Bertha Stone Reeder

Fifth Young Women General President



“It is wonderful to be a Latter-day Saint woman, with all the possibilities of marriage for time and eternity. It is wonderful, being worthy to enter the temple. What joy and peace of mind we have when we know that our families will be reunited after death, that we will live again as husband and wife.”

(Bertha Julia Stone Richards, “It is Good to Live Now” [Brigham Young University address, Nov. 18, 1959, no. 18], in Speeches of the Year, 1959–1960 [Provo, UT: Extension Publications, 1959], 7)


“My father had two cows and one had a calf and he gave it to the three of us children. And he took care of it and raised it until it was a year old. So we called it Annie Rooney, and that calf followed us around all over and it seemed like such a pet, we just loved it. It would come and nuzzle his nose against us. . . . We went [to my grandmother’s] home for my grandmother’s birthday and my father sold the calf to the butcher. When we came home we were heartbroken because of the loss of this calf. So then my father put us around the table and gave each one of us a third of the money for the calf. After he had given it to us then he said, ‘Now the Lord gave you Annie Rooney, and you have to give back the Lord the tenth that he asked for.’ So he took the tenth out for each one of us and then he sent it to the bishop in Corinne [Utah]. That was the first tithing I ever paid and I’ve paid tithing ever since.”

(Bertha Reeder Richards, interviewed by Jill C. Mulvay, Apr. 29, 1974, Ogden, Utah, typescript, 2, Church History Library, Salt Lake City)


  • 1950—Class name and age groups are realigned: Beehives, ages 12 through 13; Mia Maids, ages 14 through 15; Junior Gleaners, ages 16 through 17; Gleaners, ages 18 through 24.
  • 1950—Speech and quartet festivals held in local units and at June conference in Salt Lake City.
  • 1950—Annual individual award certificate program begins.
  • 1950–1961—Series of posters issued entitled “Be Honest with Yourself.”
  • 1959—Junior Gleaners (ages 16 through 17) replaced by Laurels (ages 16 through 18).
  • 1960—“Era of Youth” section inaugurated in the Improvement Era.