay here all day & shoe oxen[.] Dinner at 1[.] shoed two of my oxen with Leather shoes & helped to shoe others[.] Supper at 7½[.] was singing with the girls untill 9½ Bed at 10

Saturday August 25th
up 3½ Breakfast at 6[.] Cattle ready & started at 8¾[.] left the Pacific spring got to the dry Sandy & eat dinner at 12[.] a little hilly road this moring & we could see a mountain in the distance on our right & its top was covered with snow.

Camped at 7½ on the Little sandy[.] had beautiful road this afternoon[,] the best we have had since we left Atchison[.] Supper at 9 Bed at 10½

Came 22 miles

Sunday August 26
up at 6 Breakfast at 7½[.] we shall remain here all morning[.] & Dinner at 12 started at 12½ Left the Little Sandy & crossed over to the Big sandy & crossed it then went 8 miles & camped on one of its Bends at 8½ O’clock[.] Supper at 9½ Bed at 11[.] I have a very bad headache & a cold all through my body[.] took 4 Pills before going to Bed

Came 16 miles

Monday August 27
up at 6 Breakfast at 7[.] Cattle up & started at 9½[.] stoped on the Big Sandy turned out cattle to eat awhile & Dinner at 1[.] started at 2 again & camped on the Green River at what is called the old ford at 8 O’clock[.] the ford & log houses is owned by the church[.] supper at 9 on guard untill 1 P.M. we shall remain here all tomorrow

Came 15 miles

Tuesday August 28th
up at 6 Breakfast at 8[.] all morning unloading my wagon & cleaning it out[.] Dinner at 1 reloaded my wagon fixed it up so that I have a better place to sleep than have before[.] Supper at 7½ prayer at 8[.] We then had a dance (as 4 of our men intend to leave us in a day or two &) which lasted until 12 O’clock[.] Bed at 1

Wednesday August 29th
was wakened up by Bro Barlow with the welcome news that Bro Charlie Bassett & Bro E Snow had just arrived in their carriage & 4 mules[.] Charlie was very much pleased to see me[.] so well we had quite a pleasant talk together about old times. Charlie has wiskers & Beard all over his face[.] he looks hearlthy & very well[.] Breakfast at 7 we then had a meeting & Bro Charlie & snow both spoke after which they traded their mules for some fresh ones we had & then started at 12 O’clock[.] they intend going to G.S.L. City in three days[.] Dinner at 2 went and tacked my wagon cover down[.] Supper at 8 was singing with the girls until 10 Bed at 11[.] we intend to start on tomorrow

Thursday August 30
up at 5½ Breakfast at 7[.] Bro T[homas]. Greer bought a lot of Cattle of a trader close by & Bro Johnson a lot of horses. we shall therefore role on a little faster from here

Cattle up yoked & started at 1[.] I got a new toung yoke[.] Camped at what is called the new ford at 6[.] Came 8 miles

Supper at 8

Bed at 11

we met some of our Brethern from the valley with Flour for to sell to some of the saints[.] the reports of the valley are good

Friday August 31st
up at 6 Breakfast at 7[.] Cattle up & started at 9[.] Bid Farewell to green River it is a stream of great Beauty[.] it is deep but not very wide & its color is deep green. I have now in my team 3 yoke of Fresh oxen & do go along very well[.] one wagon in our ten lost a Tyer [tire] & we had to stop & good while to fix it on again[.] Dinner at 1 Camped at 6 on Blacks Fork[.] Came 18 miles[.] Supper at 8.15 Bed at 9½

Saturday August
up at 6½ Breakfast at [sentence unfinished.] Cattle up & Started at 10½[.] Dinner in our wagons as we go along at 1 crossed Hams fork also recrossed Blacks fork & camped at 7½ on the 4th crossing of Blks fork[.] Supper at 8 Bed at 9 Came 16 miles[.] met 10 or 15 men with flour from the valley to sell to the different Trains.

Sunday Sept 2
up at 1 on guard untill 6 Breakfast at 8.15[.] Cattle up & started at 10½[.] we expect to get in Salt Lake City on Monday Sept 10th[.] At 9 12 O’clock who should we meet but Bro S. M. Blair who had come out to meet us & brough[t] with him some Potatoes, Onions, &c[.] nobody was ever more welcomed than was Seth B. by us. Dinner at 1½[.] Camped at Fort Bridger at 7 O’clock[.] Came 14 miles. Supper at 9 Bed at 10

Monday August 3rd
up at 5½ Breakfast at 7[.] the S.L. Mail due at that Place has just arrived here at the fort. On Guard from 9 untill 11½[.] Dinner at 1[.] wrote a letter home & left it at the fort. we are getting a lot of work done at the fort Blacksmith shop[.] Supper at 8[.] Went over to the fort at 9. the mail had just arrived from Salt Lake[.] back to camp & went to Bed at 11

Tuesday August 4th
up at 4 Breakfast at 5½[.] Cattle up & started at 8.20[.] no level road at all this morning but all uphill with the exception of one hill which was long steep & very rocky & hard to get down.

Dinner at 12½[.] passed Muddy River & camped on a hill about 11 miles this side of Bear River at 8½[.] Su Bed at 9 did do not feel very well this evening

Came 21 miles

Wednesday August 5th
up 6½ Breakfast at 8[.] I feel very bad today[.] soreness in the Bowels & Breast & a headache. Cattle up, yoked & started at 9.40. I have a man to drive for me today & I shall rest a little[.] Dinner at 1½[.] Camped at 6½ < On Bear River> Supper at 8[.] we had 1 very steep hill about 1¼ mile long & 1 hill we had to Double & Trible our teams to get up. I had a ride nearly all afternoon on a mule

Bed at [sentence unfinished]

Came 12 miles

Thursday 6th 1855
up at 6½ Breakfast at 8[.] we have had a good many Indians at our camp this morinng[.] Cattle up & started at 10. Bid farewell to Bear River. Lost several oxen last night[.] Dinner at 12½[.] Camped at the head of Echo Canyon at 6½

Came 14 miles

supper at 7 Bed at 9

Friday August 7th 1855
up at 6 Breakfast at 7[.] greesed my wagon then went to the “cave in Rock” & carved my name by the side of Bro A Blair[.] Cattle up & started at 8 Dinner at 12½[.] we see some of the most beautiful senery that ever man beheld in this canyon[.] Camped in the canyon at 4 O’clock in a beautiful place[.] plenty of wood & splendid cool water that springs from the mountain side. the Echo is very lond [long] & clear & the rock tower above us on both sides several hundreds of feet[.] 9 Bed at 10

Came 12 miles

Monday sept 10th
up at 6 Breakfast 6½ started at 7[.] we have the Big Mountain to go up this Day.

Dinner at 12 Camped at 6½ between the two mountains[.] Came at 14 miles[.] supper at 8 Bed at 10

Tuesday Sept 11th
up at 2 Breakfast at 3½ started at 7[.] we go up the little mountain to day[.] Dinner at 11½[.] we are meeting every momentnt wagons hauling wood. we are on the top of the little mountain now at 1[.] met Charlie about 4 O’clock in a carriage with his 2 wives go come out to meet us about 3 miles from the city. got in the city & camped at 8 after dark on S. M. B[lair]’s lot

supper at 9 at a house where Bro Blair had it engaged & it really was good to eat supper on a table & chair to set on[.] Bed at 11.

Came 12 miles