Juror Biographies

12th International Art Competition
June 2021

The jury panel consists of five art professionals. These jurors come from different areas of the nation and the world. They represent diverse aesthetic training and expertise, including knowledge of international art, folk art, and cultural art.

Heather Belnap: Heather Belnap is Associate Professor of Art History and European Studies Coordinator at Brigham Young University, as well as a contributor to the Global Women’s Studies program. Her research focuses on women in post-Revolutionary French art, religion and art in the modern era, and Latter-day Saint women’s history.

Fidalis Buehler: Fidalis Buehler is an artist influenced by his Euro-American/Pacific Island history who explores his biracial identity in his work. He received an MFA from BYU and currently works there as an Associate Professor of Studio Art, teaching painting and drawing. Fidalis exhibits works nationally and internationally.

Rose Datoc Dall: Filipina-American artist Rose Datoc Dall studied at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts and received her BFA in 1990. Her contemporary figurative works influenced by a graphic sensibility have received many awards, including three purchase awards from past International Art Competitions.

Amy Maxwell Howard: Amy Maxwell Howard received her BA from BYU in Cultural Anthropology and her MA from Utah State University in American Studies and Folklore. Amy currently serves as the Traditional Arts Program Contractor for South Arts in Atlanta, Georgia, an organization that seeks to empower artists, organizations, and communities and increase access to the arts in the southern United States.

Nnamdi Okonkwo: Nnamdi Okonkwo was born in Eastern Nigeria. After obtaining a Degree in painting in Nigeria, he received a BFA in sculpture from BYU-Hawaii and an MFA in sculpture from BYU. Nnamdi’s work is represented in galleries across the country. Often his monumental forms can be found in parks and gardens.