Transcript for William Thorn, Life sketch, reel 12, box 16, fd. 11, item 8, 5

in Councel [Council] Bluffs we got our fit out for Crossing the Plaines and Crossed over to Winter Quarters. ware we Organised with Elder Alfred Cordon as Capt[a]in of the [2nd 50 of the] Company and Elder J.T.D. [J.D.T.] McAllister His Asistent ---- and on the first of July we started on our long and wearey jurney going 150 Miles out of our way over hevey Sand Hills to Head the [Elk] Horn [River]. I had two of My Oxin Die on the Plaines. and we arived in Great Salt City October 2nd 1851 Being 9 Months Lacking 4 Days from the Day I left London---