Ruth Hardy Funk

Seventh Young Women General President



“Each one of us has a specific destiny, which God intends we shall receive according to our faithfulness. He has a place for each of us and prepares us each day to receive it if we are worthy. Everything in our lives is there for a purpose, and that purpose is to prepare us. . . . Be ye ready to receive, and the Lord will pour down his blessings upon you, making it possible for you to realize your divine destiny.”

(Ruth H. Funk, “Ready to Receive” [Brigham Young University devotional, May 28, 1974], 8,


“I have never been able to stay away from the piano. . . . During my teen age years I had a few lessons with Leopold Godowsky, a famous pianist, who had a friendship with my teacher and visited Salt Lake City on a few occasions. He encouraged me to pursue a concert career and to study at a conservatory in the east. We thought long and hard about this possibility. My father said he would give me a blessing so I would know what I should do. With my parents we fasted before the blessing. Mother came in the room, and my father blessed me: ‘Your Father in Heaven wants you to continue with your work on the piano, but as for a concert career, He has other things in mind for you.’ The way my life has unfolded, everything was based on that blessing. . . .

“My passion for music when I was young was so great that it consumed every other thought. I realized more and more how I simply could never have handled a top concert career and a family. . . .

“I’ve lived my life trying constantly to consult the Lord and learn what He wants for me, balanced against my own natural inclinations.”

(Ruth Hardy Funk, interview by Neylen McBain, Jan. 3, 2010, The Mormon Women Project)


  • 1972—YWMIA becomes an organization to the priesthood.
  • 1973—Youth leadership and the bishopric youth committee are emphasized.
  • 1974—“Behold Thy Handmaiden” curriculum introduced with six areas of focus.
  • 1975—Last June conference is held.
  • 1977—My Personal Progress program is introduced with first Young Womanhood medallion.