Transcript for Wride, Barry, Small Journal, June 23-July 25, 1861, in W. Thomas Wride, ed., Barry Wride, 1833-1913, His Family and His Journals (1999), 51-52

Sunday 23rd We moved out from Florence about one mile[.] we were organized into a company to cross the plains[.] Bros/ Andrus & McAlister preached[.] Bro/ [Jacob] Gates made the appointments[.] Bro/ Homer Dunkun [Duncan] Capt[.] Capt of tens were also appointed

Monday 24th I went to Florence

Sunday 7th We passed several small settlements travelled about 18 miles

Monday 8th We arrived at Wood river center Johnson’s store 175 miles from Omaha[.] we met Bro E Oliver late Pastor of Manchester at this place

Tewsday 9th We stop’d at this place until the afternoon to repair some of the waggons[.] travelled 5 miles

Wed 10th 15 miles

Thurs 11th We crossed Wood river in the mourning

Fryday 12th We camped on the Platt[e] r[iver]

Sat 13th We travelled along Buffalo creek crossed it in the evening

Sunday 14th travelled about 20 miles camped near the river

Monday 15th We made a long trip this day camped on the Platt

Tewsday 16th We came to the Ponies spring [Pawnee Spring] in the afternoon it is a fine spring[,] the best we had yet on the journey[.] We camped near a fine creek

Wed 17th Some of the Cattle & much w[illegible] ing consequently we were obliged to stay until the afternoon[.] some of the boys caught a number of fishes in the creek[.] we camped on the Platt

Thurs 18th We crossed three mud holes in the afternoon camped on the Platt

Fry 19th We crossed some mud holes and a creek called the sandy bluffs creek[.] we travelled 4 miles of sands[.] it was heavy draging for the cattle[.] camped on the Platt

Sat 20th We travelled some heavy sand Bluffs in the mourning & crossed a small creek[.] camped on the Platt

Sunday 21st Crossed a very heavy sand Bar[.] We had as much as we could do to get up without doubling teams[.] campd on the Platt[.] heavy rain & thunder

Monday 22nd Camped near a creek[.] crossed a heavy sand Bluff travelled til near sunset

Tews 23rd Camped near a creek[.] crossed a very long sand Bluff the heavest we met yet[.] we were obliged to double teams[.] cloudy in the evening

Wed 24th Camped at Ash Hallow [Hollow] remained there all day[.] very hot day[.] concert in the evening singing[,] reciting & dancing in the evening in commemoration of the day that the pioneers entered the Valley G[reat] S[alt] Lake

[Thur] 25th Camped near the Platt fine breeze in the mourning[,] very hot at noon[,] good road[.] thunder in the evening