Woman’s Exponent blog series

    Woman's Exponent—Women's Rights and Suffrage
    Using quotes from the recently digitized Woman’s Exponent, Jen Barkdull explains how Latter-day Saint women used the magazine to express their unique views on women’s rights and suffrage.
    Woman’s Exponent—I Would Learn the Healer’s Art: Medicine and Remedies
    In this second post in a series highlighting the Woman’s Exponent magazine, Jen Barkdull uses quotes to feature women’s attitudes toward medicine and home health care.
    Woman’s Exponent—Poetry Proponent
    This third installment of the Woman’s Exponent series explores the significance and the beauty of the poetry published in the magazine.
    Woman’s Exponent—Daughters of Zion: Female Biographical Narratives
    In the fourth installment of the Woman’s Exponent series, Anne Berryhill highlights the personal stories women shared through biographies, tributes, and reminiscences.
    Woman’s Exponent—Pioneer Day!
    In the fifth post of the Woman’s Exponent series, Emily Crumpton describes how women used the magazine to honor the pioneers and to report on Pioneer Day celebrations near and far.
    Woman’s Exponent—Cooperatives: Learning, Thinking, and Working Together
    In the sixth installment of our series highlighting the Woman’s Exponent, Anne Berryhill discusses how women worked together to cultivate themselves spiritually, intellectually, and financially through their industry.
    Woman’s Exponent—The Great Debate: Editorials and Opposing Views
    In the seventh post in the Woman’s Exponent series, Jen Barkdull explores the way women used the editorial feature of the newspaper to communicate, share their faith and feelings, and even disagree from time to time.
    Woman’s Exponent—Acting with Authority
    In the eighth post of the Woman’s Exponent series, Anne Berryhill explores how women shared their connection to the priesthood within the pages of the paper.
    Woman’s Exponent—More Than a Domestic Drudge: Women and Education
    In this ninth installment of our Woman’s Exponent series, Michelle Sayers highlights the importance women placed on education, both for themselves and for their children.
    Woman’s Exponent—“The Back Bone of the Kingdom of God”
    In this tenth installment in the Woman’s Exponent series, Faye Fischer looks at how the newspaper communicated ideas of religious doctrine, philosophical thought, and personal testimony.
    Woman’s Exponent—Resolutions
    In this penultimate post in the Woman’s Exponent series, Faye Fischer explores the resolutions and inspirational messages written in January issues through the years.
    Woman’s Exponent—Reflections
    In the final post of the Woman’s Exponent series, the authors reflect on their research experience and the historical and personal value of the newspaper.