Elaine Schwartz Dalton

Thirteenth Young Women General President


“Our desire is to help young women be worthy and pure and to prepare every young woman to receive the blessings and ordinances of the temple. . . . We will work tirelessly with your daughters, with you, and with priesthood and Young Women leaders to protect and strengthen and prepare our precious young women to be virtuous and pure and live the standards that will help them be free and happy and allow them to reach their divine potential. We know that we are all elect daughters of God. We also know that each one of us has a great work to perform.”

(Elaine S. Dalton, in “For the Strength of Youth: A Resource for Parents and Leaders" [Brigham Young University Women’s Conference, May 1, 2008], byu.edu)

First Counselor:

  • Mary Nielsen Cook (April 5, 2008–2013)

Second Counselor:

  • Ann Monson Dibb (April 5, 2008–2013)