Missouri Historic Sites

Independence Visitors’ Center: Independence, Missouri
The Independence Visitors’ Center, located in Independence, Missouri, is a Latter-day Saint visitors’ center that interprets the 1830s Latter-day Saint community that formed in this city. In 1831 the Lord revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith that Independence, in Jackson County, Missouri, would become a “city of Zion,” a gathering place for Saints, and a location for a future temple.
Liberty Jail
Liberty Jail, located in Liberty, Missouri, is a reconstruction of a jail where the Prophet Joseph Smith received divine revelations of comfort in March 1839. The reconstructed jail is housed within a Latter-day Saint visitors’ center that interprets these revelations about the persecutions and sufferings of the Saints and the peace promised to those who endure in faith.
Far West Temple Site: Far West, Missouri
The Far West Temple Site, located several miles northwest of Kingston, Missouri, is where Latter-day Saints began to build a temple in July 1838. Serving as the Church headquarters for a short time, Far West, in Caldwell County, Missouri, was also the location where the Lord revealed the full name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and established the law of tithing.
Hawn’s Mill
In 1838, 17 Latter-day Saints were killed by vigilantes at Hawn’s Mill, a frontier settlement located in Caldwell County, Missouri. Today, Hawn’s Mill, located several miles northwest of Braymer, Missouri, is a peaceful commemorative landscape with trees and Shoal Creek on one side of a large, open field and farmland on the other.
Adam-ondi-Ahman: Jameson, Missouri
Originally called Spring Hill, Adam-ondi-Ahman was a short-lived 1838 Latter-day Saint settlement located in Daviess County, Missouri. Today, Adam-ondi-Ahman, located a few miles southeast of Jameson, Missouri, is a place of beauty and quiet contemplation.
What to Expect When You Visit the Church’s Historic Sites in Missouri