Transcript for Young, Rhoda Byrne Jared, [Reminiscences], in Eleanor McAllister Hall, comp., The Book of Jared [1963], 34

About the 10th of May we started from Council Bluffs in the 5th Company under Capt. Tidwell. My husband, Adolphia Young, was captain of one of the Tens. We had not gone far when the cholera made its appearance in our camp. On the 2nd of July my husband was taken with the dread disease. He lingered four days and died on the 5th of July 1852 near the Wood River one hundred miles out of Winter Quarters. My oldest son, Samuel, was taken with the same complaint on the 7th and died on the 8th on Elm Creek. Thus I was bereft of my husband and my son only three days between their deaths. Oh, I felt that there was no power but the Lord's that could sustain me under this overwhelming stroke.

I, with the help of my oldest daughter, Frances, drove my own team, yoking my cattle mornings and unyoking them evenings. About the 20th of Sept. we landed in Salt Lake City where I had so long desired to be.