Transcript for William Hyde journal, circa 1868-1873, 186-88

April 19th 1864 I started for Salt Lake City having been chosen to take charge of the G.S.L. City Train for the Missouri River[.] Five trains <(250 wagons)> were sent from the Various parts of the Teritory agreeable to the arrangements of the Perpetual Emigration fund. President Brigham Young being Trustee in trust

I left the City on the 3rd of May, having been detained some days for the train to be properly fited – Reached Wyoming N[ebraska]. T[erritory]. on the 3rd of July having had a very successful trip. Found that some of the present years Emigration had allready arrived from England & different parts of Europe & that 3 of the trains that were in the advance of me would soon be ready to start back[.] I was compelled to wait seven weeks for the last company of Saints to arrive. and then the company was found to be so large & so much freighting to be done it was found necessary to purchase & fit up the 6th train which was done to the number of over 70 wagons[.] My train was the 5th to get started from the River

<Aug 9th> traveled some 50 miles & on account of the many Indian depredations to wait for the 6th company[.] Laid by some 10 or 12 days & after the two companies were together we pursued our journey as best we could as we could as we were very heavily loaded

The two companies Camped near by each other for 400 miles through the country where Indian depredations had been commited[.] found much excitiment among the inhabitants & many were leaving their possessions.

Several small <merchant> trains had been robed & the teamsters killed – but our Emigration trains passed through unmolested

I reached Salt Lake City October 26th & was welcomed by the presence of several hundred citizens who were ready to greet us as the train arrived on the public Square[.]