Trekking at the Wyoming Mormon Trail Sites

Requesting a Trek Reservation for 2023

When you request a trek reservation, you will be asked three things:

  1. Approximately how many people will be in your group,
  2. Which trek itinerary you prefer, as well as an optional back up itinerary in case your preference is unavailable, and
  3. Three choices of dates for your trek.

Once you have this information, request a trek reservation by filling out and completing the online form. Missionaries will review the request within a week and let you know if your trek can be scheduled.

If you have questions, please see our FAQ page or contact the missionaries ( or 307-328-2953).

Trek Itinerary Options

Itineraries are based on group size. To see the itinerary options best suited for your group, click on the number of people you anticipate will be on your trek: 25-150151-300301-450451-600. To see the trek availability for each itinerary, click here.

Not seeing an itinerary that fits your group’s needs? Consider making reservations at an alternative trek location.

Sixth Crossing

On October 21, 1856, rescuers sent by Brigham Young entered the Willie handcart company’s camp at the sixth crossing of the Sweetwater River. Six relief wagons assisted the company to continue their westward journey. Over the next few days, they traveled to Sweetwater Camp and then up over Rocky Ridge—a climb of 600 feet over a distance of about three miles. For people already worn down by hunger and fatigue, pulling heavy handcarts up that grade was agonizing. The company captain, James Willie, later said traversing Rocky Ridge was “the most disastrous day” of the journey.

The Church owns campsites and property around Sixth Crossing on which trek groups can pull handcarts. The Church also has an agreement with the Bureau of Land Management to permit a limited number of trek groups to cross Rocky Ridge each summer between July 1 and September 15.

Rock Creek Hollow

Rock Creek Hollow was a favorite camping spot for travelers along the trail. Some believe this is where the Willie handcart company camped after crossing Rocky Ridge; however, the evidence is inconclusive. Today families, wards, and stakes can camp at Rock Creek Hollow overnight. Visitors can see monuments placed in memory of those who were buried along this part of the trail.

A Privilege to Trek

Because of the significant historic events that occurred at these places, trekking on these properties has a special spirit. The opportunity to trek here is a privilege. To preserve these places and to abide by the agreements with the Bureau of Land Management and the state of Wyoming, there are specific rules and regulations for trekking at these properties. After registration, leaders of trek groups with 25 or more people will be required to read Preparing to Trek at the Wyoming Mormon Trail Sites and sign the included Agreement Form to ensure they are aware of and agree to the parameters for trekking at these sites.

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