Transcript for Samuel A. Woolley diary, 1879 September-1881 December


Ju Mo. 1st Arrived at Florence at 8 ock AM. put up at the Willard House (Kenneda Proprietor) Spent the day looking around[.] Wrote to my Dear wife & Children[.] mailed the letter &c Bot 27 28 worth Jewellry, pay 12.00 for it in the valley, clear & warm.

Tu 2nd Around trying to get a wngon, Went to Omaha to receive some cows for the Emegration[.] a lot more Saints came up today. Clear

W 3rd Went to Omaha Telegraphed to G[.] B[.] Skinner at St. Joe for a pair mules, got no answer[.] Bot a wagon for $85.00[.] Clear

Th 4th Went to Omaha City[.] got an answer to Telegraph; Went & looked at some oxen for Gates, I was appointed Capt of Danish Co. Clear.

Fr 5th Went to Omaha City after my wagon[.] Porter brought it up, Done some business for Gates[.] Clear

Sa 6th About trying to do something, but did not get much done, my box of things came from ohio, some rain

Su 7th At work fixing out the Danish Co with oxen[.] after noon fixing my wagons, Wrote a letter to my Dear wife & on to my sisters in ohio, Cloudy,

M 8th Went over to Bluff City to try & buy a Span of mules, but found none large enough, bot a few things &c Clear & warm.

Tu 9th Bot a pair mules of Capt W.H. Hooper paid $300.00 for them, one a Brown[,] the other a Bay both mares & 5 & 6 years old, at work loading my wagons &c clear & warm.

W 10th Finished Loading up & moved out to camp, &c. Clear

Th 11th Went to Omaha to trade off the horse Collars I had for mule Collars Pd 1.00 difference &c[.] Clear

Fr 12th Moved the camp out to the Springs[.] Clear

Sa 13th Moved the Danish over to the Little Papas [Papillion]. I then went back to Florence, bot one yoke of oxen of Mr Skinner Pd $60. Wrote a letter to my Dear wife. Clear

Su 14th I Starts from the Springs with my teams went over to the Papea [Papillion] & took the Danish Co. & went to the Elk Horn River. Rained very hard, I was some ahead with my mule teams[,] crossed the Bridge & Camped near a mile on the west, but before the ox teams got there, it became so slipery, that the ox teams could not cross, so I corrraled them & I camped alone. Bro E Snow came down after the rain Ceased

M 15th Bro E Snow organized the Co. My self[,] Capt Bro H[ans].O[lin]. Hanson Capt of Guard[,] Bro [Niels] Wilhelmensen Chaplain[.] Capt of tens[:] 1st Peter A. Nellson [Nielsen,] 2nd [Gustave Adolph] Olson [Ohlson,] 3rd Bro [Peter] Neilson [Nielsen,] 4th [Johan] Fagabor [Fagerberg], 5th [Saamund] Goodmanson [Gudmundsen.] We have 62 Wagons and 6 mules[,] 2 Horses[,] oxen[,] Cows[.] Bro Snow spoke to the Danish awhile. Moved Camp to the slew ½ west of Raw hide Creek, Clear.

Tu 16th Started at 7 ock to Freemont 8 m to Slew 2½ m m, stopt to Bate, thence to Hughes Ranch 4 m[.] Camped[,] good feed &c clear

W 17th This morning Bro W.S. Godby came to camp with a letter from Bro E. Snow to me to Borrow [-] Godby some money for him (Godbe) of some of the Brethren of the Camp[.] I got $203.00 of Bro Baty & $200.00 of Bro [Lars Peter] Edholm[.] Started at 8 ock Drove 7 m stoped to Bate, then drove to North Bend 5 m & Camped. Clear

Th 18th To Shell Creek 8 m, went 5 m more & stoped to Bate[.] no water[.] then to where road joins river & Camped. Rained heavy this evening. very warm during the day. J. W. Young’s Co[.] close by. one ox died in Co

F. 19th To Columbus & Loop Fork & Ferry. 8 m. I got all the wagons crossed for 40 cts each. Bros O. Pratt, E. Snow[,] N.V. Jones, J. Gates, J.W. Young[,] C.V. Spencer, &c. came up[.] Bros Pratt & Snow took supper with me, camped one mile west of Ferry. I got my wagons over free being Capt of Co[.] mostly clear.

Sa 20th Received two letters from my Dear wife, & Son one dated June 6th, the other 20th, June[.] I was glad to get them & more rejoiced to see the Spirit of them[.] So kind and affectionate, May the Lord bless them, There was also one enclosed from Bro Cha Booth. Bros Snow & Pratt brought them from Florence to me. I went over the River for a little cow for $18.00 traded off Snows ox Pd 13.$ to boot, Bro H.O. Hanson lost one cow, he stoped to hunt her, Started on drove 10 m stoped & Bated[.] to Prairie Creek Bridge 2 m crossed & went up one mile & camped. Clowdy, some rain in afternoon.

Su 21st Started at 7½ ock to Egle Island 5 m[.] thence to Stage Station 4 m[.] stop to Bate then followed up the river 7 m to where road leaves the river & Camped[.] road bad good grass, no wood[.] Clowdy

M 22nd Started at 7 ock, to warm[.] Slew South the road 9 m, Bated, thence to Parkers Ranch 5 m[.] Camped near the river[.] No wood[.] good grass[.] Bros[.] Porter, Stewart & Booth came up to travel with us, wrote a letter to send to my Dear wife after 11 ock at night. Clear & warm

[blank space]Tu 23rd Started at 7 ock. Drove along the river for 9 m Stoped Bated. then 6 m & Camped. Some distance from river, & wood[.] Clear & warm.

[blank space]W 24th Bro Porter traded cattle[.] got started at7½ ock[.] Drove 8 m[.] Bated near the river. Thence to Wood river Crossing 9 m. &. Camped[.] I got Supper at the house. Bot some cows. one man broke his wagon houn[d.] Clear, warm & windy.

Th 26th Started at 8 ock. crossed Wood River[.] Drove 8 m Bate, then 9 m to Jonston’s & Camped[.] Bros Pratt & Snow are here, one wagon up set crossing this morning, getting the harness mended, traded off some tame stock for fresh ones &c[.] Clear & windy.

F 26th Wrote a letter to my Beloved Catherine[.] Mailed it at Johnston’s[.] got the wagon repaired that was broke, Started at 11 ock[.] Drove to Boyds place [and] Camped[.] Several Sick. Sister Lang with me one of them[.] Clear & very warm.

[blank space] Sa 27th Started at 7 ock[.] Drove 11 m to where the road joins the River[.] Bated. then on 7 m & Camped by the River[.] Crossed two ravines[.] not much wood[.] grass good. Clear, & very warm.

[blank space]Su 28th Started at 7 ock to Elm Creek 13 m & Camped[.] Bros Pratt & Snow came up[.] Bro Jos. W. Young Co. camped one mile behind us[.] Bros Tanner’s & Sister Foss passed us[.] Crossed one or two Ravines[.] Clear & very warm

M 29th Started at 6½ ock to Buffalow Creek 5 m to a Slew Stream 5 m[.] Stoped to Bate. Thence to River 6 m then up 2 m & camped. An old Sister by the name Inger Christensen [died] about one hour before we camped[.] Clear & very warm.

Tu 30th Burried the Body of Sister Christensen early this morning[.] Started at 6½ ock[.] Drove 12 m[.] Stopd to Bate. [--] found that the ox teams were too far back to make this point in Season So I sent Bro Hanson back to stop them & Bate a mile or two back as they would have to drive a mile out the way to get to water[.] Bro [Lars Petter] Edholm & I nooned alone. Drove 6 m & Camped by the river[.] Clear & warm.

W 31st Started at 7 ock Drove 12 m Stoped to Bate Some distance from river, Road Some Sandy, Thence to Station houses & River 4 m & Camped[.] Road good. I bot 50 ct worth sugar, 80 of Bacon[,] 50 for whiskey[.] Clear & warm.

Thursday August 1st Started at 7 ock to Sand Bluff & River 3 m[.] to River again 4 m Stoped to Bate[.] very heavy Sand[.] My pair mules got scared at a Goose that Bro [R.H.] Porter had killed[,] run around & cracked some spokes in off fore wheel. to Skunk Creek 6 m and Camped[.] Road Sandy. Jos. W. Young Co. came up & Camped[.] Flies the worst I ever saw[.] Clear & very warm

F 2nd Sister Inger Maria Thompson [Thomassen] Died last night. Burried her body early this morning. Started before 7 ock to good Spring of Cold water at head of Pawnee Swamp 7 m & stoped to Bate. Road very sandy Drove on 1 m came down to carrion creek came near the River[,] heavy sand for 3 m[.] Carrion Creek 5 m from Spring thence to River 3½ m and camped[.] Flies awful Bad[.] I [d]ivided Co[.] made Bro Porter Capt of the 2nd Division. Clear & warm.

Sa 3rd Started at 7 ock followed up along the River to Black Mud Creek 7 m[.] one mile further Stoped to bate, then drove 9 m along the River[.] Crossed two Slews, & Camped. Road good except about ½ m Sand. P.M.

Su 4th Started at 6½ ock to Sandy Bluff Fork 3 m good road[.] thence 6 m over high Sand Bluff, & stoped by a Spring. then 4 m over low Sand Bluffs, then 8 m over high Sand Bluffs[.] had to Double teams[.] Camped by a small creek, River close by[.] Some of the Co did not get to camp untill dark, Clear untill about 3 ock & very warm, then cool.

M 5th Started at 6½ ock to a small creek 3 m to another[.] 1 m to where road comes near the River 1½ & camped to let the women wash & to lett Porter come up, but he did not get along & only 5 miles behind[.] not very good feed. Clear & warm.

[blank space] Tu 6th Started at 6¼ ock to Creek between Sand Bluffs ½ m over heavy sand Bluff to River, Creek, & Spring 3 m. Drove on 7 m over Sandy Road. Crossed a number of small creeks. Stoped to Bate, one man broke one of his wagon houn[d]s, put in a new one, then Drove 3 m & Camped one mile from water, as there was a Storm come up. good grass all along & good springs for 2 m & one Small Creek[.] Road little Sandy mostly clear & warm (very) rain in eveing.

W 7th Started at 6½ ock to Rattle Snake Creek 3 m[.] 30 ft wide to creek & River 7 m stopd to Bate, to two Small Creeks 3 m. Camp Creek 2 m 20 ft wide. to Small Creek 4 m camped ½ m west near the River. good feed. Some Springs along, Road mostly sandy Rained in the evening. P.M. very warm. Distance 16½

Th 8th Started at 6½ ock to Wolf Creek 1 m here[.] the East foot of Big Sand hill Doubled teams for ½ m to River again ¼ to [-] watch Creek 3 m[.] Stoped to Bate[.] Rained last night make the road heavy, some sandy. to Ash Hollow 7 m camped ½ mi above, had one Creek or Slew to Cross P.M. Road some sandy, Distance 11 miles

F 9th Rained some last night[.] Started out at 7 ock to Castle Creek 2½ m to Creek South the road 3 m[.] Stopd to Bate. Then Drove 5 m on the road then Struck off in a Slant wise direction to the River & Camped. I worked one of Bro Edholm mule & let him work mine on his carriage. My mule seems sick for a day or two past. Mostly clowdy but warm[.] Road good[.] Distance 16 m

Sa 10th Rained last night. Started at 7¼ ock. Drove about 6 m where road joins River[.] Stopd to Bate, Rained in after noon So I did not move Camp. Porter came up[.] my cow is very lame. had Bro Edholm mule again[.] Good road.

[blank space] Su 11th Started at 6½ ock to Crab Creek 6 m[.] Drove on 2½ m[.] Stoped to Bate ¼ m from River. feed poor, to Cobble Hill 3 m over to River again 4 m. Drove on 1 m & Camped[.] Good grass some Brush on an Island close by. had a heavy rain after we got in to camp. Road mostly good[.] Distance 16½ m

M 12th Rained last night. Started at 7½ ock[.] Drove 8 m[.] Stopd to Bate by River[.] good road[.] then 6 m & Camped by River[.] No wood & poor feed. Some Sandy to day traveled along the River some distance 14 m[.] I don’t feel very well .A.M. Clowdy P.M. Clear[.] Distance 14 m

T 13th Started at 6½ ock Drove 8 m & stoped to Bate near the River[.] followed the River some distance. then 7 m to where Road comes near the River & Camped[.] Road Some Sandy, & Soft. mostly clear[.] little rain in eveing[.] Distance 15 m

W 14th Started at 6½ ock to Chimney Rock (South of River) 3 m, thence 8 m to where road joins river. Stopd to Bate. There is a road follows the river up but I did not notice where it took off[.] Road bad oweing to the quantity of rain fell lately, otherwise would be good. Thence 7 m & camped by River about ½ m. from Road I left my cow this morning[.] She is very lame & has got so very poor that she cannot travel. road good. Distance 18 m. Clear

Th 15th Bros O. Pratt & E. Snow[,] Jos W. Young[,] L. N. Scovill & two others came up just before we started. Started at 7 AM[.] good chance to camp for two or three miles then no chance along the road till we get to Spring Creek 11 m from camp[.] Stoped to Bate. thence 5 m camped by creek ¼ m south of road[.] Good road, good feed[.] Clear & pleasant

F 16th Started at 6½ ock[.] Drove 1½ m then took a left hand road & went to River[.] followed up some 5 m then bore off a little to old road & on to where road joins river 9 m from camp, Stoped to Bate, good feed some wood[.] Road good, we avoided some sand & shortened the distance about 1 m by taking the river road, it would not be a good road in the Spring[.] P.M. Drove 5 m turned off road ¼ to Skunk Grove & camped, oweing to it commencing to rain, but only rained very little after all, two good camping places in the 5 m, Plenty of wood[,] Water and Grass, mostly clear[.] Distance 14 m

Sa 17th Starts at 6¾ ock[.] Drove some 10 m & Stoped[.] very little grass[.] good chance to camp the first 5 m[.] after that very poor road[.] little Sandy P.M. Drove 5 m & camped off the road[.] Road sandy, had a severe hail storm[.] oxen run around & broke one of Bro Hanson's wagon cover tongue's & I just got to camp & un-harnessed before the storm commenced[.] had job to keep my mules from running off in the storm[.] Mostly clear[.] Distance 15 m

Su 18th Some of the Brethren traded off their lame oxen to an Indian trader. Started at 8 ock[.] Drove 5 m[.] Stoped[.] I went on[.] found good grass[,] Wood & water[.] went back moved the camp on 8 mile off road both times[.] Road sandy[.] some Indians about Camp[.] Wrote a letter to send to my Dearly Beloved wife after 9 ock P.M. God Bless her I Pray[.] Mostly clear.

M 19th Started at 8 ock to River opposite Larramie 3 m, on to where there was feed 8 m[.] Stoped to Bate, got up the cattle, then commenced to rain so we turned them out again, & Stoped all day[.] rained but little after all, Sent 3 men over to Larramie to mail letters & get some things for Co. I had one mailed to my wife & Received one from her & my son S.W., I was very glad to hear from them but was vexed at the way Jos the hired man had acted, But I will be home before long (D.V.) road Sandy

Tu 20th Laid in Camp untill 3½ ock on account of rain[.] Hitched up to Start. & in starting out my ox wagon up Set Bro Edholms Buggy[,] Broke the box & two spokes some & fixed it up & drove on 3 m to where we intend to cross the River & camped. good feed, & wood, rained in the evening.

W 21st Rained most of the night & forenoon, P.M crossed the River, good feed. Drove 6 m & camped one mile from mail Station[.] Came down one steep hill. Jos. W. Young passed going to meet his train.

Th 22nd Started at 6 ock[.] Passed over Rockey Point ½ m, up hills & hollows & to Rockey Point again 8 m & up a hill again & Stoped & Bated to let Porter get ahead out of the way to Bitter Cotton Wood Creek from camp 8 m. Water below Road. Thence to Spring right of Road 9 m, & camped[.] no feed. I went off to River some 2 m found feed[,] drove the stock to it[.] Road good and Rolling Rockey Point 3 m back Clear & Pleasant

F 23rd The guard left out one yoke of Bro Edholm oxen[.] detain us some time[.] Started at 7 ock, to horse Shoe Creek 3 m, to River on Lower road 7 m[.] Stoped & Bated. Then over the hill to River again 6 m, Road good, goor feed at those points[.] Clear & pleasant

Sa 24th Started at 6½ ock to we crossed the River 3½ thence along in sight of the River for 6½ m & Stoped to Bate a little off the road, tolerable feed along. Road good. P.M. Drove about 7 m & Camped near the river, but very little feed. Road some rough & sandy[.] Clear

Su 25th Started at 5½ ock to crossing of River 4 m bottom sandy, one of my mules lay down in the water, & ox team stuck[.] I had to go into the water, drove on 4 m to the Lapriel [LaPrele.] Stoped to Bate, lots of camps Bate here, drove on 7 m & camped no feed, drove cattle to River had to hunt feed after dark. Wrote a letter to my Dear wife &c. Road mostly good some sand. Passed Col Cooks detatchment from Utah in camp. They shot at the train[.] Clear

M 26th Started at 6 ock to Box Elder Creek 3½ m thence and into the Sand hills 2 m & Stoped to Bate, to River 2 m[.] watered[.] to Deer Creek 5 m[.] got my Barley & sold my flour for two Buffalow Robes, on to feed 1 m by River & Camped[.] had a letter from Bro E Snow[.] feed poor[.] Clear & warm

Tu 27th Started at 6½ ock[.] Drove 12 m in sight of River, but no feed of acct[.] Stoped to rest the teams, then drove 16 m & Camped near the River, feed poor[,] road good[.] Clear & warm

W 28th Started at 6½ ock to wide Bottom & good feed 2½ m[,] to Bridge 2 more[.] Pd 40 cts per wagon to cross on Bridge

Th 29th This morning a lot of the oxen lost, guard of but little acct. found them & got started at 11 ock A.M. In steep pitch ½ mile, to Rockey avenue 8 m, to alkali Swamp 2 m[,] to Spring Creek 4 m[,] to Willow Springs 2½ m & camped[.] no feed[.] correlled the oxen, after dark when we got here[.] No feed all day. Clear

F 30th Started at break day drove over to fish Creek 6 m. followed down one & stoped. Some feed here, there generally is feed further up Started again at 11 ock A.M. followed down to Horse or Grease wood Creek 6 m[.] No feed all the way[.] Some of the Brethren sold some flour at the Station here. followed down Horse Creek 4 m found good feed & Camped[.] got some load out of Bro Snows wagon[.] road some Sandy[.] Clear & warm to Sweet Water River.

Sa 31st Started at 6 ock[.] Drove to Sweet water River 8 m heavy sand, half way, followed up 2 miles & stoped to Bate, then to Devils Gate 3 m, & 1 m more & camped to shoe some oxen. Road some sandy. one of my oxen gave out. Clear

Sunday Sept 1st I traded off the ox that gave out & the Same ox for another yoke[.] paid one sack Sugar & 10.00 cash to Boot. Shod one of my oxen & some others[.] Started at 11½ ock drove 10 m & Camped, not far from the river any of the time[.] Shod 2 more of my oxen[.] Wrote a letter to send to my poor Dear Wife. Clear & windy.

M 2nd Started at 6½ ock. left the river for two miles passed through some rockey points, along the river 7 miles more & Stoped to Bate[.] one ox died belonging to [Anders] Krog on to [-] three Crossings 9 m & Camped[.] gave my letter to go to my wife to the mail carrier to mail at next office[.] Pd 10 c. Clear

Tu 3rd Started at 7 ock drove 8 m & stoped to Bate[.] to 5th crossing 1 m thence to Ice Springs 6 m & stoped[.] road some sandy[.] Clear

W 4th Started at 6¾ ock. drove to 5 crossing Sweetwater & stoped for Breakfast. distance 10 m, over the hills 4 m[.] crossed the river twice then up 3 m & Camped[.] feed good[.] road tolerable. Clear

Th 5th Started at 5½ ock 1½ m to Rockey Ridge Station[.] got my flour, my Barley was missing so I got 100 lbs flour in its stead[.] got some of Jos. W. Youngs for the Camp[.] drove up to foothill 1½ mi and stoped for Breakfast[.] met David Kimball. he gave me some onions, thence to Strawbury Creek 14 m & Camped, no place before for such a large Co. to camp before, there was small spring about 6 m[.] poor feed here. Clear

F 6th Started at 6 ock to Rock Creek 3 m to Willow Creek. 7 m thence on a left hand road to Sweet water 4 m[.] Stopd to shoe some oxen, thence to Big Bend of Sweetwater 9 m & camped[.] Porter came up here, had lost 16 oxen & 2 cows[.] Clear

Sa 7th Started at 7 ock to Pacific Springs 4 m, Bated there, took 700 lbs out of Bro Porters wagon & 300 lbs out of Bro Hansons & distributed it in the Co., drove out 9 m made a dry camp, good feed had little rain in evening. Clear during day

Su 8th Started at 5¼ ock to dry Sandy 2 m thence to Little Sandy left hand road 12 m, Bated. one of ouglands oxen died. Porters division lost 3 more, thence to crossing of Little Sandy 3 m. then down 5 m & camped after dark. met Lewis Robinson, Clear, Cold & windy

M 9th Lay by this fore noon[.] had meeting, tried Bro [Hans O.] Wedding [Vidding] on two charges, neither of but little acct. Started at 12½ ock. to Big Sandy 3½ miles, then on 6 ½ m more[.] made a dry camp[.] Clear

Tu 10th One Bro Hansons oxen lost[.] found it & Started at 8 ock to Burnt Hollow 4 m thence to Big bend of Sandy 7 m & stoped to Bate but very poor feed[.] Drove 5 m & Camped[.] tolerable feed. Clear.

W 11th Started at 6 ock to Green River 5 m[.] Stoped 4 hours dined with S. Robinson then drove on 10 m on new road[.] Made dry camp

[Trail journal stops here. Starts again with January 1st 1862.]