Transcript for Wride, Barry, Large Journal, June 23-September 13, 1861, in W. Thomas Wride, ed., Barry Wride, 1833-1913, His Family and His Journals (1999), 16-19

Moved out from Florence on the 23 for the purpose of organizing the Company of about 60 waggons[.] Homer Duncan was appointed Capt of the Co and Captains of Tens were also Appointed and started out next day the Company made a purchase of a Mule and presented it to Capt Duncan for the work on the Plains to gather up the Cattle[.] The matter appeared to give Satisfaction to all the Camp and a good expression was given at the meeting where a Collection was made for means to pay the expense Journey accross the Plains[.] The matter of Yoking and driving Cattle was to me a new thing however not So much as it was to Some others[.] I had been where Oxen were employd on Farms plowing[,] harrowing & common farm work and had been among stock all my life but Starting out on the desert a long journey at first appeared a strange employment[.] I had joined teams with Brother David John on one Waggon[.] we were fairly loaded with provission Stove and other effects for travelling. Bedding Clothing &c and five persons[.] I was understood and advised that able bodied person travel afoot much of the way to Spare the teams and preserve their strength for the through trip which was attended with good effect and our team pulld through all right[.] I soon became delighted in driving Ox Team and attending to Camp matters in general aid also in the Cooking Fuel water Setting up tent &c &c[.] At the Camp fire at nights we often refered to the Friends in the Old Country and to incidents on the journey here[.] let me refer to Bros’s Jos Rees an W[illia]m Gwyn[n] who had a goodly sum of money on his person in a belt[.] gold sovereigns[.] he was robbd of the Belt and money at Florence and Rees was accused of the Theft and Searched and demanded to disgorge and Confess and abused unjustly for the real theif was arrested by the officer and a goodly amounts of the Money recovered[.] a trial of the fellow was had at law in Court but law was a weak thing on the frontiers at that early period and the proceedings was almost a farce but as stated Gwyn had Some of the money returned and had to be satisfied and Rees was exonerated but felt Justly Sore for the abuse and injury

Our experience in travelling up the Platte Valley was of some interest twa’s hot and dusty many sand bluffs heavy travelling and hard on our teams[.] Ash Hollow was a place of some note had a holly day being the 24th of July Calld Pioneer Day[.] many of the Camp Crossd the river Platt[e] for Curiosity gathered Some wild Currants to make pies[.] had quite a treat in that line[.] in the evening also had a Concert Singing and dancing in the open air

Nothing of particular or unusual transpired up the Platt River except bathing nearly every day and a pleasant time for travelling[.] the next place of not[e] was Chimney rock on the South of the river[.] we made an effort to go it but found the distance to much to reach there[,] we turned back[,] a small party of us at evening[.] distances were deceiving & further off than appeared to us[.] for instance[,] we started to a bluff or hill for fuel one evening and kept agoing but our objective point Seamed further off as we travelled So we turned back to Camp

August 1861 Laramie was the next point of interest[.] here we Crossd the Platt river from the North side to the South fording the Stream averaging 3 feet deep drivig team holding to the Bow of the Yoke and wading along[.] got through in good shape[.] Campd there on the South and went to the Fort[.] There were a few US Soldiers guarding the Mail route

This was my Birth Day Aug 4 1861 we gathered Some wild Currant and made Cakes and pies and had a feast calld the passover (pass over the Platt) we crossd the river Several times[.] on the 12th we crossd[,] this was at Dear [Deer] Creek[.] Several of the Brothern traded off some flour to the Indians for Buffalo Robes[.] I made a purchase of one for $500[.] it served a goo[d] purpose for several years in winter for bedding[.] we did some repairing of waggons and shoeing Cattle

The next place of note was the Sweetwater and Devil[’s] Gate

Reachd Green River on the 31st[.] Feid [feed] and fuel had been quite an object but here we were well supplied and appreciated a good fire

Ham’s Fork[,] Blacks Fork and Fort Bridger were points of interest[.] there were several Trains of Emigrants passing and repassing East & West[.] Some appeared in a hurry as they passd our train toward the West

On the 10th of Sept we reach the Weber[.] on this day we missd one of our oxen[,] drove with other Cattle toward the East[.] I went back up the Emigration Kanyon 15 miles in search but Could not overtake the Company but Communicated with Some of the party and the Ox was returned to Salt Lake City

11th Sept[.] Started early in the Mourning westward afoot to overtake the train[.] travelled 35 miles had a hard time[,] sore feet[,] tired out[,] overtook train at the foot of the Big Mountain[.] glad to have a rest[.] the crossing of Creeks and streams gave me some trouble[.] (arrival in Salt Lake City) as night overtook me between Weber and the Big Mountain Crossing the Creek Several times.

Campd between Big & little Mountain on the night of the 12th Sept and arrived in Salt Lake City next day[.] we were invited to Stay at C.V. Spencers House and slept there that night