Lena Jensen

A Testimony of Virtue

My Dear Sisters,

Let us try to be virtuous. There is nothing that will bring us greater reward than virtue. If we are virtuous and pure in the eyes of our Heavenly Father he will pour his blessings upon us. Let us make up our minds to be virtuous and pure in the eyes of our God, so that when we choose a partner for life we can be to him a virtuous wife if we can not do any more, for virtue is better than riches.

My dear sisters how blessed are we if we will only live as we should. The Lord has said, whatsoever you ask in faith you shall receive, but how can we have faith if we do not live so that the Lord can be pleased with us, and how can the Lord be pleased with us if we are not virtuous, pure and holy? Let us cultivate the faculties which our Heavenly Father has given us so that when we are called to leave this stage of action we may leave a good name worthy to be long remembered, and God may say, well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter in to my glory and be clothed in robes of righteousness. May this be our happy lot is the prayer of your sister and friend,

Lena Jensen

(The Young Ladies Advocate, Mar. 31, 1884; punctuation added for clarity)