Transcript for William Woodward journal in Historical resource materials for Cache Valley, Utah-Idaho, 1955-1956

July 1856

Saturday 12th I was busy thro’ the day. In the evening I attended meetings. Good instruction was given by Elders [Daniel] Spencer and Ferguson

The 4th “Hand-cart” company was organized—James G. Willey was appointed captain of the whole company. Milen Atwood was appointed capt of the lst Hundred; L[evi] Savage capt. of the 2nd Hundred; myself. capt. of the 3rd Hundred; John Chisltett, capt. of the 4th Hundred; [blank space][Johan August] Ahmanson, capt of the 5th Hundred.

Edward Martin, was appointed Capt. of the 5th Hundred: Daniel Tyler was appointed to assist Bro. Martin. Jesse Haven, was appointed Capt of the “6th Hand-cart” company. These Captains of companies had captains of Hundreds appointed. Dan Jones, was appointed Capt. of the Wagon company; John A. Hunt, was appointed capt. of the 1st 50 wagons; W[illiam].B. Hodgetts capt. of the 2nd 50 wagons.

Sunday 13th. The day was fine. Meetings were held. I attended. A good feeling prevailed. A meeting was held in the evening in the 4th “Hand-cart” companie’s Camp. Bros. Willie, [Millen] Atwood, & [Levi] Savage addressed the meeting.

Monday 14th Busy preparing to start

Teusday 15th I drove the mule team to town in the afternoon.

The 4th “Hand-cart” company pulled up stakes & encamped in a fresh place.

Wednesday 16th Our Hand-cart company made a start & rolled about 3 miles. I had much difficulty in driving the mule team, assisted by others. Bros. James Oliver & Alexander Burt, were to take charge of the mule team under my charge.

With each Hundred persons were 5 tents, 5 covered Handcarts & 15 Hand-carts not covered.

I went Back from camp & assisted in driving Bro. [John] Chislett’s team, which moved along with great difficulty.

Thursday 17th I drove the mule team back to camp for some things that were needed by our company. Bro. Willie felt displeased because I had not brought an ox yoke fitted up, and in meeting told me to go to camp & bring one. I went with two Bretheren. When I arrived the Saints were holding meeting. I found Bro. Ferguson jn he said they had done the best they could as they had no ox yokes fitted up. John A. Hunt went to the carrall & got a yoke. I slept with Bro Hunt in the camp.

Friday, 18th I returned to our company early in the morning. Our camp travelled about 5 miles & camped.

Saturday 19th Weather warm. We traveled about 12 miles. I unloaded the mule wagon when I got to camp & went Back after some sick people about 3 miles.

Sunday 20th Resting to day. Several of the 3rd Hand cart companie’s people <that> were left behind came to camp. A meeting was held in the afternoon & evening; I attended. Several of the emigrants of our company left it & went back.

Monday 21st We drove about 7 miles & camped. I went to Marengo with the mule team to purchase some Brandy & whiskey for the sick of our company. Marengo was about 3 miles from camp.

Teusday 22nd The weather was warm to day. We drove about 10 miles & camped on the Banks of a small creek. Wood, water, & grass plentiful. Several strangers visited camp in the evening.

Wednesday 23rd We traveled thro’ woods, & over some fine rolling pra[i]rie. A woman was sun-struck about noon, & died towards evening. We camped on the Banks of [blank space] Bear Creek. Distance traveled about 13 miles.

Thursday 24th Weather warm. We travelled about 2 miles & camped on Bear creek. The <woman> that died yesterday named Mary Williams, was put in a coffin & Buried in a graveyard about a mile from camp. A meeting was held in camp in the evening, myself Bros. Willie & Atwood, addressed the meeting. A family named Peat, left our company to live in Iowa with Gentiles at the last camping ground.

Friday 25th Weather warm. We travelled over Beautiful rolling prarie. I drove an ox team belonging to the 4th Hundred. A great many persons were sick—our wagons were crowded with them. We drove about 13 miles & camped on “Bare” creek: wood very scarce. At night we were disturbed by a noise which we tho’t to have come from disturbers. Some men came to search our company, as they heard we had some persons tied down in our wagons. The sheriff of Powishelk [Poweshiek] co., from Brooklin, was authorized to look into our wagons, but found that they came on a foolish errand. This took place about 3 miles from our camp.

Saturday 26th Morning wet. Roads rather muddy. We travelled about 5 miles & camped on Sugar Creek

Sunday 27th Morning cool & pleasant. Travelled 5 miles to North Skunk creek & camped. Held meeting in the afternoon. Bro. Savage preached. I spoke a short time also.

Monday 28th We ascended a steep hill & rolled on our way. Passed thro’ a town called Newton, the county seat of Jasper Co. Camped on Cherry Creek about 2 miles from Newton. Travelled about 14 miles.

Teusday 29th Crossed several creeks—traveled over a beautiful prarie & camped on South Skunk Creek. Travelled about 12 miles. We tried to drive in the team a wild mule—he cut up all kind of capers. A man left camp to live with the Gentiles named Henry Newman.

A meeting was held in camp in the evening—Bro. Willie, & Atwood, preached.

Wednesday 30th Morning fine. A child [Selena Hurren] was buried that died yesterday. Travelled about 21 miles & camped in the woods near Fort Des Moines. Feed scarce for the animals.

Thursday 31st We rolled on our way about 6.30 A.M.—crossed the Des Moines river on a floating Bridge—passed thro’ Fort Des Moines city, & nooned on a small creek near the city. Travelled about 6 miles & camped on Walnut creek. Some noisy men from Fort Des Moines came to interrupt our camp, but were foiled by the Guard.


Friday, August 1st

Travelled about 14 miles & camped on the prarie. Several of our company went on to Adel about 6 miles past our camp: the mule team was sent to fetch them back.


Saturday 2nd. Morning fine. Rolled on about 6 miles and crossed Middle <North> Coon River: passed thro’ Adel & camped on Middle <Coon> River. Distance travelled about <17 miles> night cold.

Sunday 3rd Travelled about 10 miles & camped on South Coon River.

Monday 4th Travelled about 17 miles & camped on Bear Grove Creek. Arrived about 2. P.M.

Teusday 5th Travelled 8½ miles to a spring,where we rested for about an hour. Crossed a stream of water[,] travelled thro’ the day 18½ miles[,] camped on Turkey creek at Morrison’s. Meeting held in the evening—Elders Willie & Atwood addressed the meeting. The remarks were plain & pointed & such as the camp needed.

Wednesday 6th Travelled about 15 miles & camped on a small creek: wood scarce.

Thursday 7th I rode on a mule to find out some particulars at Indian Town. Crossed the Nishnabotna River about 5 miles from camp, & after about 2 miles travel arrived at Indian town met with a Brother named Joseph Seltcer who treated Bros. Willie, Atwood, [Levi] Savage, [John] Chislett, & myself to dinner. He & family were in the Church & felt well in the Work of God. Drove on about 6½ miles & camped on Walnut Creek[.] Travelled about 15 miles. Isaac Smith a member of our company lost at Iowa City <Indian Town> 6 Sovereigns, 1 Mexican dollar, 1 United States ½ dollars & 1 dime. I went back to Indian Town with the mule team. Bro. [James] Oliver: Isaac Smith & two women as witness went to town in the wagon with me. Met Bro. Seltcer on the road. He returned to town with me—had a search warrant for Esquire Smith[;] J.P. Mr Brewster’s house was searched but we could get no trace of the money. Staid at Indian Town all night.

Friday 8th Returned to the camping place in the morning. Loaded up my wagon & followed after the company. Camped at night on West Nishnabotna River distance from Indian Town about [blank space] miles

Saturday 9thTravelled about 10 miles & nooned on Silver Creek. Travelled about 6 miles further & camped on Keg Creek. Meeting held in the evening Bros. Atwood, Savage & Willie preached

Sunday 10th About 4 P.M. we left Keg Creek. Travelled about 9 miles & camped on Mosquito Creek. Grass very tall where we camped.

Monday 11th Rode on a mule ahead of the company to Council Bluff City, formerly Kanesville. Visited some friends—saw Elder Jame McGaw agent for the Church. Travelled on to Missouri River—was ferried aross on the Steam ferry boat “Nebraska” our company arrived safe across the River. Saw Elders William H. Kimball[,] [blank space] Cunningham, Moses Clough, Andrew L. Siler & others[.] we camped at Florence in Nebraska.

Teusday 12th Morning fine. The 3rd Hundred signed receipts for their conveyance from Iowa City to Florence. A meeting was held in the evening—Elders McGaw, Willie, & Atwood addressed the meeting. Many of our company agreed to leave the company.

Wednesday 13th Rode to Omaha City to purchase some hoop iron for skanes for Handcarts—could not get any in town, crossed Missouri River & went to Council Bluff City. Put my mules & wagon up at the stage office[.] I slept over night at sister Mace’s. I was very sick over night. Bro. Blacket & Sis Davenport went with me to town.

Thursday, 14th I purchased 61 lbs of Hoop iron & some small fixing to fit up hand-carts. Drove to Missouri River, & crossed it at Florence. As soon as I got to camp with the iron &c, the bretheren went to work fixing up the carts.

Friday. 15th Splendid weather. Grasshoppers very numerous in Nebraska & have been for some time. I was taken very sick in the afternoon with fever. I had my head bathed with cold water which greatly relieved me of pain. Bros. Willie & Atwood administered to me with anointing with oil & laying on hands. I got better from that very time. I was at Mr. Davenport’s while I was sick.

Saturday 16th In the afternoon Bros. Atwood, & Savage’s Hundreds rolled out of camp to the Pappea. My received Hundred received carts that had had skanes of hoop iron put on them.

Sunday, 17th I was busy getting my hundred ready to rooling [rolling] for the Pappea. I was taken down quite sick with fever. I was led to Mr Davenport’s, where my head was bathed with cold water which made me feel some better. William H . Kimball & G.D. Grant took me in thier carriage to the <Little> Pappea, 6 miles. I was some better when I arrived there. Mr. & Mrs. Davenport rode along, also their daughter Mell[i]ssa who is going on to the Valley. My Hundred[,] Capt Chislett’s & Capt Ahmanson’s [Ahmansen’s] companies were in camp when I arrived there. The mule team & Captain Willie arrived in camp at dark.

Monday, 18th Some of our cows strayed off, & went to camp. Four men went back to camp after them. James Mc.Gaw & William H. Kimball & William Latey came to our camp; in the afternoon we rolled on to the Pappea Creek about 3 miles & camped[.] Bros Mc.Gaw[,] Kimball & two other breth. returned to Florence when we arrived in camp. Another wagon was added to the 4th Handcart company to haul provisions along.

Teusday. 19th This morning I was sick with chills & fever. I rode in a wagon. The day was very warm. To day the handcarts went ahead of the wagons. Ferried across the Elk Horn river & drove on to Raw Hide creek & camped. Distance traveled about 10 miles

Wednesday 20th Our company was delayed in consequence of Bro Savage having to go back to the Pappea after a cow. We drove on to the Platte River 11 miles & camped. Wood & water & grass plenty.

Thursday 21st I had a chill this morning. We drove 13 miles to the Platte River, staid there till 5 P.M. then drove 5 miles & cam[p]ed: no wood nor water

Friday 22nd Our camp rolled on 5 miles before Breakfast to Shell Creek. The folks partook Breakfast at this place[.] After two hours stay, we rolled on about 12 miles & camped on the Platte River. I was quite sick during the day. Sister [Sophia Fryer] Gearey had her left foot run over while travelling.

Saturday 23rd We rolled on about [blank space] miles to the Loup Fork River—ferried our wagons & handcarts across the stream & forded our cattle. A cow & calf was killed for the benefit of our companys[.] camped on the banks of the river.

Sunday 24th Travelled about 14 miles & camped on the banks of the Loup Fork. Grass, wood & water plentiful.

Monday 25th Rolled out of camp about 7 A.M. Bro [Edward] Griffiths went back on a mule to hunt for 3 cows. After travelling about 8 miles we ascended some steep bluffs—teams had to double. Travelled about 12 miles farther and camped on the banks of a lake.

Teusday 26th Rolled out of camp about 7 A.M. and travelled about 15 miles camped near the Loup Fork, wood, water, & grass plentiful. A King-bolt of one of the P.E[.] Fund wagons broke this morning—a wooden one was put in place of it.

Wednesday 27th Left camp about 7 A.M. travelled over heavy sandy roads most of the day: nooned at some wells of water: camped on the open prarie near a slough. Distance travelled 15 miles.

Thursday 28th Started at 7 A.M. rolled on to prarie creek & nooned: crossed the stream after dinner & rolled on several miles: travelled about 15 miles thro’ the day & camped on the banks of a creek[;] a dispute arose in our minds as to the name of the creek[;] some supposed it was Wood River[.] Wood & water plentiful, grass scarce. An old man named [William Hailey] Haley belonging to my Hundred was lost in the evening on the road. Diligent search was made for him but proved fruitless

Friday 29th A tremendous storm of rain arose this morning & lasted for several hours. A large number of men hunted this morning for Bro. Haley and found him about two miles from camp. He could scarcely speak when found. Left camp about at 1 P.M. after travelling about 3 miles, met several Omaha Indians, who were out hunting Buffalo. One of the Indians presented us a note from Capt. Stewart U.S. Army to Mr [Almon W.] Babbitt, informing us that a band of Cheyennes Indians a few days since, had fallen upon Mr Babbitt’s wagons, killed two of his teamsters, a little child, & it is supposed that the child’s mother was killed also, one teamster was wounded & 1 escaped unhurt. We passed the Omaha camp, & camped on the banks of a creek: travelled about 8 miles. Many Indians visited our camp to trade Buffalo meat.

Saturday 30th Rolled out of camp about 7 A.M. Passed a band of Calafornians [Californians] with a large herd of horses for the States. Passed the graves of Babbitt’s teamsters—our men covered up the graves with soil as considerable stench arose from the dead. Travelled on—crossed a creek & nooned. Joseph Elder & Bro. Savage hunted for a yoke of cattle on the prarie[;] caught them. Drove on & crossed Wood River—drove near the stream & camped on its banks. Made a good days drive. Mr. Babbitt came into camp this evening, a young man was with him also a woman named Mrs. Stewart. Babbitt engaged for one of the independent wagons to take her thro’ to the Valley.

Robert Caldwell’s [Thomas Caldwell’s] collar bone was broken by one of the cows.

Sunday 31st Started about 7 A.M. drove a few miles & watered our cattle[.] Left Wood River—struck across the Prarie to near where the road strikes the Platte. Met 4 Calafornians who gave us favorable reports from the Valley. Babbitt passed us & drove on to Fort Kearney. Travelled about 18 miles


September 1856.


Monday 1st Started about 7:30 A.M. crossed two dry creeks & Elm creek: watered the cattle & nooned. Drove on to Buffalo creek & camped. A cow was killed in the evening. Bros. [John Alexander] Jost & [Joseph Benson] Elder killed a Buffalo some distance from camp. Several bretheren with hand carts went & brought it to camp late in the evening.

Teusday 2nd The meat was divided among the camp, & we started about 9 A.M. crossed a dry creek, & rolled on to Buffallo creek: nooned & crossed Buffalo creek, drove several miles farther & camped on Buffalo creek.

Wednesday 3rd Elizabeth Ingra aged about 76 years died early this morning & & was buried near camp. Two Buffaloes were killed thro’ the day. We made a good days drive.

Thursday 4th More than one half of our cattle were gone this morning—they had stampeded thro’ the night. Men were sent in different directions to hunt for our lost cattle. A. W. Babbitt came up with our camp this morning: T. Sutherland was in company with him. Capt Smoot’s train was opposite our camp this afternoon.

Friday 5th Bro. Savage & others went hunting the cattle again to day. Bro. [Andrew Lafayette] Siler & other bretheren visited brother Smoot’s train. Bro.[Abraham O.] Smoot & O[rrin]. P[orter]. Rockwell came to our camp in the evening. A council was held in the evening. Bros. Smoot & Rockwell staid over night at our camp.

Saturday 6th Bro. Smoot & O.P. Rockwell this morning addressed the Saints at the request of bro. Willie. This morning our camp removed about 8 miles distant, where water was better & wood handier[.] Br. J. B. Elder & A[ndrew]. Smith were sent back to hunt for our cattle. Our wagons were taken to our fresh camping at twice, as we had not team enough to move them all at once. Bros. Smoot & Rockwell left us this evening for thier camp.

Sunday 7th Council held in the morning, camp called together. Bretheren addressed the meeting. We yoked up wild cows & prepared to start to morrow. A party of returning Calafornians came to our camp on thier way to the States.

Monday 8th A man named Henry Baaichter came into our camp this morning on horseback, said he had been without food for 50 hours, & that T. Margetts, & Mr. Cowdey were killed some 70 miles from here. We travelled about 11 miles & camped on the banks of the Platte River. This day I did not have a “chill”. I drove team.

Teusday 9th Rool [role] out of camp. Travel over some sandy Bluffs & noon, camp on Skunk creek at night near where it empties into the Platte River.

Wednesday 10th Left camp. Crossed “skunk creek”, & camped near a cold spring of water. Road thro’ the day very bad.

Thursday 11th. Roll out of camp cross “Carrion creek”, camp at night on the banks of the Platte River. A Buffalo was killed in the evening.

Friday 12th Camp rooled [rolled] on to North Bluff Fork[,] crossed the stream & camp on its banks. Bro. F[ranklin]. D. Richards & company with Bros. Elder & Smith came up with us at night. A meeting was held in camp[.] Bro. Richards spoke to the saints also Bros. D. Spencer & C H Wheelock.

Saturday 13th A meeting was held in the morning Bros. Richards, Spencer, & Wheelock addressed it[.] A severe repremand was given to Levi Savage for speaking before the camp in an improper manner to Bro Willie, & also in speaking as he did at Florence. Bro. Richards & company crossed the North Fork of the Platte. We crossed also. Wm. Haley of my Hundred aged 66 years died in the afternoon. Travelled about 3 miles.

Sunday 14th Travelled about 14 miles & camp on the banks of the Platte. Joseph Elder killed two Buffaloes in the evening.

Monday 15th Richard F. Turner died this morning aged about 64 years. Ascended the Bluffs after nooning. Three Arrappahoes [Arraphoes] (Indians) came up with our camp. Camped at night on the open prarie. Cattle were chained to the wagons during the night.

Teusday 16th Camp called up about 4, A.M. in about one hour the company was in motion. descended the Bluffs & nooned on the Platte River. Let our cattle feed, & then rooled [rolled] over some very heavey sandy roads & camp for the night.

Wednesday 17th Rooled [Rolled] out of camp. travelled along the banks of the Platte, & camped. Roads sandy. The wind blew terrific thro’ the day.

Thursday 18th Roads sandy (I injured my thumb. Bro. [James Sherlock] Cantwell’s daughter was bitten with a rattlesnake yesterday) Ascended the Bluffs & were soon into Ash hollow. Camp on the Platte. Sis. Stewart lost herself. Strooled [strolled] from the camp.

Friday 19th Several bretheren went in search of sis. stewart but did not find her. I found her in the afternoon in “ash-hollow” as I with several bretheren went to cut an ash log for hand cart axels. Handcarts were mended thro’ the day.

Saturday 20th In the afternoon we travelled a few miles & camped

Sunday 21st Roads sandy. Morning wet. Travelled till evening & camped on the banks of the Platte. A child died in the evening named Wm Leason

Monday 22nd. Travelled about 19 miles & camped on the banks of the Platte River[.] Jesse Emp[e]y aged 31 years died during day. Night rather cold.

Teusday 23rd Some good road thro’ the day. camped on Platte River

ThursdaWednesday 24th Travelled about 14 miles. camped near “Chimney Rock.” A cow was killed after we arrived in camp. A meeting was held in the evening.

Thursday 25th Travelled till we arrived near an old Trading Post & camped. Road good thro’ the day.

Friday 26th Rooled [Rolled] on & camped at Scott’s Bluffs by a small creek. Cedar wood plentiful. Ann Bryant, aged 69 years died.

Saturday 27th Ascended a steep hill & rooled [rolled] on to “Horseshoe creek”.

Sunday 28th Met some apostate Mormons from Salt Lake. We were informed that A. W. Babbitt & the two young men with him had been killed by the Cheyenne’s (indians)[.] Met a company of U.S. dragoons. We camped on the platte.

Monday 29th Rooled [Rolled] out of camp passed an Indian agency. also, several Indians. Joseph B. Elder & myself left for Fort Laramie to obtain letters &c for the camp. A young man, Stephen Forsdick lived at the Fort who had been to the Valley and was formerly a schoolmate of mine. he was an apostate Mormon. Returned to camp with a letter from F. D. Richards to J.G. Willie & one to myself from W.H. Kimball also some other letters to bretheren in camp.

WednesdayTeusday 30th A cow & calf was killed this morning. Dustin Olmy & others from Salt Lake passed our camp this morning, reporting news from the Valley, good. The company crossed Laramie Fork & camped about 2 miles west of Fort Laramie. Travelled about 6 miles. I, & several others went & traded at the fort for flour[,] Bacon, rice, crackers[,] sugar &c. Several soldiers visited camp L[ucinda]. M[elissa]. Davenport eloped to the Fort with S[tephen]. Forsdick.

October Wednesday 1st
Bro Siler with 4 wagons under his charge returned towards the fort to wait for the wagon companies behind. Bros. Willie, Atwood, Savage, Christiansen [Niels Larsen Christensen], Ahmansen & others returned to Fort Laramie to trade. They took the mule team with them. I had charge of the company during the day. Went about 8 miles & camped. David Reeder & William Read [Reed], both died thro’ the day. Some missionaries from G.S.L City passed our camp & informed us that Bro. P[arley]. P. Pratt & others were encamped about 4 miles west. Bro Willie & others returned to camp in the evening.

Thursday 2nd Morning fine Several missionaries came to our camp this morning. Bro. P.P Pratt, came to camp & addressed the Saints, said that the two great parts of the gospel preached in the Valley was “agriculture & Home Manufacture.”

November 1856
Sunday 9th Crossed the little mountain, passed Captain Smoots train. And got into the Valley where the sun was shining brightly. F.D. & S.W. Richards came to meet us on the Bench near the mouth of the kanyon. We formed according to our hundreds & rolled into the city.