Transcript for Wright, Caroline (Karen Marie) Olsen, Reminiscences, in Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, 4 vols. ([Salt Lake City]: International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1998), 4:3474

we took our hand carts and went to Omaha wher we recived our provisons which was 60 pounds flower [flour] to ech person and 4 pounds of meet [meat] . . . we was five girls to one hand cart while we was in Omaha[.] wee give a women a dress for a pan of clapper[.] one evning we tought we would gou and have a bath but when we cane down to the river there was so many sneaks [snakes] that we had to give it up[.] one night whily travling when we cane to camp I was so fread of sneakks that I der not sleepon the ground so I went out and sleep in the hand cart and when I muved in the night the cart tip me out on my head so I dit not sleep any more than night[.] it took us 4 weeks to cross the planes [plains.] when we came to fort larme [Laramie] we had not any more flower[.] we had to walk all day and pule the cart on our one buisket [biscuit] a day but ther at Larme we got some flower[.] we crost the Laplat [Platte] 13 times one day[.] we walked barfooted and ther was ice on the wather[.] the indeans [Indians] was very good to help us cross the Rivers[.] the(y) would trow rops out for us to take hold of and puld us across[.]we came to Salt Lake in sebitember [September] same year