Church History


    Brother Notaro and the Word of Wisdom

    Luigi (Luis) Notaro was an Italian emigrant living in Buenos Aires in 1928. Upon his conversion to the gospel, he went to the bar to pay off his long-standing wine account. But he kept two old, smelly pipes at home in a can atop a high shelf. When asked why he kept them, he said, “I have smoked since I was six. It was very, very difficult for me to give up smoking. . . . [W]hen I can almost no longer resist and feel I have to go against my better judgment and smoke again, I come in and look at those pipes, and then I ask them, ‘Who’s the boss here! Are you the boss or am I the boss?’ I then immediately lose my desire to smoke and can go on about my business.” Later, as Brother Notaro’s confidence increased, Sister Notaro gave the pipes an “honorable burial” in the garden.

    Frederick S. Williams and Frederick G. Williams, From Acorn to Oak Tree (1987), 59–60