Transcript for Winegar, Alvin, [Record book], in Papers 1841-1906

Alvin Winegar Capt
W[illia]m Parker
W[illia]m Gullier [Gollaher]
Alonzo H. Russell

This may certify that I have here by furnished one waggon one yoke of Oxen one yoke of Cows for the benefit of the poor in my ten, This may certify, I Capt Winegar have furnished one yoke of Oxen for the benefit of Sister Goal in place of her Horses which ware taken back by men to assist the last Co.

July 6th <1852> Jane Pugh <37>[,] Elizabeth Caroline [Pugh] <21>[,] W[illia]m Winegar <2 years>[,] M[argaret]. Winegar <10 months>[,] A[lvin]. Winegar <36 years> & family, Capt[,] Mary Winegar <34>, J[ohn] Winegar <13>[,] [Samuel] T[homas]. Winegar <11>[,]A[lvin]. Winegar <6>[,] W. Parker <31>[,] Maryan[n] Parker <31 years>[,] W H Parker <3>[,] M H <A> Parker <2>[,] Miner Prisbee [Prisbrey,] 43[,] Mary Tobias <23>[,] Mary Tobias <71> G Tobias <4> S[amantha]. Gullier <4>[,] W Gullier <2>[,] W. Gullier <44>[,] E[lizabeth] Gullier <43>[,] M.T. Gullier El[izabeth] Gullier <20>[,] J[ames] Gullier <18>[.] Harriet A Gullier <14>[,] A. H. Russell <31>, Nancy B. Russell <27>[,] Fanny Russell <7>[,] Viola Russell <5>[,] Sophia Russell <3>[,] Linetta t Russell <10>

A Winegar Capt[,] 3 Wagons[,] 12 Oxen[,] 4 Cows[,] 1 Horse
W. Parker 1 Wagon[,] 2 Oxen[,] 2 Cows[,]
W Gullier 3 Wagons[,] 12 Oxen[,] 4 Cows
A H Russell 1 Wagon[,] 4 Oxen[,] 3 Cows