Martha Horne Tingey

Second Young Women General President



“Live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your daily lives, not merely believe it. Be true to your God, true to yourself, and you will command the respect of all people.”

(“Helpful Thoughts from Member [sic] of the General Board,” Young Woman’s Journal, vol. 21, no. 2 [February 1910], 107)


“One day [Martha] came home from school with a repentant look and manner, and confessed to her mother that she had been disobedient, and had borrowed a ring from one of the girls, and had lost it; but she had felt so conscience stricken about the matter, that she went by herself at the back of the school house to pray, and asked the Lord in her prayer to show her where the ring was, 'and the Lord showed me where it was and I went and got it and gave it to the little girl.'”

(Emmeline B. Wells, “Our Picture Gallery: Martha Jane Horne Tingey,” Young Woman’s Journal, vol. 2, no. 4 [January 1891], 147–48)


  • 1912—First Young Women Camp is held.
  • 1915—Beehive Girls program is organized for young women ages 14 and above.
  • 1920—Road shows sponsored by the MIA are written and performed.
  • 1922—Gold and green become the official colors of the MIA.
  • 1925—Golden jubilee is held with YMMIA.
  • 1928—Golden Gleaner group is organized for young women ages 18 to 23.