Errata for Saints

    1 November 2018

    The following errors appeared in early English print copies of Saints, Volume 1: The Standard of Truth. The errors have been corrected in electronic versions of the English text and, when applicable, in other languages. The print edition has been or will be updated in subsequent printings.

    Page xiii. Japanese archipelago missing from map.

    Page 31. Remove “on his property” from the sentence “Josiah had hired the young man and his father to help him find buried treasure on his property.” Remove “the Stowell farm in” from “When Joseph and his father came to the Stowell farm in Harmony, Pennsylvania.” Joseph Smith Sr. and Jr. were hired to help Josiah Stowell locate treasure near the Hale property in Harmony, Pennsylvania, not the Stowell property in South Bainbridge, New York.

    Pages 96–97. Replace “Soon after the revelation, Joseph and Emma traveled to Colesville, where Emma and the Saints there ​were finally confirmed. As the new members received the gift of the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of the Lord filled the room.” with “Soon after the revelation, Newel and Sally Knight visited from Colesville, and Sally and Emma were confirmed. As the two women received the gift of the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of the Lord filled the room.”

    Page 342. Replace “starting” with “started” in “a mob had starting setting wildfires.”

    Page 390. “Him” should be capitalized in “all who turned to him in their trials.”

    Page 594, note 11. Add explanation: “The Lord repeated this promise not long after, in what is now Doctrine and Covenants 10:53.”

    Page 699. Add subentry under index entry for “Woodruff, Phebe Carter”: “near-death experience, 373–74.”