Transcript for William Farrington Cahoon in Reynolds Cahoon and His Stalwart Sons (1960) complied and edited by Stella Cahoon Shurtleff and Brent Farrington Cahoon, 90

Traveled Six Months to Reach Salt Lake

"As stated above, I in company with my brother Daniel and our families, started on the 21st March and camped the first day at Brother Burgess, six miles out. At length, we were on the way leaving civilization behind us and glad to get away from it, and as we journeyed across the great plains in the wage [way] of the pioneers, we felt as if the ‘God of Joseph' was with us and blessed us and preserved us. On our way we had the usual vicissitudes of the early travelers across the plains, such as fording rivers, and when we could not ford, making rafts and building bridges, killing snakes, burying our dead, guarding our cattle and traveling under difficulties.

"We traveled day after day, for six months and on 24th day September 1849, we entered the valley in company with my father and Andrew's family who came to meet us. Was It Not A Joyful Meeting! Only those separated from their families for a long time, can tell.