Transcript for William Ellis Jones journal, Library of Congress collection of Mormon diaries, 1935-1938

I hope to go to the valley this year[.] I shall have to go with the Church teams as I have none of my own[.] I have a wagon and a cow and flour enough to last me across the plains[.] I have been trying for many years to get a team to go on my own means but I am tired of waiting although it seems very probable that by waiting another year I might be able to go but I do not like to risk it as I have been disapointed so often.

I started to Salt Lake valley July 11th 1861 in Bro. Joseph W. Youngs company[.] I found the journey far more pleasent than I expected[.] I drove an ox team the last two hundred miles

we arived in Salt Lake City Sepr. 23rd.