Transcript for William Barnes autobiographical sketch, circa 1890, 2 the year 1855 I sent for my Brother and family but they did not leave England until the eighteen hundred and fifty six

they left Liverpool in the spring and landed at Boston United States[.] they then traveled to Omaha and lay over in camp untill they got ready to start on their jouney across the plains[.] they trav[e]led with hand Carts across the plains and over the Rockey [Rocky] Mountains[.] My Brother George died on the way [three] Hun[d]red miles from Salt Lake City and left a wife and six Children the youngest only two month old having been born on the journey

they arrived in Salt Lake about the last of November in peril[ou]s condition suffering great hardship in their travels across the plains[.] they were mere skelleton when they arrived in Salt Lake City[.] one of the daughters had her toes [frozen] of[f] both feet[.] I had got a ho[me] ready for their arrival and every thing comfortable for them [o]n their [arrival.] by the Blessing of God I employ[e]d a doctor to attend to the girl whose toes were froze[.] [He had] to [cut] the toes all off[.] in time she [got] well that you could scarcely notice her lamness.