Transcript for Woolley, John Mills, Reminiscences [ca. 1851], 71-74

We got back about the 20 th [May 1847]. I then was busily employed in getting ready for the journey.

The 10th June we started[.] Went to the Horn river and joined with those who had previously started [and] were wa[i]ting for the rest if the company to come up[.] we camped there and tarried till the 20th June. They there organized for traveling

We sta[r]ted about the 20th[.] There was in all 566 waggons, The weather was tolerable warm, therefore our progress was slow as it was difficult traveling in so large companies, The country was destitute of timber in a great degree[.] some it be to scarse to afford wood for fuel, we used Buffalo dong [dung] as a substitute[.] some places we obtained kind of bush called Sage Brush, We travel[e]d up the Platt[e] to Larama [Laramie] then crossed the black hills, While on the plat[te] one of my cows died, and the only one that gave milk, The young man James J[ackson]. Davidson my driver (as I had 2 waggons I had a driver) he had one cow along[.] We then traveled up the sweetwater,

We got to what is called the Pacific Spring[s] the 5th of September[.] this is what is called the south pass[.] here we met the Pioneers on their return to Winter Quarters[.] they staid there with us one day,

the 7th we started[.] it snowed on us near half the day[.] the weat[h]er had been quite coll nigh[t]s[.] The place they had located in the Great basin of the Salt lake great basin of north America[.] this is about 230 miles from here

We arrived in the valley the 26th of September[.] the roads for the last hundred miles had been hilly and rough in the extreme . . .