Transcript for William Burton papers, circa 1837-1851, Journal, Volume 11, 1848 June-July

Tuesday 6th June we were Camped on the west Bank of Elk horn, waiting for Sister Mary [Fielding] Smith and some others of the Saints[.] this day the Indians came into our herd of Cattle and succeeded in getting one ox which they killed immediately[.] when the alarm was made Numbers of the Brethren went in persuit of them and overtook them in a short time, the Indians not stoping when desired and appearing rather hostile, we fired upon them[.] the Indians returned the fire[.] the horse on which Wm. [William Henry] Kimball road was wounded. Bro Howard Egean [Egan] was shot through the wrist arm. Robert Ricks* was shot in the back with three buck shot[.] his wounds appeared almost fatal yet we persued our Journey and he continued to recover, [.] in the afternoon of this day we moved about 2 Miles and Camped for the night the others of our Brethern having arrived. The next morning we took up our line of March[.] the first company of fifty in which Bro. Kimbal[l] traveled went in advance[.] we followed[.] this day we traveled about fifteen miles and camped about 4 miles this side of the liberty pool [Pole], we discovered no more of the Indians

June 8th This day we continued our March, not any thing perticular transpired[.] we camped for the night on Platt[e] River[.] days travel 10 miles[.] the Company was called together by Capt J[ohn]. Pack for the purpose of Electing officers[.] the Capt of the hundred was present and addressed the Brethren upon the subject of a proper organization. The Officers were all accepted according to their previous appointment. Henry Heriman [Harriman], Capt of the Hundred, John Pack Capt of the fifty, Caleb Baldwin Capt of first Ten[.] Wm. Burton 2nd C.[orneilius] P[eter]. Lott 3rd. Francis McKown 4th, Jasper [Harrison] Twichel[l] 5th Wm. [Wiliam] McKown[,] Capt of the guard and Wm. [William] Burton[,] Clerk, various instructions were given to the Brethren[.] one thing was enjoined upon them to offer supplication to the Most High twice a day[,] the hand of God was manifest in our midst[.] peace and union prevailed in our Company. we had 64 wagons. 179 Souls. 21 horses. 16 Mules. 199 oxen. 93 Cows. Loose cattle 27. Sheep 74. Hogs 28, Hens 71, Dogs 22, Cats 5. Total 799

Saturday 10th we traveled about 11 miles and Camped on Platte, where the road Joins the River, here we continued until Monday Morning, on the Sabbath we had Meeting in the fore & after part of the day. Much good instruction was given to the Saints relative to their Salvation & Safety in traveling to the valley[.] Bro Kimbal in perticular spoke with great power.

Monday June 12th the wife of Bro. Albert Petty delivered of Son. this day we traveled about 20 miles and Camped near Platte on the Banks of the Lake which is south of the road

Tuesday 13th This day we crossed the Beaver River[.] distant about ten miles from our former encampment.

14th this day we traveled about 14 miles, and Camped for the night, on the west Bank of Cedar Creek. We passed the ruins of the Pawnee's village. it appeared to have covered a large tract of land, but now a heap of ruins. thus far we discovered no more Indians since we left the horn.

Thursday 15th we traveled 11 miles and camped near the old Pawnee Village. a child [Lucretia Cox] about six years old fell out of the wagon and was killed instantly[.] it belonged to the first fifty.

Friday 16th we reached the upper ford of Loup fork, and saw the Coral [corral] of President Young about 4 O Clock. this evening we had a tremendous Storm of rain &wind, but no damage was done to our wagons

Saturday 17th. the was sent out at 4 O Clock, 9 O Clock the oxen began to cross the Loup fork to assist us over the River[.] hundreds of teams were seen moving to help us, about 3 O Clock we were all over[.] 226 wagons[.] we formed the Coral [corral] near to Pres B. Young.

Sunday 18th the herd was sent out 4 O Clock. Pres Young appointed between the Corals at ten AM and he and Bro Kimball spoke to the Saints relative to their moving to the Valley this evening Bro Kimball called to gether the Capts of hundreds, fifties & ten, desiring to know their Minds about starting in the morning. the vote was unanimous and C.[ornelius] P[eter]. Lot was chosen Capt of the herd. another Motion was made & carried, that all those Capts who neglected their duty should be put out of office.

Monday 19th the herd was sent out at half past 3[.] we were to start 8 OClock this day we traveled about 13 miles over heavy sandy road, almost a wasted Prairie. Joseph Pack killed an Antelope 7 1/2 OClock we stoped to rest the Cattle, and afterwards concluded to stay until Morning, formed the Coral at 9 Oclock

5 Oclock; Tuesday 20th yoked the Cattle and Started, near Prairie Creek[.] Saw Pres Young's Camp, L.[orenzo] Snow's & Z[era]. Pulsipher. we stoped 2 or 3 hours and then began our March, we traveled this day 20 miles, and Camped on Platte. some Indians were discovered in our rear, crawling up to some wagons who were behind, the main body. no damage was done by them[.] and four fawns were killed by some others

Wednesday June 21st the herd was sent out at the usual hour, at 8 OClock the Brethren were Notified to Meet together. Elder Kimball addressed them relative to observing order in traveling[.] Each Ten were to keep there place according to Number and much instruction was given pertaining to our Safety &Salvation. Bishop [Isaac] Higbee was to take his Company and travel separately[.] the two Com[panies] having been together for some time. Bro Kimball was to designate those Tens that should Join Bro. Higbee[.] at 12 OClock. we took up our line of March, and traveled about 10 miles & Camped near the Platte timber

Thursday June 22nd the herd was sent out half past 3. & near 9 OClock we started. the roads were good but rather dusty. one thing that detained the Camp some cows strayed from us, men were sent after them but did not find them. Bro. Kimball with two or three tens remained until Noon

Friday June 23rd the herd was sent out as usual &we began our march about 8 Oclock, all things were prospering with us this day. We Camped on the banks of Platte about 5 OClock P.M. the weather was pleasant and the blessing of God the Eternal Father was with us.

Saturday June 24th this morning we Started about 5 OClock, & traveled about 8 miles, and Camped on the banks of a slough. there being some Willow we went to work immediately to cut and haul, to make Coal. which were ready by Monday Morning to put in sacks to carry with us.

On Sunday we had meeting at 11 OClock, which was opened by Bro. H.[enry] Herrimen [Harriman] who spoke to the Saints relative to their duty in all things pertaining to their Safety &Salvation Now, and hereafter. Capt [John] Pack made some remarks & some others spoke. Elder Kimball gave some general instruction in usual manner in the spirit of Meekness & Simplicity[.] we were also visited this day by Leut[enant] Craig and ten privates belonging to the Oregon Battalion[.] Stationed near the head of Grand Island. our Marshale was sent out to meet them and escort them into our Coral. after partaking of some refreshment and remaining 3 or 4 hours they returned to their encampment, apparently much pleased with their reception. this week we have traveled 82 miles in about five days

Monday June 26th we began our March at half past 8 OClock and traveled about 18 Miles. road verey dusty. we halted at 6 OClock[.] all things were prosperous

Tuesday June 27th this Morning we began our March about 8 OClock and near 12 OClock We came up to Bro Brigham['s] encampment, and near by there were 4 other Corals, of the Saints, the Corals above Pres Youngs on Platte River[.] this day we traveled 8 Miles.

June 28th this morning we waited for Pres Youngs Camp to pass by before we started, which was after 9 OClock[.] traveled about 14 Miles &Camped[.] a child of Br. P[eter]. [Wilson] Conovers [Conover] fell out of the wagon and the wheels ran over her arm &leg, but wonderful to tell it broke neither

Thursday June 29th the camp began to move at 8 OClock, this day Bro [William Stevens] Hopper killed a Buffalo[.] the first one that was got by our camp[.] we traveled on verey well considering the roads being Sandy & the day warm. the son of Geo[rge] Rhodes was in the act of getting out of the wagon[.] his foot sliped & he fell 2 wheels running over his shoulder but through the mercy of God his shoulder was not broke[.] we traveled about 14 miles[.] a meeting was called this evening Relative to the herd, Bro. C[ornelius]. P[eter]. Lot desired to be released from being Capt of the herd, it being motioned the vote was unanimous[.] motioned by Bro. Kimball and carried that each fifty take turns in driving the herd, every other day. The meeting was dismissed with Bro. Kimball blessing the people. it was also voted that we start by seven OClock the next morning the accident refered today should be Friday

Friday June 30th this morning, we began our march about half past eight. the weather was remarkable pleasant only dusty[.] this day a herd of Buffalo was drove towards the wagons, and five or six of them were killed. this was something new to us to see the chase[.] they ran between our wagons[.] we traveled 12 miles camped near Small lake

Saturday July 1st this morning we began our march about 9 OClock. all things were prosperous with us this day[.] we traveled 14 Miles &cr[r]aled near Pres Youngs camp[.] three Buffalo were killed and brought into camp

Sunday July 2nd today a meeting was held between the two Corals at half past 3 OClock. President Young spoke with power concerning the things of the kingdom[.] was followed in his remarks by Bro. Kimball[.] Judge [William Wines] Phelps & Several others spoke. this evening two persons were baptized, belonging to the Second fifty. there were a number of families going with us who did not belong to the Church. about dark the men were called to gether near Bro Kimballs wagon who addressed the congregation Relative to appointing some men for hunters[.] 6 persons were elected the purpose

Monday July 3 Today it was almost noon before we began to Move in consequence of some tire wanting setting. But we traveled 12 miles

Tuesday July 4th This morning we began our march about 9 OClock. today we had pass over some heavy sandy Bluff But we got a long verey well, one accident P[eter Wilson] Conover son had his foot ran over by a wagon which injured it considerable[.] all thing taken into consideration we were wonderfully blessed by the God of Isreal. the Indians appeared to be turned to the right &left. None of them made there appearence[.] Peace and union prevailed in our midst[.] 3 Buffalo were killed by our hunters. We Coraled near the River[.] traveled 14 Miles.

Wednesday July 5th. This morning we took up our line of march about the usual hour[.] heavy traveling part of the way. We came 18 miles[.] Coral[ed] near the River

Thursday July 6 This morning we began to move at 8 OClock, the day was fine and cool. we passed over some heavy Sandy Bluffs, 2 Buffalo were killed[.] we Camped about 2 miles from Cedar Bluffs. days travel 13½ miles

Friday July 7th, This morning we began to Move about 8 OClock, pleasant day &generaly good roads. the blessing of God continued with us[.] 3 Buffalo were killed by our Hunters. only two were brought in, and those were reserved by the Hunters. we Camped on Camp Creek having traveled 13 Miles

Saturday July 8th. This Morning about 7 OClock, the Brethren were called to gether by the request of Bro Kimball who desired to know thier minds relative to stoping until Monday morning to rest the teams, and prepare for the Sabbath, the motion being made it was carried. also some men were selected from every Ten to go &hunt[.] 4 Buffalo were killed three deer & one calf

Sunday 9th July, A meeting was appointed to commence at 3 Oclock, in the afternoon. about 1 OClock P.M. Pres Young came to our Coral[.] his Camp was 17 Miles in advance of ours. after stoping here 3 hours he returned, The meeting was opened[.] Singing & Prayer by Bro [Joseph] Fielding. Father Morley gave a short address, Relating some news from the Valley, he was followed by several others. Bro Kimball spoke concerning our present situation, and the blessings that attended us so far on our Journey. he gave us much instruction, and One thing that had been neglected was attended to, that was to appoint Bro Kimball, Superintendent of the Camp, which was carried unanimously. Wm. [William] B. [M.] Thompson was elected Clerk, Bro. [William] Clayton not being able to act as Clerk, for the Camp. the meeting was closed by prayer by Bro Kimball[.] voted that we start by seven tomorrow morning. [T]he wife of W[alter Elias]. Gardner [Martha Ann Tuttle Gardner gave birth] to a son [Ira Walter Gardner].

Monday July 10th This morning we began to move near the time appointed. one of Br Kimballs wagon tongue was broken, we traveled 13 mile[.] this afternoon was excessively warm much warmer than any other day we had up to the present time

Tuesday July 11th This morning we started about the same time as the previous Morning. we got a long tolerably well[.] Stoped Somewhat earlier than usual, Caraled above Castle Bluff[.] soon after the Caral was formed the leader of our Camp, Bro Kimball had the Brethren called together in the centre of the Caral for the purpose of dispatching some men to go in search of two of the Brethren who had gone back after a horse[.] this was the second day since they left [.] fifteen horsemen were immediately sent back, they met the men about 12 miles from our encampment and returned with them all safe to our great Joy.

Wednesday July 12th This morning we began to move about 8 OClock, the day was exceedingly warm[.] all was well with us, to God be the praise now and forever. traveled 15 Miles

Thursday July 13th. This Morning we took up our line of March at 8 OClock, the day was very warm. and the roads dusty, about 4 OClock we Met Some teams that were sent by Pres Young, to help us over some heavy Sandy road near the Ancient Bluffs ruins[.] we Caraled above Pres Young, traveled about 13 Miles

Friday Morning July 14th A Sister by the name of Twichel[l] died with the consumption, and was buried at the foot of the Bluff ruins. to day a number of the Souix [Sioux] Indians with their Chief Tobacco came to our Camp. they were verey Friendly, we gave them some small presents which pleased them, They were Noble looking men being tall & strait[,] high foreheads Roman nose and of a Noble Mein. It was about 2 OClock when we started[.] traveled 10 Miles.

Saturday July 15th This Morning we began to move about 8 OClock[.] we got a long verey well. the blessings of heaven attending us, we traveled about 18 Miles, Caraled about ½ mile from Pres Young.

Sunday July 16th We remained here today[.] a meeting was held between the two Carals, at four in the afternoon[.] Pres Young spoke to the people[,] Eld[er] Kimball, & E[rastus] Snow[.] a motion was then made by Pres Young that his company be divided into four which was carried, a similar motion was made by Bro Kimball & carried in Eld[er] Kimballs Company, the following persons were appointed Captians H[enry]. Heriman [Harriman], John Pack, Titus Billings and Bishop [Isaac] Higbee, Some persons were sent with a mail to the valley to start tomorrow, the meeting closed by prayer by Eld[er] Kimball. The Captains of Ten, were called together in our caral to know their minds relative to the companies. and which Capt they would choose to travel with.

Monday July 17th This Morning we began our March about 9 OClock having to wait for Pres Young[.] the several Companies started out and caraled seperately after this. I with my Ten joined Bro John Pack who traveled in Company with Bro Kimball. we had 72 Wagons in our Company. we traveled about 10 Miles. crossed the River 4 Miles above Chimney Rock. We began to cross the River about 5 OClock, and before dark rising of 150 wagons were over[.] this evening it rained.

Tuesday July 18th This Morning we took up our line of March, at 8 OClock. the roads were good on this Side of the River. to day we traveled more then 20 Miles But no water or feed for our Cattle

Wednesday July 19th This Morning we started before 5 OClock hoping to find grass and water soon. But we were disappointed[.] we did not obtain feed until we reached the River, about 14 miles where we remained here until the next day 12 OClock[.] Some of our hunters killed 2 deer & 1 Antelope

Thursday July 20th to day we started about 12 OClock and traveled 10 miles[.] last night we had two fine showers of rain[,] something uncommon for this country[.] the Lord blessed us in all things for our comfort and good

Friday July 21st To day we rested our Cattle and remained where we coraled the night before about 20 Miles below Fort Lar[a]mie[.] here we had plenty of grass for our Teams.

Saturday July 22nd This morning we began to move about seven O.C. and traveled 14 miles. Pres Young was 10 Miles a head of us[.] not any thing perticular transpired to day[.] in the evening the Brethren were all called together, to ascertain their Minds relative to going a head on the Sabbath, feed being scarce for the Cattle[.] it was unanimously carried that we travel tomorrow. It was motioned by Bro Kimball that all the Capt of Ten call their several companies together & pray with them & speak as the spirit should direct

Sunday 23rd This Morning we took up our line of March a little after Seven. to day we crossed the Lar[a]mie fork of Platte River, passed the Fort and Coraled about ½ mile west of it[.] traveled 11 miles

N.B The things of Saturday evening continued[.] Bro Kimball said that there were who held the Priesthood and in as much as they would do their duty before the Lord, and strive to have meek & quiet Spirit, broken & contrite heart, we should pass over those barren hills & waste Prairies without difficulty and our Cattle would travel as well as they had done at any time Since we started. and many more things were said[.] after the meeting was dismissed I called my Ten together & prayed with them and Spoke concerning those things that pertained to our Safety & Salvation[.] Capt Pack addressed them in a verey feeling manner, & closed by prayer

Monday July 24th To day we did not start verey early feed being scarce, Bro Billings went first, Bro H[oward] Egan next[.] we then moved about 2 miles & turned our teams out & remained until 5 P.M. then traveled about 7 miles &craled

Tuesday July 25th This morning we began to move by 8 OClock[.] the day was cool &pleasant[.] the roads were good excepting Some hills[.] in the afternoon we had a thunder Shower attended with considerable wind[.] in the evening we got to Bitter Creek and passed several Small Companies belonging to Pres Young part of the camp of Israel[.] We Camped about 3 Miles from Bro Brigham[.] the Mountains began show there lofty Summits towering high above the level[.] this region of Country called the black hills[.] it is truly romantic[,] hills & Vallies interspersed with pine & Cedar trees[,] high Ledges of Rocks, &[c.] traveled 14

Wednesday July 26th to day we moved about 2 Miles, to obtain feed for our Teams. our Company was divided into two parts in consequence of grass being Scarce[.] 2 Tens remained with Bro Kimball & I went with Capt [John] Pack. My Ten was with him[.] to night it rained considerable[.] Bro [Sanford Lorenzo] Twitchel[l] killed an antelope

Thursday July 27th This Morning it rained So we concluded to stop until to morrow

Friday July 28th This morning we began to move out by 8 OClock[.] the day was cool &pleasent[.] the roads rough &hilly[.] in the afternoon we met some Volunteers from the Valley going to Winter Quarters[.] we Coraled near horse creek[.] traveled 14 Miles

Saturday July 29th This Morning we moved about 1½ Miles & Camped in order to get Some better feed for our Cattle. in the afternoon Bro Kimball arrived &crraled near by us[.] We remained here until Monday[.] Not any thing perticular took place either of those days. our hunters killed a Black tailed deer & Antelope on Saturday

Monday July 31st This Morning we started at 8 OClock[.] one of Bro Kimballs oxen died being poisoned by something that he eat. this was the first ox we lost on the Journey[.] it was verey difficult to get any grass for our teams. but the Lord Sent us frequent showers of rain which began to cause the grass to spring up. to day the roads were a succession of hills & holler & verey hard which hurt our Cattle's feet[.] we traveled 18 Miles & Camped on La Bonte River

Tuesday August 1st To day we stoped until after dinner to rest our cattle. we then traveled about 5 Miles & Camped on a Branch of the La Bonte River, Bro Kimball Camped about 2 Miles above us.

Wednesday Aug 2nd This Morning we took up our line of March at 9 OClock, an Ox died, belonging to H Robinson which delayed us some time, Capt Pack let him have one to make out his team[.] to day we traveled 15 Miles, & Corraled on the La Prele[.] feed continued to be verey scarce for our Cattle

Thursday Aug 3rd To day we had Some difficulty in finding all of our Cattle[.] It being late when we got them, we concluded to remain until the 4th. we now began to see some Buffalo[.] again our hunters killed some but it being late in day we did not get them

Friday Aug 4th This Morning the Company started about 9 OClock I did not start for about 2 hours, one of my Oxen being gone. to day we only traveled about five miles[.] having found some grass for our Cattle we Corraled. our hunters killed a Mountain sheep a Black tailed deer & Some Buffalo but not much of the latter was brought in it being late in the day

Saturday Aug 5th This morning it was near 9 OClock before we began our march[.] the day was warm[.] the roads Considerable dusty. we Camped on deer Creek[.] traveled rising of 12 Miles to day[.] we came to the North fork of the Platte

Sunday Aug 6th To day we traveled about 5 Miles. the feed not being good w[h]ere we was, we Camped on the Platte & turned our [cattle] over the River[.] in the evening we had a meeting[.] a hymn was sung. I then opened the meeting by prayer. Capt Pack addressed the people Relative to our Journey, and the goodness of God that had attended us thus far and the necessity of being faithful in all things [-]. I then spoke a short time upon the Subject of Salvation and our intentions in going to the Valley to set up the kingdom of God & publish the gospel to the Nations, the meeting was dismissed by Bro Pack.

Monday Aug 7th This Morning we began to move out at 9 OClock. the Roads were verey dusty indeed, which made it bad traveling[.] in the afternoon we came in sight of Bro Kimballs Carrel & Some other Companies were close by him, we carreled a little above him here we remained until the 11th to get some Blacksmithing done & also to get some[thing to] eat[.] our hunters killed Several Buffalo but the Wolves eat them before they were able to get them. they got several deer & some Antelope

Friday Aug 11th This Morning we started about 8 OClock[.] the day was pleasant[.] we Crossed the North fork of Platte River and Camped about a Mile above the ford, traveled about 12 Miles

Saturday Aug 12th This morning we took up our line of March at 9 OClock, traveled over a barren Country affording nothing much but wild sage[.] we Camped near Mineral Lake[.] drove our Cattle 3 Miles to get grass[.] to day we traveled 12½ Miles[.] [illegible]

Sunday Aug 13th This morning the Company was called together by Capt Pack to know our minds relative to going a head to day[.] the Motion was made that we rest, the vote was unanimous to stop excepting one in the negative. there was some dissatisfaction in the Company because of the Cattle fearing that they would be poisoned with the alkali. a number of these persons did not belong to the Church[.] some said they would go at all hazerds[.] They brought up their cattle and some of them took sick, therefore they were willing to stop[.] 2 Buffalo came near to our camp. 2 men went out & killed them[.] they were good meat. the restlessness of the [-] prevented us from having meeting.

Monday Aug 14th This morning a cow belonging to Mrs. [Eunice Corinthia] Long was dead. the Wolves had tore her considerable[.] we started at 8 OClock, traveled 16¼ Miles[.] Camped at the Willow Springs.

Tuesday Aug 15th This morning we drove our Cattle rising of 2 Miles to feed. about 12 OClock we began our march[.] Camped on Greasewood Creek. traveled 10 Miles

Wednesday Aug 16th This Morning we began our March about 9 OClock[.] we passed Several Salaratus Lake's[.] those Lakes are something strange[.] on some of them Alkali & Salt Peterere from 4 to 6 inches thick, Some was dry & dusty and others covered with water[.] we traveled about 10 Miles & Camped on the Sweet Water

Thursday Aug 17th This morning we started about the usual hour, to day we passed the Independence Rock which is a great Cuirasity [curiosity] being immensely large, a number of names are written on it[.] we also passed the devils Gate, the River running through perpendicular Rocks about 400 feet high. we traveled about 12 miles see 1st bare [bear]

Friday Aug 18th This Morning we did not start until about 10 OC an Ox belonging to Bro J. Twichel[Twitchell] died in the night and a number of our Cattle was sick caused by eating Alkali, it being in great Quanties all over the Earth. the roads were dry and dusty, we passed over a heavy sand Bluf[f.] traveled about 12 miles[.] the road runs near the River

Saturday Aug 19th to day we moved about 5 miles, & Camped near the Mouth of bitter Cotton wood Creek on the bank of the River.

Sunday Aug 20th This Morning we found 3 of our Cattle dead 2 belonging to Bro A Petty &one to Bro Peck. in the afternoon an ox died belonging to my Father [Samuel Burton]. in the evening we had a meeting[.] a hymn was sung. Bro Pack opened by prayer. I then addressed the people upon first principles of the Gospel, there being a number of persons present who did not belong to the church[.] the Spirit of the Lord rested upon me[.] Bro Pack spoke a short time & Several others.

Monday Aug 21st a number of our Cattle still continued to be sick. 1 of my Oxen died in the afternoon and 1 belonging to Bro. S[amuel] Clark. we moved our Camp about 1½ M[iles.] it was hard work for several of us to move at all, something unexpected to loose so many of our Cattle but is in God who can cause all things to work together for the good of his people

Tuesday Aug 22nd to day we traveled about 6 Miles[.] the weather was warm[.] An Ox belonging to A[lbert] Petty was dead in the morning and one of his cows also died the same day

Wednesday Aug 23rd the Camp was called together by Capt Pack to know what their minds was relative to going or stopping for 2 or 3 days to rest the sick cattle[.] the vote was unanimous to stop at the first good Camping place. Capt Pack went a head to find one[.] we traveled about 3 miles & then Carraled.

Thursday Aug 24th to day some of our Company went to hunt Buffalo[.] I also went with them[.] we killed 6 Buffalo & 3 Antelope[.] an Ox died of Bro Brazier & one of Bro Petteys.

Friday Aug 25th This morning more of our Cattle was dead S[amuel] Clark 3, M[artin Horton] Peck 1, J[asper Harrison] Twichel [Twitchell] 2[.] a part of the day was Spent in taking care of our meat

Saturday Aug 26th This morning we Started about 9 OClock, our teams were not sufficient to take our Wagons far. Shortly after we started we met a messenger from Bro Billings Company with a letter to inform us that some teams were coming to assist us[.]

Sunday Aug 27th to day we had a meeting at 3 P.M. which was opened by Capt Pack who then gave a short address. I followed & Spoke something on the history of his kingdom[.] about 5[,] 20 Yoke of Cattle came to help us to[o.] H[eber] C. Kimballs Camp 24 Miles distant

Monday Aug 28th This Morning some of our Cattle Strayed about Six miles which delayed us Sometime. We began to move at 10 O.C. Camped on the Sweet Water. traveled 16 Miles[.] This evening Bro Robert came to our Camp having brought teams to Bro Kimballs Camp to help us up to Pres Young's Camp

Tuesday Aug 29th This Morning it was cool. we started about 8 OClock[.] reached Bro Kimballs Camp about noon[.] in the afternoon our 3 wagons started for Bro Brighams[.] traveled about 5 miles

Wednesday Aug 30th This Morning at 8 O.C. we began to roll on[.] traveled over some verey rough Rocky roads[.] a little after 12 OC. P.M. Pres Young & Several other of the Brethren stoped & took dinner with us. We Camped on a branch of the Sweet Water. traveled about 16 Miles

Thursday Aug 31st This morning the weather was verey cool. we started about our usual time[.] arrived at Pres Young's Camp about 12 OClock, here we remained until the 3rd of Sep.

[Sep 3rd] late in the afternoon we started having got 2 Yoke of oxen[,] one for Father &1 for me from Bro Kimball which enabled us to move on[.] Father lost 1 of his oxen while we was at this place. Camped on the Sweetwater[.] traveled 7 miles

Monday Sep 4th This morning we started about 8 O.C. traveled in Company with Bro Kimballs[.] to day we passed through the South Pass of the Rocky Mountains[.] we Camped about seven M[iles] from the Pacific Springs[.] traveled 16 miles

Tuesday Sep 5th This Morning we started about 6 O.C. having stoped behind Bro Kimballs Camp the night before. Some of the com[pany] sick, we overtook Bro Kimballs Camp on the little Sandy[.] traveled 17 Miles

Wednesday Sep 6th To day we started about 9 O.C. Camped on the big Sandy[.] about 7 miles[.] the weather is warm and pleasant

Thursday Sep 7th this morning we started at 8 O.C. the day was warm and the Roads were good[.] a stear [steer] that was drove in Fathers team died verey sudden, we traveled about 21 miles[.] Camped on big Sandy

Friday Sep 8th This Morning we began to Move about 9 O.C. crossed green River to day, and Camped on the same. traveled 15 Miles

Saturday Sep 9th This Morning began to roll on about 8 O.C. the day was considerable warm and roads dusty one of father's ox gave out. So we Camped about 3 miles from Bro Kimballs having traveled 17 Miles.

Sunday Sep 10th To day we moved up to Bro Kimballs Camp 3 miles distant[.] about 4 in the afternoon there was meeting[.] opened by Bro. T[itus] Billings[.] Elder Kimball rose & Spoke some time upon the principles of receiving an exaltation in the Kingdom of God, showing that it was a progressive work in Eternity. before we attain to the fullness of the God head, & but few would gain that point, and as our faith increased so would our trials be great & many more things were said

Monday, Sep 11th This Morning we started at 9 O.C. the day was warm[.] traveled about 14 miles

Tuesday Sep 12th This morning it rained we therefore did not start untill about half past ten. we Camped 2 miles from Fort Bridger, having traveled 16 miles

Wednesday Sep 13th This Morning we began our march about 9 O.C. passed Fort Bridger, this part of the [road] was much better then any for Some distance[.] abundance of water & Some timber[.] we Camped 10 miles from the Fort

Thursday Sep 14th This morning it snowed some. we started about 9 O.C. the Country was hilly & broken, but the road were good, we traveled 13 miles[.] Thursday evening Sep 14th Step Mother [Louisa Chapin Burton] was delivered of a daughter[Louisa Marie Burton]

Friday Sep 15th This Morning we started about the usual time the day was pleasent &warm, we crossed Bear river & Camped on it[.] traveled 9 miles

Saturday Sep 16th This Morning we [were] delayed by some of our Cattle Straying[.] Numbers of the Snake Indians came to our camp at this Place and appeared verey friendly. this day we traveled about 8 Miles[.] Camped on Yellow Creek

Sunday Sep 17th This Morning Several Companies Started on their teams being weak, the Company that traveled with Bro Kimball remained excepting some few wagons[.] in the afternoon we had a meeting which was opened by Caleb Baldwin[.] Bishop [Newell Kimball] Whitney made some remarks[.] then Bro Kimball rose & gave us much good instruction upon various matters pertaining to life & Salvation[.] the Spirit rested upon him So that he Prophesied concerning his posterity that he Should yet live to see them return to Zion, laden with many sheaves, even those that are yet unborn

Monday Sep 18th This morning we began our March about 8 O.C. the [weather] was pleasant &warm. we passed over a high ridge and descended into a kanyon. we traveled 16 miles

Tuesday Sep 19th This Morning we started about 8. our road continued the Kanyon [canyon] to Weber River, the Scenery was romantic[.] high Mountains on each side of us. we Camped on the Weber[.] traveled about 15 miles[.] This day one [of] Bro Kimballs Wagons broke down

Wednesday Sep 20th This Morning we roll out about 9 O.C. [.] Crossed the Weber and passed up a kanyon. Camped on kanyon Creek[.] traveled 14 miles

Thursday Sep 21st This morning we Started about 9, our road was up the Creek[.] verey rough[.] we Camped on the Same Creek[.] It rained last night

Friday Sep 22nd This Morning we started about 9 O.C. we began to asscend the highest Mountain we had pass over on the route[.] we got along without difficulty or injury to any one[.] we Camped near the Willow Spring in a pleasent valley. this day we traveled about 12 Miles

Saturday Sep 23rd This Morning the weather was beautiful we Started about 8 O.C. and passed over an other Mountain into a Kanyon which lead into the Great Salt Lake Valley, a number of wagons was broke to day in passing down this Kanyon[.] We camped in the kanyon[.] having traveled about 10 Mi.

Sunday Sep 24th 1848 This Morning was pleasent[.] we started about 9 & passed into the Valley[.] we arrived at the Great Salt Lake City about 2 OClock P.M. and was Joyfully received[.] Bro Kimballs Com.[pany] was almost all together[.] we Carraled [corralled] on City Creek

*Robert Ricks is a misidentification. Comparison to other records of the time confirm that the person shot was Thomas Ricks.