Transcript for William Knox journals, 1847-1864

June the 9 This morning is very pleasant[.] Elder Milo Andrews [Andrus] called us together and gave us our farewell enstruction that if we would not Profain the name of Jehova[h] our God and be unitted neither the Ind[i]an nor the Gentiles that have thretened our distruction had power to harm us and we should go threw [through] as well or better than any company that ever crossed the planes[.] for the most had paid there tithing and he was not afraid of Br Brig[h]am [Young] Preaching the tithing to us[.] He was to not[e] those that had not done there [their] work at the road fence[.] we renewed our journey but very slow teamsters and oxen[.] allmost green[.] we halted at little Grasshopper Creek[.] 5 miles[.] one death at this place on our journey

I was herding my cattle[.] one of my oxen got sick and groned and Puked[.] I laid my hands upon him and prayed over him[.] he comenced to eat again[.] we renewed our jurney and travled about seven miles and camped at the camp ground[.] there was A large placard stuck against a tree[.] Take notis May the 22 1855[.] Frindley Mormens we do notify you to not camp on the Chickapoo [Kickapoo] river for we will not alow it at all[.] pleas take warning[.] The Cheaf [Chief] of the Chickapoo [Kickapoo Indians,] George Eihery[.] this was put up to try to scar us but it had very little affect[.] we keep up A Strick [strict] gard with gun or rifle[.] we are armed and ready for an acte [attack] should the enemy come upon us[.] win [when] hearding our cattle we carry our guns[.] this neight passed of[f] al right

June the 10 we renewed our jurney again[.] we had scarcley roled two or three miles on before three Ind[i]ans watched us as we roled along but they disapeared and we came to Big Grasshoper Creek made A road across and all passed over in safty and camped for the neight and the set the watch for half the neight and releved by fresh set[.] they call out evey half hour[.] we have preaching generly every neight[.] my leg is still very sore yet that I dont stand my watch but I am always ready with my Rifle Charged

June the 11 sunday we camped all day[.] had meetings as usuly and had miletiary excersises[.] our campen [captain] said that we did well and would soon be good solgers [soldiers.]

June the 12 I stood my watch this morning[.] we roled on all well untill about 12 oclock[.] I run against A Buggy wheel upsced the spoks[.] we mad[e] A fire on and put the tier on agaen[.] about two hours another wagon axel expanded and got Iron bound but it was soon put to right and rolled on again and made 21 miles this day and camped at Big Muddy creek[.] good water[.] I s[t]ood my watch from nine to twelve

June the 13 we renewed our jurney and camped at Nimmiha [Nemaha] river or Creek about fourteen mile from Big Muddy[.] got dinner and again renewed our jurney[.] 20 empty wagons passed us returning to the Stat[e]s[.] we camped about 8 miles from Nimmiha for the neight[.] plenty water but bad to get at it except with Buckets and fire wood[.] good hickery for Bows or other purposes but rather scarce[.] during the neight it looked stormy the began to be uneasy[.] all hands called upon and drove them into the carrell [corral] and then the storm came on[.] it rained pretty

June the 14 we were detained untill dinner time[.] it cleared off and we proceed on our jurney and camped about 10 miles[.] good water

June the 15 we renewed our jurney and passed twenty wagon returning from Fort Kernney [Kearny.] shortly after the Contracter of the United States Male [mail] passed and gave the emformation that the Male is two weeks behind time[.] it is seposed that they are cut off we made about 16 miles and camped for the neight

June the 16 we renewed our jurney and came to the Big Blue and all forded over safe nearly up to the axels[.] The Capten of our Company paid five dollars to A Pawnee Chife[.] it came to ten Cents a wagon to cross the Salt Creek Bridge which the Indans say they have built[.] the cheaf [chief’s] name is Charly[.] I am out of money and cannot pay it[.] we camped[.] we mad[e] about 12 miles

June the 17 renewed our jurney and travled on untill we came to Cotton wood creak and there we watered our cattle and passed on again and we were passed by or A Company of Elders from Great salt Lake passed us[.] they were upon A mision[.] the Indans is not quit[e] so bad as was reported for they had passed through with very little trouble[.] we have not had aney trouble as yet[.] all things has going first rate according to the words of the servents of the Lord[.] Br Coopers ox died this morning previous to our starting[.] was we have come about 15 miles this day and camped soon in the afternoon on account to accomadate the Camp for washing the Cloth[e]s. This creek I don’t know the name of it but it is on the rite hand side of the road[.] it still continue to blowed[.] it has been blowing this three days

June 18 Sabbath[.] we are still in camp but it is very disagreebel hot and windy and dust flying[.] I did not stand my watch last night my leg was bad so the Capten of the watch did not require it[.] this morning I was resting my silf[.] an alarm was giving by some women[.] one came to me in a great hurry to git my gun for the indens [Indians] was upon us[.] the capten was down at the creek[.] Messangers run for him[.] I got my riffle out put my Powder horn upon my shoulder some Bullets into my pocket caps and patches and got ready for A fight if nessary but lo and behold it happened to be A Company of soldger [soldiers] going to fort Kerney [Kearny.] there was A merchant train camped near to us at the close of this day[.] it began to thunder most tremendous[.] the Creall [corral] was all chained together by the wheels so much Iron drew the lighting around us that it appeared that we were about to be all slane[.] The terible thunder rooled [rolled] and rattled[.] the lighting flashed like A blase of fire all around our camp[.] Still we were all preserved and our cattle

June the 19 Monday Morning we left [ blank space ] creek[.] the merchant train on before us and we passed it at Rock creek[.] three axels break and one wheel[.] we had one toung in our company break[.] we camped at A creek one mile further ahead of Rock Creek

June the 20 this morning Br [John] Singleton the Capten of the ten that I am in helped me to put A new toung into Sisters [Elizabeth] Joiners wagon[.] we renewed our journey and left the Marchants train behind and camped at [ blank space ] creek about 8 miles

we renewed our journey again[.] the roads are very hilley and the sun very hot[.] there is A great deal of grumbling in camp[.] the reason is the teams so far scatttered and driving two [too] fast[.] we were late git to camping ground where we came to the Big Sandy Creek cut of road[.] the half of the company were cross with Captan Hendley [John Hindley] at there head[.] it was dark there was no nesstey [necessity] for this for we passed plenty of good camping places so one half was on one side of the Creek and half upon the other[.] our or the Capten dont seem to studdy the well fare of our Cattle[.] the[re] is not a good spirit in camp[.] we have been Blessed thus far upon our journey[.] we traveld about 18 miles

June the 21 this morning the Capten came across the creek about three oclock this morning and woke all hands up[.] I told him about the devision and that it looked like that if better care was not take many of the Cattle would be broak down[.] I did not like the mannor of his speech but I did not care much[.] We got all safe across the Big Sandy Creek[.] Before we came to this Creek we passed over A pretty high Bluff[.] Down below look flat with Semenly A water run some trees on the left hand side or small wood[.] we left the old road about one mile[.] before that we came two the Big Sandy Creek[.] in this afternone A mule teeam passed and gave a letter to our Capton from E[rastus]. Snow one of the twelve Apostles[.] at the same time we seed [saw] for the first time an Antalope cr[o]ssed the road[.] we got to the little Blue just in time for A tremendous storm[.] cam[e] on just as we got to the camping ground[.] we have not been trubled as yet by the indens [Indians.] this is the Pacomee nation

June the 22 we are in camp this morning[.] A wagon stoped[.] two men[.] they were robed of all there provisions by Rapows [Arapahoe] and Shions Indens [Cheyenne Indians.] While writing I was called upon to assest [assist] to lay out Brother George Waters that died this morning[.] This evining Br Wm Avery[’s] Child was very sick[.] his name is Milow[.] he was healed by the laying on of hands[.] I stood my watch from four oclock in the afternoon untill half past twelve at neight[.] I was Sergent of the guard

June the 22 [23] this morning Jane Maclaw [McLaw] my passanger left us[.] she did not feel comfortable[.] she said she could not doe [do] with my wife[.] the reason is my wife would not hear her speak against the authoritys of this company and she forbad her to bringing aney more stories[.] I agreed to let her go and give her portion of Provisons and carry one hundred pound weight for her[.] we held A good meeting[.] the capten read A letter from E[rastus] Snow or an Apostle to stope us untill the rest of the Companys come up[.] we again renewed our jurney[.] we had been about one mile from the old road[.] it rained very hard[.] the roads very sandy[.] we came about five miles and camped[.] I got Capten John Singleton and Capten [Willard Glover] MacMullen [Henry McMullen] and they disided the quentety of Provisons that I had to give to Jane Maclaw [McLaw.] it was A pretty good spirit

June the 24[.] this is A fine morning[.] good meeting[.] we renewed our jurney and made about eleven miles and camped[.] I got what I wanted of Capen Hendly [Hindley] the capten of our [w]hole company[.] the letter that was sent by express by Erastus Snow[.] this just came in right time

Independence Mo June 12 1855 to the Several Captens of the Emegrating Companys of the Saints and all the Camps of Isreal[.] Greeting Beloved Brethern[.] in consquence of reasent reports of Indens depeations [depredation] upon the mail party and arely [early] trains some of which are said to be left upon the Plains without aney animel[,] I have concluded to reduce to writing some the leading items of instructions which I gave you when you were organized first[.] see that all are well suplied with arms and Amunetion and let the Sergent of the guards see that they are kept in good repair and ready for Inetent [instant] use and the men well trained in the use of them[.] 2 doe not permit your Company to devide or Scatter while Journing or alow aney person or persons to walk either before or behind your trains out of sight or beyond the reach of your Guns[.] 3 always select open ground for your stoping places away from Brush Hills[,] Revins and so forth that might aford shelter for an enemy to creep up upon you and no case allow your stock to be turned out to g[r]aze either morning noon or Neight without A strong male guard around them and at neight when they are well filled let all be tied either inside or outside your creall [corral] and guards placed around them[.] 4 My advice for Capten Henley [Hindley] with the first Company to stope in the neighbourhood of fort Kearney [Kearny] untill the four Companys now organized all come into closs proxemity and thencforth Journey and Camp in sight of each other[.] so long as you are on the Platt[e] and Sweet Water if practecable if not allways in sight of each other at least near enough to afford mutual protection[.] 5 when the indens [Indians] keep off the road and entirely out sight then be doubly watchful if aney appear and approuch your camps in a frindley manner[.] treat them kindly but dont sell them Arms and Amunition and let not appearent Frindship throw you of[f] your guard and expose yourselves to treachery but at such times increes your guards at your out posts and A good desplay of your strength your Arms and your readyness to protect yourselves[.] 6 Santicfy the Lord God of Israel in you hearts and Journey in his name and in his strength remembring always your prayers in the sison [season] there of in your tents and your wagons and assemble often to instruct and exhort each other and the Captens of each Company and his Capten of tens will Preside over all the interests of the Saints under there care, both Spiritule and timporal[.] 7 if A spirrt of rebellion and disatisfaction or carelessness in duty unfaithfulness in guarding and so forth manifest its self in camp then will the Lord not go with you and you would doe well to remain in camp untill repentence and reformation restore again his favours and Blessings upon you[.] 8 the better to enable you to out these instructions and for the well fare of the advance companys[,] Elder Richard Ballantyne Capten of the 4 company is hareby appointed President over the four first Companys and aney order or instructions whitch he may feel moved upon to send forward to aney of these Companys will be received as from me[.] in conclusion dear Brethern let me exort you not to esteem lightly the councell of the Holy Spirit and become unmindfull of these and in as much as you are faithfull in fulfilling your Covenet and observing these things I leave my Blessing upon you that you may all have a safe and prosperous journey and rejoice evermore in the goodness of our God [ blank space .] I remain truly and faithfully your Brother in Christ Erastus Snow[.] PS will Elder Ballantyne cause this to be copied and forwarded to each capten[.] E[rastus] S[now]

our company was nearly devided[.] the spirit of contention was ga[i]ning ground[.] this Epistle from Br Erastus Snow one of the Twelve apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints just came in right time

June the 24 Sabbeth[.] we are in Camp all Day[.] the Day is passed very plesent[.] I was harding [herding] Cattle from 4 in the morning to ten the fornoon[.] good meetings[.] a large train passed us on the evining[.] during the meeting an Indian was seen upon A Bluff watching our movements[.] they keep away from us to try com upon us unawars[.] this shoes [shows] that they are determined to fall upon us if they can git a favourable oppertuny[.] we keep a good guard with our Riffels or Guns loded with Ball and even Harding [herding] our cattle every man has his Riffel or Gun with him[.] the Indens sees this but we dont see them oft[.] if they were peaseable towards us we would have them every day amongest us

June the 25 this moning we again resumed our Journey and came about ten miles[.] thousands of Bufflow were Hearding upon the other side of the little Blue[.] Capten Peter Burges[s] shout [shot] one abut four mils of our Camp[.] I went to assest to Bu[t]cher him and bring him into the Camp[.] he was a Bull about six years old[.] this is first Bufflow that I ever seed in my life[.] the Bufflow was feeding about theree Hundred yards from the one that we were cutting up it was nearly dark before that we got into camp[.] A mule teem brought him into camp[.] the Dears [deer] and Elks[,] wolves[,] Ant[e]lop[e]s were playing about[.] present sight indeed to see natures animels feeding and playing upon natures field or upon the Prayers [prairies.] Capten John Singleton lost his Horse[.] there was five appointed to go to the Bufflows that order might be perserved[.] order was observed[.] there was only about three that did not observe order[.] the rest of the Camp behaved exceednly well[.] two Companys of Marchants trains passed us last neight

June the 26 this morning the Bufflows was shared out and off first rate[.] we had some for brickfast[.] it eat very plesent[.] Capten John Singl[e]ton found his horse[.] A company of saints passed us this morning bound for the States[.] some of them had backed out [.] our Capten has sent a letter to Capten Balleneyne [Ballantyne] to pleed with him to let us roll on for the Provisons is gitting eat up pretty fast[.] the Bufflows are still feeding along the Little Blue[.] we travled about 8 or 10 miles and Camped[.] the Capten sent out about six men to shut [shoot] Bufflow[.] they killed four[.] it was late before they were got into Camp[.] they got three[.] one was lost it being so late[.] I stood my watch from half past twelve oclock until day light[.] I found one of the men Asleep[.] I took his gun and awok him

June the 27 the Date that Joseph and Hirem [Hyrum Smith] was shoat [shot.] while I was on guard my attention was taken by a wolf[.] he came close to me[.] he wanted to be into the Creall [corral] to get some Bufflow[.] the meat was sared out and all hands engaged to presurvd it[.] we cut it into thin slices for dring [drying,] mad[e] a little salt pickl or Brine[,] diped the meat into it[,] put a little black Pepper upon the same and laid it out to dry[.] at ten oclock I was sent on to Harding [herding] the Cattle and stoped untill four PM[.] at our meeting the Capten repermanded some of our Brethern for the neglect of duty[,] going to sleep while on duty[.] some have had there Hats taken from them[,] some there gun and some there knife to make an example or shame them to there duty[.] Br Thomas Williams Jun was called before the meeting and his [k]nife Publice presented to him as a token of his slothfulness[.] likewise all animels that is found will be taken care of and delevered up to the P found in Great Salt Lake[.] we camped hear [here] all Day for to Preserve the Beaf not being in a hurey untill we get orders from the Companys that is behind[.]

June the 28[.] thursday we drove a short distence and camped agaen along side of the little Blue where the Bufflows are feeding

June the 29 this morning I was on heard [herd.] it rained[.] I got wet[.] we left this place the little Blue at about four oclock this afternoon[.] the distence between the Big Blue and the little Blue is according to the best emformation that I can get is [ blank space .] we resumed our Journey and travled about 8 miles and halted for supper and to water the Cattle[.] this is the only water and very bad at that[.] for about 30 miles the Cattle would not drink it[.] we renewed our journey again and travled all neight until about between five and six oclock this morning[.] we travled 40 before that we camped at the Plat[t]e river

June the 30 Setterday morning[.] fine wether[.] all very sleepy and tired[.] we stoped here all day but it was a Bad place to Camp[,] two low and not convenent for Fire wood[.] at evening meeting Capten Hin[d]ley had reason to speak very sharp and declared that the Camp should be stoped untill the spirit and union was restored that out to be amongest us and the Camp as a whole was not in a fit state to pertake the Sacrement[,] but yet there was some that was pure

July the 1 Sabbeth morning[.] at prayer meeting Capten Henley [Hindley] said that the Lord would not be angery with us if we leave this Camping ground it being two low[.] we yoked up and came to fort Kerrney [Kearny] and Camped about a mile beyond the Fort[.] it is 50 miles from the little Blue[.] many of the Indens [Indians] visit us[.] some of them Fanc[i]ed[.] some of our sisters and said that they would give five Pownus [ponies] for A Squaw[.] there are very sivel [civil.] one of them pleted [plaited] my Beard and tied the end with a p[i]ece of le[a]ther

July the 2 this morning I went to Br Josiah Pearce [Pierce[ and asked him for the lone of one dollar[.] he refused he said that he could not spare it[.] it was to git salt and suggar[.] I did not know to rais this money[.] Just at this time Capten Henely [Hindley] asked me if I could Bush a wheel[.] I bushed the wheel and got a dollar for the same[.] I likewise made a yoke and sold it one dollar and quarter[.] I got three pound of Salt at ten Cents per pound one pound of le[a]ther and one packet of tacks[.] this to shoe the oxen if there feet were [wore] out[.] the lether was 40 cents per pound 20 cents for the tacks

July the 3 at half past twelve oclock I went on guard and contuned untill dalight[.] about four oclock and at that time the Cattle is untied and heardsman called out I was called upon duty again[.] I thought that this was not wright[.] I told Capten [Jefferson] Wright that it was not my turn he told me not dictate quit in a sharp tone[.] I told him that I was not dictating him[.] he said shut up two or three times[.] A few words passed between us[.] we comenced our Journey again and travled about 15 miles and camped along side of the river[.] plenty of Bufflow[.] we brought one into the Camp cut up[.] this day I been upon my legs twenty one hours[.] I think that the Capten of the Guard Br Wright does not care or has very little Judgment or feeling for his brethern[.] he sleeps all neight stands no guard but calls the guard out[.] I doe not feel good toward him

July the 4 in camp assisted to get wood to make Charcoal[.] there is some Blacksmith work to be done[.] we are going to stope here untill farther orders this after noon[.] the Indens [Indians] begain to come in sight[.] we were ordered to put the caps upon our Riffles and be ready[.] all the Bufflow meet that was cut up to dry was all ordered into our wagons to be out of sight[.] there riding around the Crell [corral] sping [spying] about[.] they all went of[f] in peice [peace.] I gave a quilt in exchaing for A Bufflow skin or robe

July the 5 this day I am Forty Years of Age and still Camping upon the Planes

July the 6 I have been Herding the Cattle[.] ten men of us marched Rank sind [single] File out of the Creall [corral] or Camp[.] we returned in the same order

July the 7 this morning I was called upon to Pray at the meeting[.] I did so and felt first rate[.] I have mad[e] a yoke

July the 8 Brother Blare [Seth M. Blair] Company passed our Camp[.] they had 36 Died of the Cholera[.] they are from Texes [Texas.] he has going through with the mail

July the 10 the mail passed our Camp this day[.] our Cattle Stampead or run from us but they were soon stoped by the Horses and renewed our Journey again[.] one of my oxen foot is sore and trailed a few miles along the Plat[t]e river and camped for the neight

July the 11 we rened [renewed] our journey and passed two trains at Plum Creek 26 miles from Fort Kerrney [Kearny] and camped[.] my ox Charley is very lame[.] I washed him with soap an banged [bandaged] his foot with tar

July 12 this morning a vote was called for to see whether we the Camp was willing for us to proceed upon our Journey or to stope in obedence to the Epistle that was sent by E. Snow to stope untill all the company arived about Fort Kernney [Kearny] on acount of the Hostilety of the Read [red] men[.] the report that was sent [.] E Snow was partly fals[e] that the Officers of this Camp considered that it would be wisdom to proseed upon our journey for they had sent some three letters stating things as they appear to excist[.] the last mail that passed us we expected news for us to proseed but we were disapointed[.] we have stoped between two and three weeks for the other companys to come up according to the Epistle that was sent after us[.] the third company passed us and we news they had suffered much with the Chollara [cholera.] there [Their] Capten told that they had got permision to go on[.] the Company agreed to pass on or voted for it except one man[.] he was on the contra[r]y[.] his reason was asked he said that it was not for the sake of contradison [contradiction] but simply the Councle [counsel] that was sent to us through the Epistle[.] still as burdend as ever our Capten said that the provisons would run out if we stoped aney longer[.] we passed Cotten Wood Springs 40 miles from Plume [Plum] Creek and passed the third train

July the 14 we camped at a good[.] plenty of good feed

July the 15 Sunday[.] this morning our Capten thought it wisdom to travell about ten miles and Camp for the Day but this was not according to my mind for the Concile [counsel] was to ceas[e] to travel on the Sabbeth Day unless A real case of nessety[.] we started and came to the Camping ground but [t]he Day was badly speant for [.] the Brethers comenced to shut [shoot] Bufflow[.] it was not like A Sabbeth Day

July the 16 Monday morning at meeting our Capten said that we could not prossed [proceed] on our Journey untill the Brethern had r[e]pented[.] A good deal was said and we started of[f] again[.] one of my oxen has got a sore neck the yoke is rather narrow[.] I have mad[e] one two inc[h]es broader[,] 8 inc[h]es across the working place and I Bath the neck with salt and water every neight[.] it improving and doctor my other oxs foot with gress and gun Powder

July the 19 camped within three miles of the place where we cross the River[.] we have crossed the River Plat[t]e about twelve oclock PM and got or travld to Ash Hollow where we camped about seven oclock nearly dark[.] the distence that we had travled is about ninteen miles[.] just going down into the Hollow is a very steep Bank to asend[.] Very dangres[.] we have been usen [using] cheefly for fuell Bufflow Chips that is the Dung dried[.] it makes a good fire[.] I was the formest Ox teem that lead the way[.] our Capten said that we had made this distence quiker then ever had been made before[.] plenty of wild Curents[.] the Indens [Indians] Burey there dead in Berrys and grass[,] Chereys [cherries,] Bufflow Berries[.] this is a rough looking place

July the 20 Friday I have just got A armfull of Branches laden with black Currents Berries[.] we resumed our Journey[.] the road along side of the river is very heavy and bad[.] nothing but sand for ten miles[.] we traveled about fifteen miles and camped[.] plenty of Feed and water but no wood for Fire

July the 21 we resumed our Journey[.] the road very bad sand[.] travled about fifteen[.] camped just before A thunder storm came on

July 22 Sabbeth morning[.] Brother [Peter] Burges[s] gave us some Beans and read [red] hearrng [herring.] I have done work for him[.] this Day was spent pretty good

July the 23 we renewed our Journey[.] the roads still Bad and Sandy[.] we had scarse travled one Hour untill five Horses made up to our Company had made there [their] escape from we sepose the second Company of Saints that is still behind but how far we dont know travled[.] I sepose about eighteen miles[.] we came in sight of the chimney Rock[.] this is a rock that stands parpendeculer [perpendicular] resembling a long Chimney[.] camped for the neight

July the 24 we renewed our Journey and passed a large Rock or the Devels [Devil’s] Court House and camped within two miles of the Chimney Rock[.] I sepose that we had traveld twenty five miles[.] I sepose that it will be about fifteen miles between the Devels [Devil’s] Court House and Chimney [Rock]

July the 25 this morning just as we was rolling out the owners of the Horses that was pecked [picked] up on the 23 yesterday took them away[.] we camped for dinner and found another Horse but we had not got far upon our Journey untill this Horse was owned by one of the traders[.] we passed through the Scotch [Scotts] Bluffs[.] it is A very dangres place[,] the Roads so winding and up and down[,] Banks but A short about half mile[.] we all got safe through and camped down below[.] plenty of grass just here[.] there is A trading place desarted for fear of the Indens [Indians.] we got plenty of fire wood[.] it begins here[.] the roads is alittle better[,] sometimes hard and sometimes sandy

July the 26 all going right

July the 28 we crossed the rever again at Fort Learmey [Laramie] and about four miles past the same camped[.] the feed is very bad

July the 29 Sabbath[.] A good port[i]on of Camp work done

July the 30 we again renewed our Journey[.] very heavy sandy roads[.] we came to a trading House and stoped about two Hours[.] the Cattle had not got much feed during Setterday neight and Sunday I thought it foolish to spend so much time just to pleas A few that had money[.] this place is about 9 miles from the Fort[.] we renew our Journey and about three miles ahead the road strikes to the right hand leaving the strate road[.] this is the new road[.] I sepose that [John Charles] freemont servaeed [surveyed] here[.] we made a mistake and took the old road that lead to the Black Hills and went about two miles and returned again[.] our Capten was behind during all this[.] a man got astray or lost[.] he went on and missed the train[.] we camped three miles Cold water Spring from the place where we left the old road[.] I helped to get fire wood and mad[e] A large fire upon A pretty high mountain that he might perhaps make to[.] the fire this spring is on the left hand side of the road about a quarter of mile from the road rount [round] A hill[.] there is Bunches of Millies about it

July the 31 one man from every ten went on horseback to try to find the lost man[.] they found him at the tradend [trading] point we renewed our journey[.] we travled about fifteen miles and Camped at A place where there is good water about two miles from the rever on the left hand side of the road[.] we got feed down at the rever[.] it has been rather hilley

Augast the 1 we renewed journey and pretty good road and Camped at Horse Shoe Creak [Creek]

Augast the 2 we renewed our Journey and overtook A Frence [French] Company at Horse Shoe Creek[.] there he was wating for us[.] the Indens [Indians] was lirking [lurking] about[.] our Capten put a front and rear guard rank and file and all to be ready[.] we Crosed the Plat[t]e rever with our riffles[.] I Drove my oxen with my Riffel upon my shoulder[.] we camped upon the Plat[t]e rever

Augast the 3 we renewed our Journey and travled about 7 miles and crossed the Plat[t]e reaver again and Camped[.] we travled about 13 miles

Augast 4 we travled about 15 miles and got to Deer Creek[.] the old road that we would have taken had it not been for the Frensh [French] traider [trader] was the middle one[.] we took southeast road

the 5 Sabbeth[.] we are Camping all Day at Deer Creek[.] the Indens [Indians] are watching us upon every side[.] we carry our riffels with us if we leve the Camp one Hunderd Yards or over[.] our Capten got A letter from the Capten of all the Company that is behind[.] A about seven men went down to the rever to catch some Fish[.] three of us stood guard over them with our loaded guns[.] Catched 22[.] there is plenty of good Mint[.] I got some this morning and dried it to use it for Tea[.] three of these small fish came to my share

the 6 Monday morning we left Deer Creek and left one ox behind belonging to Br [Allen T.] Ril[e]y[.] I wont mention the names of the Creeks that we passed over for I have a guide that answers this part of the road[.] we travled about 27 miles this Day[.] There is no feed for the cattle[.] We drove one hour in the Dark[.] our Capten this neight told this Compny to lighten our wagons as much as possable[.] we Camped about 2 miles ahead of the Fort where there is A Bridge across the River

the 7 Tusday this Day we have travld 15 miles and Camped at the first mineral spring and lake[.] this is A good place[.] plenty of Grass[.] this is considered A Poisonous Place[.] the water is a Mineral spring and lake[.] there is a French mountennear that have traveled these planes for 22 years[.] he lets his Cattle drink of this sparenly [sparingly] and uses the same hisself[.] we have done the same

the 8 Weddensday[.] this morning we roled out the Cattle will [well] filled[.] got dinner 13¼ miles small streem of Clear spring water and pased the willow Spring[.] good water and pretty good grass here[.] there was maney usfall piece of Iron l[y]ing strayed about Iron Axels &c this spring is just at the rise of A long high bank called Prospect Hill[.] we have seen many rattle snakes on the way and sage chickens[.] we camped at a run[nin]g water the south side of the road[.] it was nearly dark when we Camped[.] plenty of grass but the place very mireie [mirery.] two oxen had to be puled out by the neck[.] A good deal of grumbling in camp not starting in time in the morning and driving so long or late at neight[.] we traveled about twenty miles

the 9 Thursday we rolled on and came to A streem on the left side of the road[.] the road is very heavy sandy[.] the old road is strate [straight] on but took the new one on the left along side of this running water[.] here A wagon upset into this creek[.] we all stoped all day on acount of it[.] the road is close to the edge of this Creek[.] good grass

the 10 Friday we had not going many miles before A very sever acedent [accident] happened[.] A Boy fell out of the wagon nearly Kind [killed.] the wheels went [over] him[,] broke his arm[,] cut his head[.] we came to the Saleractus [Salaratus] on the south side of the road I gathered about 100 pounds[.] a little further on the north side there is A larger lake[.] I got some out of it[.] here is A trading place[.] close to there Lakes the road crosses the sweet water at this place[.] we went across the Bridge and Camped at Indpendence Rock[.] it is very cold[.] Lion one my oxen came from the herd with A sore foot

the 11 Setterday we camped alittle ahead[.] another Alkale [alkali.] my ox is very lame[.] we camped 314½ miles from the velley[.] I got my ox thro[w]n down and dressed his foot with lard and gun Powder[.] I have got two oxen lame out of the four

the 12 Sunday this morning we renewed our journey sore against my mind on account of it being Sunday[.] I wanted the oxen to rest but I had to submit[.] we travled about miles and Camped for the Day

the 13 Monday one ox left and travled about 15 miles[.] a very dangres place for Poison the Cattle[.] I put a wagon Toung into A on of Br Burgas [Burgess.] my ox is very lame[.] there is plenty of feed[.] we have crossed the small river four times sweet water[.] we camped about a mile from the 4[th] crossing

the 14 Tusday we renewed our journey and Crossed this small river the 5[th] time[.] we traveled about 22 miles[.] my ox is very lam[e] I feel sorry for him[.] this Day is a very heavy Day Sandy roads[.] the oxen is giving out[.]

the 15 Wedensday this morning I got my ox hove down and tried to cut open his foot by working a small roap [rope] back and forward within his claws until the Blood came and then poured into his foot boiling Tar[.] one ox died this morning belonging to Br [James] As[h]ton[.] there is no feed at this Creek[.] we started very soon this morning[.] I got a Boy to drive my teem and I drove Lion[.] that is the name of my ox that is lame[.] we got to the place where the Road joins the River that is 267½ miles from the velly [valley.] I had a teadous jobe and a sorryfull one[.] at this place there was plenty of feed[.] we got at his place about 9 oclock AM and stoped about two hours[.] I did feel like stoping at this place on account of the feed and the [illegible] ox[.] I started after the wagons with my poor ox some times upon his feet and some times down[.] I got him about four 7 miles past this place and had to leave him where the road wind round A sussion of Hills for three miles[.] I got him about a mile from the River[.] Br Burgas furnished me with one[.] I feel thankful for the same[.] when we left this last place where there was feed and plenty water we could not get aney more espesely water untill we came to the branch of Sweet water 248¼ miles from the velly[.] very little feed[.] it was late and dark before all got into Camp

the 16 Thursday we started and got to Sweet Water, 3 rods wide 3 feet deep 241¼ from the velly[.] we got here between 12 & one oclock PM[.] five miles we have come to Day[.] the feed is poor this afternoon[.] the oxen that wants showing [shoeing] is getting showed [shoed.] there is some French Traders here two wagon and two tents[.] Br Hill Sold some flowr [flour] at the rate of 16 Dollars per Hundred[.] this is not rite to sell flour out of this Camp while there is poor widow with seven children out of the same[.]

the 17 Friday we have Come to Pacific Creek and Springs 12¾ from Sweet Water 228½ from the Velly [Valley.] there is five Companys of Called tens[.] the two leaders Capten McMullen Company and Capten Loge company stoped at the Spring head where there was an abundence of grass[.] I was in the three Companys that went farther down about half mile and there we Creeled [corralled.] this looks like A devsion[.] Capten Hendly [Hindley] is with this Company[.] about two Hours afterwards these two Companys Hitched up and Crealled [corralled] with us[.] Br [Henry] Nisongers ox Died[.] there is A good bad feelin and look division when the Heads are at virence

the 18 Setterday this morning another ox died belonging to Br Hill[.] this morning the division is still kept up[.] we travled about five miles and Camped alltogether[.] Br John Singl[e]tons Horse Died and one Child [Sarah Platte Neel] Died that was born the first Crossing of the Plat[t]e River[.] the wether is fine[.] Cool at night[.] we have nearly three miles to bring our drinking water[.] there has been maney oxen showed [shoed] this afternoon[.] I could not git mine done[.] I had no nails[.] Br [Peter] Burgess could not let me have his ox[.] I got two Cows Belonging to Br Browns[.] I put them on the toung and let him have my strong ox in there place

the 19 Sunday at A meeting in the fornoon Capten Hendly [Hindley] read Elder Snow Epistle to stop the camp untill all things was put to right[.] It was put to A vote and carried not to break up but to keep united[.] about one oclock PM we roled on but only travled about four miles[.] it rained fast

the 20 Monday we renewed our journey[.] two wagons was detained there[.] oxen could not be found and severel more[.] Capten Hendly [Hindley] stoped and healped to s[e]arch for them[.] the second Company stoped them at the Pacofice [Pacific] Springs[.] they all got safe home at A late hour[.] we camped at Big Sandy the first not much feed

the 21 Tusday I sent A few lines to Br D. Sumpson by Br Coward[.] they Bro Clemans [Joseph W. Clements] mule teem are going to the velly[.] they entend to be there eight Days from this[.] Br [William] Avery left his light wagon this morning[.] we have Camped at Big Sandy No 2 and found the mule teem at this place but they started on again

the 22 Wedensday we renewed our journey[.] we got to Green Rever [River] at about noon and got dinner[.] we travled about 18 miles and are still at Green Rever [River] and Camped[.] we came or went up to the first trading or higest on and travled down untill we came to another Traiding Place so we took the road that lead of[f] to the North or right Hand[.] it is said that we came A long way out of the way

the 23 Thursday this morning we are detained[.] Sister Mellon [Ellen Knowles Melling] is in labour[.] at half past nine this morning the Femeal [female] Child [Mary Ellen Melling] was Born at Fort Liberty[.] we renewed our journey again[.] we started about three oclock this afternoon and mad[e] Hams Fork[.] it was about eleven oclock

the 24 Friday we renewed our Journey

the 25 Setterday we got to Fort Bridger about 2 oclock PM[.] here there was two wagons from the velly with Flour for sail[.] A ox was killed for this company at 8 and 12 Cents per pound[.] at neight there was A Dance at the Fort

the 26 Sunday still in Camp[.] I bought eight pound of the Beef at eight Cents per pound[.] we have enjoyed this day

the 27 Monday we rolled on after dinner and made Muddy Creek and hear we meet five wagons with flour[.] we Camped for the neight[.] it was about ten oclock PM all right

the 28 Tusday we renewed our journey and mad[e] Bear River just about dark and here acrose there is 5 wagons laden with Flour

the 29 Wedensday we bought 25 Cents Potatoes from the Brethern that is on there way to meet the Emegration

the 30 Thursday we camped Cache Cave

the 31 Friday we renewed our Journey Br Burgess broke tong and Hounds [illegible] Wheel and axeltree Br Perry broak Wheel all the Spokes[.] we left them behind with sefficent help to repair there wagons[.] we three Company came to Red Fork of Weber River 44½ Miles from the Velly

the 1 September the 31 We renewed our Journey had bad luck Br Burgess wagon and Br Lyle and Br Perry

the 31 we renewed our Jurney and Camped 46 miles for the Velley[.] here we met Br Blare & Br David Camdling[.] about 2 hours after Br E Snow Came into Camp without A hat[,] Br Basset with him[.] they entend to be into the City tomorrow morning[.] there is A Brother from the Velly

Setterday September the 1 1855 we renewed our Journey and Camped four miles from the Big Mounting [Mountain]

Sunday the 2 we renewed our journey and Camped about 11 miles from the town or City

Monday the 3 we got to the City