Church History


    Christmas in Hawaii, 1886

    The Christmas of 1886 was an eventful one at the mission home in Hawaii. As Julina Lambson Smith recalled, “A Christmas dinner was served in good Lanihuli style, consisting of roast pig and poi, bread and butter, stewed chicken, roast beef, baked beans, sweet and Irish potatoes, plum pudding, fruit and plain cake, mince and custard pies, guava jelly, bananas, oranges, etc. etc.” Sometime after the meal, Elizabeth Noall gave birth to a baby, “the finest Christmas gift of them all.” To close out the day, most of the mothers who had not just given birth took their children down to the beach for a Christmas swim.

    Julina L. [Julina L. Smith] letter to Susa Young Gates, Young Woman’s Journal, vol. 3, no. 4 (Jan. 1892), 180