Transcript for Woodward, William, Notes, in Utah State Historical Society Cache Valley Chapter, Historical resource materials for Cache Valley, Utah-Idaho, 1955-1956, reel 4, item 2

After crossing East Kanyon [Canyon] over R. & camping up the narrow valley, we continued the Big Mountain; it was difficult to pull our heavy loads up the mountain but finally we reached the summit and a beautiful panorama was spread before our vision. Mountains & narrow valleys were spread before us, & in the west we could see the western part of Salt Lake valley. it was a beautiful sight & caused joy and happiness to pervade Merit's bosom—To think we were so near the goal of our hopes. We descended the steep mountain & camped in a little valley So near our destination.

We laid by on the Sunday Sept 28, 1851.

On Monday morning we were busy yoking up our cattle, & preparing to enter Salt Lake Valley—we went over the Little Mountain & down Emigration Canyon but alas wagons were broken & young Merit could not get his wagon into the valley that night. But our camp was there in the morning[.] the valley lay spread before us like a picture with the Salt Lake. . . .