Transcript for Woodbury, Luella Myrlene Snow, Incidents in the lives of Dominicus Carter Snow and his wife Hannah, 3

From Hannah's account we read[,] "Early in the month of June 1862 my parents [Hannah Adams and William Harrison] and we five children started for Utah leaving from Omaha, Nebraska, with the Independent Ox Team Company. By this I mean that every man owned his own team and outfit. Our captain was James War[e]ham. I was four years old and remember a few things about this journey: One day when we had travelled a long, hot dusty way and our camp ground was still a long way off, our little keg of water which we carried in our wagon was empty and we were so hot and thirsty. Our baby [Louisa Eveline], less than eighteen months old, was crying for water when our captain rode up to our wagon on horse back and handed us his canteen full of water, God bless him. We drank thirstily and the wagon bumping along made the water gurgle and run down our chin and made us all laugh."

"We arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, September 26…."