Transcript for William G. Hull sketch, Library of Congress collection of Mormon diaries, 1935-1938

From Omaha we traveled in Captain Stevensons Company, as far as the Green river, where all of our cattle except one oxen died, on account of getting too much alkali in the water (as the Eastern cattle were not used to it.) We waited on Green river one month until some one came back from Salt Lake with more cattle for us. We spent our time hunting and fishing. We were given two yoke of unbroken young steers and we certainly had a time tameing them down to pull our loads.

While on Green river we ran out of flour. While hunting one day I found a very fat oxen. (Some one I suppose in company that had passed there and turned it out to die; or it was too leg weary to go farther.) I drove it to camp and we traded it into an Indian Agency for ten hundred pounds of flour which furnished our company with bread until we landed within twenty-five miles of Salt Lake.