Transcript for Williams, Electa C. Briggs, Autobiography, 1885

In the meantime, my daughter, Louisa, was married to Albert H. Bowen on the 1st of April.

Soon after they were married, her husband [Albert Hastings Bowen] hired out to drive a team across the plains to Salt Lake for a Mister Jones, a Welshman from Wales. He was captain over a large company of Welsh people that were going to Salt Lake. Albert left Louisa with me. His mother was a widow. He had built her a home one block from us [in Council Bluffs]. He had the care of his mother and four or five younger children. Louisa's first child, Harriet Electa, was born before he returned from Salt Lake. He was away one year when he came home. They moved to a place across the Missouri River, Bellview was the name. It was on Indian Territory. Albert was a blacksmith and was hired by the government. While living there, their little boy was born. They named him Albert Orlando, his father's name. They lived there until 1852, then came to Bluff City expecting to go with us to Utah. We started the 4 of July 1852[.] they did not come with us[.] they decided to stay over another year[.] Albert owned a Ferry Boat and he took us across the River[.] we traveled one half mile after we crossed the river[.] we came to a Steep hill[.] our Team could not draw our load up the hill[.] we camped there for the night[.] winter quarters was 10 miles from where we camped[.] Mr [Daniel Randall] Williams went horseback to winter quarters to get a team to help us up the hill[.] he expected to be back that night but he could not get back that night[.] we were compelled to stay where we were[.] during the night there came up a teribel Storm[.] it Thunderd and lightend and the rain came in torrents down the hill[.] our cows were tied behind our wagon[.] during the night they broke loose[.] it was so dark and Stormy that we did not think they would leave our wagons but in the morning they were no where to be found[.] as soon as daylight came I went to the Wagon and turned loose a pair of lovely Doves that we were going to take with us[.] after Breakfast I took the children and Started for winter quarters[.] we met him coming with a yoke of Oxen[.] he got them from Henry Miller[.] we reached winter quarters that Night before dark[.] the company had been Organized Previous to our leaving Kaynesville [Kanesville]. Henry Miller was the Captain of our Company of 50 wagons[.] in 4 weeks after we bid our darling Daughter goodbye she was taken with the coleria and Died on the fourth of Aug. 1852[.] little did we know while crossing those wild & dreary plains the Sad tidings that was awaiting us on our arrival in the valley[.] the death of my dear child gone yes gone from me forever in this life, we had Started on our long and tedious journey[.] my husband driveing the Ox team and I the Horse team with our children and a young Lady by the name of Barbry Morgan[.] She done the cooking and other work to be done to pay her expences over the Plains[.] in our company there were 4 women that drove teams over the Plains[:] a Mrs [Elmira Pond] Miller[,] Mrs [Sarah Maria] Chaffin[,] Mrs Marry Ann Hyde better known as that time as Miss [Mary Ann] Price and myself[.] we crossed the Platt[e] River 13 times[.] more times than would have been nesesary if it had not been for the Purpose of finding feed for our animals[.] herds of Buffalows were running over the Plains[.] at one time there weare a large herd together[.] they were going for drink to the River[.] they passed betwen our Wagons[.] at another time there were two lying down with our Stock[.] in the morning one of the men in camp Shot them[.] it Supplied our Company with meat for a few meals[.] only one death in our company Mary Jane Moss[.] we were two months and 20 days crossing the plains[.] arrived in Salt lake Citty Sept. 25 1852, we recieved the Sad tidings of our dear Daughter Louisa Death soon after we reached the City[.] She left her Husband and two little one[s] a Girl and Boy Baby[.] as soon as we could get word to Ogden that we were in Salt Lake our nephew Benjaman Alvord came & took us up there to live with him.