Transcript for William Glover, Account of the Ship Brooklyn, circa 1884, 7-8

in the spring of 49 myself and a few others gathered up our effects and started for Salt Lake. while at Sacramento buying our outfits we met Amisa [Amasa] Lyman[.] he wanted me to go to San Barnadino [Bernardino] to settle and spend my money I told him no[.] I had started for Salt Lake and I was going[.] he told me then to go and I would get the nots nocked off me

when we started across the mountains the first night after we camped a company of men with pack animals 13 in number armed to the teeth with some picks and spades passed us professing to be prospecters hunting for gold[.] they would pass and repass every day[.] we was meeting companies of emigrants every day and sometimes camp with us to hear about the gold diggings[.] the emigrants begun to warn us to be on our guard and watch those men with pack animals and said they <intended> mischief. one company told us they said we had the cream of the mines and wanted them to join with them to distroy us[.] we took every precaution we could not to give them any advantage of us[.] they turned back when they got to Carson Valley for the emigrants was comeing along so fast we would meet two or three companies a day[.] although they had murder in their hearts the Lord put a hook in their jaws that they had no power to molest us[.] we went on our way rejoiceing and praiseing God that he had spared our lives and the little means we had for a better purpose.

When we got between the Humbolt and Goose Creek Levi Riter and Harvy Green got in a hurry to get home[.] they started out alone[.] the first night they camped the Indians stole their horses and fired at them[.] they ran and saved their lives[.] they got separate[d] in the darkness

the next day Harvy Green come and met us told us what had happened[.] we turned back 10 miles to camp and laid over the next day[.] Levi Riter went the other way and met a company of 18 young men[.] he traveled back with them to meet us[.] when they got where they had camped they saw some of their animals and in trying to get them they had quite a fight with the Indians[.] two men was killed and four others wounded one died afterwards from his wounds[.] the balance turned back with us to Salt Lake and wintered. The Indians burnt their light waggons and distroyed most of their provisions[.] we buried the two dead men when we come where they was and gathered up what provisions was left but saw no Indians

we arived in Salt Lake City the last of September praiseing God that he had preserved us through all the varied and trying scenes of a long and tedious and perilous journey, where thank God I have never had cause to repent my choice of identifying my self with the Later day Saints [blank space] William Glover