Transcript for Woolley, Edwin Dilworth, Jr., [Reminiscences], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 30:141

My first remembrances is of Winter Quarters, in the spring of 1848. I started across the plains with my parents at that time. Mother had a wagon with old fashioned projection boards over the wheels. In the wagon were provisions, beds, household furniture, and five children. Mother and I rode on the bed. We had two yoke of oxen. When we crossed Goose Creek, my sister Mary was born in the wagon. My nose was put out of joint by her advent. I remember the camp fires, corralling the oxen, etc. While traveling up the Platte River I saw thousands of buffalo, wolves, antelope, and Indians, bands and bands, going north.

In September 1848 we arrived in Salt Lake.