Transcript for Wright, Isabel, [Court Testimony], Deseret Evening News, 18 Nov. 1889, 3


testified—I live at Mill Creek; crossed the plains 28 years ago; Wm. H. Hame [Dame] was captain of the company; Martin Wardell is my father; do not remember a man named Green; never heard of him or any other man being killed; heard father first tell this story about two years ago; I told him there was no man killed, and he said no more. Father don't mean to tell a story out he imagines things, and then believes they are true. I know several instances of the kind, where there was no foundation for his statements. He is a dreamer and a visionary man.

To Mr. Dickson—I am not very fond of him; I am a "Mormon;" I understand he is an apostate.

The proceedings were still in progress when we went to press.