Church History


    A Welcome Supper

    In the Danish-language Salt Lake newspaper, Biküben, Anders Winberg described how local Saints welcomed an 1876 company of immigrants with a feast laid out on tables up to 60 feet long. The food was not “brought around by maids-in-waiting nor beautiful Valkyries,” he wrote, but the new Saints “helped themselves at will.” Winberg also noted that after the meal, “these newcomers did not follow the habit of their northern ancestors in olden times, who, if history is correct, used to knock each other down with gnawed bones; but all sought the sleep they greatly needed, some at the homes of friends in the city, and others in the sheds built in the Tithing Yard.”

    William Mulder, trans., “Arrival of Latter-day Saint Immigrant 1876,” Improvement Era, Jan. 1951, 28