Janette Callister Hales Beckham

Tenth Young Women General President



“It is so important in this day that we build an inner core of spirituality. As you exercise your faith and feel that spirituality grow, you will begin to feel more secure. You will feel more confident. Gradually we will come to more fully understand what it means to completely trust in our Heavenly Father and stand as a witness of God. As we become righteous, problem-solving women of faith, we will learn to represent Him and do His work.”

(Janette C. Hales, “Growing Up Spiritually,” Ensign, May 1994, 98)


“The community seemed to rejoice with our family when my mother gave birth to her only son after four daughters. My dad was an only son and now he had someone to carry on his name. Within months it was obvious that Tommy was severely handicapped. A force that was just the opposite of my outside world started to be felt inside. There seemed to develop a new dimension of love, tenderness, compassion. I watched my mother and dad make adjustments in lifestyle to lovingly care for a child who in his five-and-one-half years never learned to sit or speak but who warmed an entire room with his smile. The whole town seemed more gentle, interested, concerned. My outside fears were diminished. I felt securely attached because my mother and brother were there. My parents were home at night. Our home seemed more warm, full. There was a different power. It seemed to grow from the inside. It felt more permanent, unlike the temporary power I felt with my friends. It was calm and peaceful—the power of goodness, the power of love.”

(Janette Hales Beckham, “The Power of Goodness,” Ensign, Nov. 1995, 11–12)


  • 1992—Third Young Women worldwide celebration, “Walk in the Light.”
  • 1993—New camp manual is introduced, focusing on service, spirituality, and the Young Women values.
  • 1994—125th anniversary of Young Women is observed.
  • 1994—First general Young Women meeting, separate from Relief Society, is held.
  • 1995—Fourth Young Women worldwide celebration, “Experiment upon the Word.”