Transcript for Young, Joseph A., "Remarks," Deseret News, 19 November 1856, 292

By Elder Joseph A. Young, Tabernacle, Sunday, Nov. 16, 1856.

Brethren and sisters, as I have the latest news from companies yet on the plains , and as you are all anxious to hear from them, I have been the first one called upon to speak to you this morning.

You are aware that Capt. Geo. [George] D. Grant's relief company left this city on the 7th of Oct. to go and meet the immigration. Capt. Grant kept an express in advance until we reached the Devil's Gate, when he sent three of us on to the Platte river, to see if we could find the companies or hear of them.

We traveled until the 28th, when we met Capt. Edward Martin's company of hand carts and Capt. Hodgett's wagon company, at a place called Red Buttes, 16 miles below the Platte bridge. We met Capt. J. A. Hunt's wagon company 26 miles below the bridge.

The brethren and sisters appeared to be in good health and spirits. Capt. Martin informed us that about 56 out of 600 had died upon the plains, up to that date. Those who had died were mostly old people.

On the 29th, I returned from Capt. Hunt's to Capt. Martin's company. Capt. Martin had started early in the morning, and when I overtook them their cry was, "let us go to the Valley; let us go to Zion."

I camped with them that night in the snow, at a place called Rocky Avenue, near the Devil's Gate. The next day I journeyed on towards Capt. Grant's company, and on the 31st rode into their camp and found all well.

In the morning Capt. Grant sent me and br. Abel Garr on an express to this city. We found plenty of teams at Fort Bridger, and by this time the hand carts have all the assistance necessary to take them up and bring them in within nine days from to-morrow. There were teams enough, so soon as they could meet them, to bring them right through as fast as horses and mules can travel, and such will be done.

All the companies requested me to inform the Saints in the valleys that they desired your faith and your prayers, and that they would endeavor to merit them in their journey and after their arrival.

That the blessing of God may attend them is my sincere desire: Amen.